Medically reviewed by Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm.D., M.S., FASCP — written by Zawn Villines on September 11, 2019

Xanax is a benzodiazepine, while Adderall is a stimulant. Under the supervision that a doctor, the drugs might be for sure to use together.

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Benzodiazepines sluggish down activity in the main nervous system and also can help a human being feel an ext relaxed and less anxious. Stimulants, top top the various other hand, rate up main nervous device activity, helping a person feel much more awake and focused.

Since these drugs have actually opposite impacts on the main nervous system, they may work much less well if a human being takes them together.

It is not safe to combine Xanax (alprazolam) and Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) without a prescription. Learn much more about Adderall and also Xanax, and how lock may connect with each other, in this article.

Are Adderall and also Xanax for sure to take it together?

Share ~ above PinterestAdderall and also Xanax can work less well once a human being takes castle together.
The U.S. Food and also Drug management (FDA) labels for Xanax and also Adderall do not perform interactions in between these 2 drugs. No official guidelines recommend that world avoid taking Xanax and Adderall together.

Under the accuse of a doctor who has diagnosed a person with problems for i beg your pardon each medicine is appropriate, taking Xanax and also Adderall together may be safe.

However, as with any kind of other drug, this two medications may interact in harmful ways. This hazard is specifically so in those through serious medical conditions and anyone who usage these medicine without a prescription.

A human who uses Adderall as a performance-enhancing drug could feel jittery or anxious, and they may take Xanax come calm your nerves. As the drugs have opposing results on the main nervous system, neither drug might work as well.

It is also an important to keep in mind that benzodiazepines such as Xanax room a significant culprit in the medicine overdose epidemic.

In 2017, 11,537 people in the united States passed away of overdoses including benzodiazepine. Many of these cases affiliated taking benzodiazepine with another drug, typically opioids.

As Xanax and comparable drugs depress mind activity and can make a person feel sleepy, they are dangerous to take it with any kind of other medication the has similar effects.

While opioids room the leading cause of drug associated overdose, benzodiazepines, such together Xanax, followed carefully behind in 2016. Xanax was affiliated in 6,209 overdose deaths the year, audit for 9.8 percent the all drug overdose deaths.


The method Adderall and Xanax connect depends on many factors, consisting of a person’s as whole health.

In some cases, stimulant medicine may cause someone come need much more oxygen, specifically when the individual becomes much more active. Conversely, benzodiazepines can slow breathing, make it daunting for a human to fulfill their oxygen needs.

While some human being take Xanax and Adderall come treat both anxiety and symptoms of ADHD, rather mistakenly believe they have the right to reverse an overdose that one drug v the other.

People that suspect they have overdosed top top Xanax or Adderall should seek emergency medical care rather 보다 self-medicate with another drug. Do the efforts to turning back an overdose v a second drug deserve to intensify the results of the very first drug or reason serious complications.

The hazard of taking Adderall and Xanax together is highest when:

A person takes significantly an ext than the encourage dose.A human combines the two drugs with one more drug, such together alcohol or opioids.A person has a medical condition, such together a love or breathing defect or cardiovascular disease.

A human who has taken both medicine under a doctor’s guidance must speak to their physician if they have any queries. If someone accidentally takes an ext than the encourage dosage, lock must contact the doctor.

A person who takes significantly an ext than the recommended sheep should speak to a poison regulate center, walk to the emergency room, or dial 911. They should not go to sleep.

People should not assume the the lack of symptoms, such together vomiting, method there is no hazard of overdose. Sometimes, indications of one overdose take several hours to appear.

An individual who has overdosed may fall into a deep sleep that stays clear of them from seeking help. Secondary overdose symptoms, such as vomiting, may likewise be harmful, for example, as soon as someone vomits in their sleep and also chokes.

Xanax can treat several clinical conditions, including anxiety and also panic disorder. Some medical professionals may additionally prescribe it to treat insomnia, i beg your pardon is one off-label usage of the medication.

Adderall have the right to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. A human should only take into consideration taking both medicine under the direction that a doctor once they have actually anxiety and also ADHD, or an additional FDA-approved reason for taking either medication.

To alleviate the risk of dangerous drug interactions, world can ask a doctor around alternative medications.

It is also crucial to get an exact diagnosis of any illness, because that example, some world with ADHD suffer anxiety pertained to their inattention. Dealing with the ADHD may relieve the basic anxiety, removed the require for an anti-anxiety drug.

Some other strategies that deserve to reduce the risk of interactions and side impacts include:

Starting with one drug, and only add a second after the human body has readjusted to the first.Asking the doctor to start with a low dosage, then progressively increase the amount.Discussing the risks and benefits of utilizing both drugs through a doctor.Telling a doctor about all medicine a person takes, including supplements.Keeping a log of any side effects and telling a doctor around any brand-new symptoms.

A human being should never take Adderall or Xanax there is no a prescription and also must an initial see a doctor for any kind of symptoms the anxiety, ADHD, or inexplicable sleep patterns.

People need to speak to a medical professional if:

they feeling jittery, anxious, or angry as soon as taking one of two people drugthey develop new side impacts after taking a 2nd drugthey feel dependent on Adderall or Xanaxthey start taking an ext than the recommended dosage

Seek emergency medical attention if:

A person takes much much more than the recommended dosage of one of two people drug.A person develops serious next effects, such as slurred speech, a rash, problem breathing, dramatic personality changes, or trouble continuing to be awake, after taking either drug.A human loses consciousness after combining Adderall and Xanax.

Adderall and Xanax have the right to offer rapid relief from part mental health and wellness symptoms. Under a doctor’s strict guidance, they may be for sure to usage together. However, it is never safe to usage these drugs without a prescription.

Self-diagnosis is not constantly reliable and deviating indigenous the dosage a doctor recommends increases the threat of addiction and overdose.

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Doctors who prescribe these drugs understand that they deserve to be addictive and are may be to occupational with an individual to find alternatives. The is essential that world are honest around all your symptoms, including those that prescription drug abuse.