Question indigenous Ellen B.: I check out your article explaining how come hide mine friends list from the public on Facebook.

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I believed it to be a great idea therefore I complied with your instructions and hid mine, but I just found out that all of my friends have the right to still check out a perform of the girlfriend we have in usual (i.e. Our mutual friends).

The problem is I’m friends through several human being who space jealous the one another and they acquire upset due to the fact that I’m friends with those human being too. And also of course that makes ME upset.

Is over there any means to hide the list of our shared friends indigenous the people I’m friends through on Facebook?

Rick’s answer: I certainly understand your case Ellen, but unfortunately there’s no setup available the will stop your on facebook friends from seeing who your shared friends are.

While you can quickly hide your whole friends perform from strangers, facebook won’t allow you to hide your shared friends perform from the human being you’re friends with.

And truth be told, even if you could hide your common friends the wouldn’t really stop your friends native figuring out which girlfriend the two of you have in common. Every they’d have to do is look at at her Timeline to see who is interacting with your posts.

Most on facebook users have the privacy level for their posts set to “Friends” these days, and I’m guessing friend probably have actually yours collection that means too since you it seems to be ~ to be concerned about privacy (as fine you should be).

If you indeed have actually the privacy level for your posts set to “Friends” then anyone that has communicated with any type of of the short articles on her Timeline must obviously be her friend on Facebook.

Bottom line: if hiding your on facebook friends list from the public is a great idea (and ns strongly recommend it), it really wouldn’t help all that much to hide your list of shared friends indigenous the people you’re friend with. Therefore, on facebook doesn’t also make that alternative available.

I wish i had much better news for you Ellen, but I’m fear I just don’t. Ns wish you the really best.

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Bonus tip: This post defines why there’s really no such point as privacy top top Facebook.

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