Can you repaint a dog’s nails? The how amazing answers is yes thanks to specially recipe dog nail polish.Pet parents are taking to the web to show off their dogs’ cute pond artand equivalent manis. But is dog nail polish safe, and also how execute you apply it?

Use Dog nail Polish —Not person Nail Polish

Warren London Pawdicure pens. Photography courtesy Warren London.

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If you want to paint your dog’s nails, you’ll require special dog nail polish. Nail polish make for people is full of harsh chemicals that might be dangerous come dogs. Carriers making pet-safe nail polish including color Paw and also Warren London’s Pawdicure. Skilled groomers have actually been sprucing up puppy toenails because that years, yet there have actually been recent advancements in making pet nail polish more accessible and much an ext practical because that at-home use.

How to use Dog pond Polish

A closeup that a doggy manicure! Photography by nickpo/Thinkstock.

Most dog nail polishes dry an extremely fast so your dog won’t require to host still for really long. Picka quiet time once your dog is relaxed to shot applying polishing for the first time — this way, her pup won’t shot to run roughly while the polishing is drying. Some dogs are really sensitive about their feet being touched, or having their nails trimmed. If your pup is uncomfortable, desensitize your dog to having her feet touched before you shot dog nail polish. Practice touching her feet beforehand, offer her treats if you do it and also only touch her feet for a quick amount of time at first. Make certain your dog is comfortable through her feet gift handled prior to trying sophisticated manicure and also keep her dog indigenous licking or sniffing she toes until the polishing is dry.

How to eliminate Dog pond Polish

Dog pond polish will wear off naturally in 2-3 weeks. Photography courtesy Warren London.

Let your dog’s pond polish chip off normally in 2-3 weeks or remove it you yourself by making use of non-acetone polishing remover (do no leave her dog unattended through polish remover). Or, protect against using any chemical removers in ~ allby utilizing a nail paper or buffing block to remove the polish.

Is Dog pond Polish yes, really Safe?

Be certain to use nail polishing that’s formulated particularly for dogs —NOT human nail polish. Photography by ProjectB/Thinkstock.

Eric Bittman, CEO of Warren London, says, “It is really safe if a dog licks their nails. That is nontoxic.” The Pawdicure pond polish pens are all nontoxic and water based — compared to human nail polish, i m sorry is acetone based and not something girlfriend would desire your dog chewing on!

Why Make pond Polish for Dogs?

“When we introduced the company, us did a couple of trade shows and groomers said they dislike doing dog nail polish due to the fact that the brushes were so bad and also got filled v hair, to add the dreadful smells the chemicals,” claims Bittman. “So, we jumped in full force with a revolutionary dog pond polish item that has actually groomers loving to polishing again! It’s as easy as drawing with a marker. It dries super-fast.”

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Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Warren London.

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