I\"ll eat salmon in any kind of form, however I\"ll recognize it: all of the different species and names because that salmon gets really confusing. Ns mean, is over there a difference between lox vs exhilaration salmon? and what about Nova vs gravlax?

First thing\"s first, the raw salmon friend eat in her sushi and also the raw salmon girlfriend eat on her bagel are really different. Sushi-grade salmon is fresh, high-quality life fish that\"s offered as is, while the salmon on your bagel has been cured. The technique of curing fish arose from a time prior to refrigerators as soon as fish essential to be preserved. This is done v a selection of approaches that eventually serve to dehydrate the fish and also keep bacteria in ~ bay. Here are some of those curing methods explained.

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Lox, derived from the German word because that salmon, lachs, has not only come to be a Jewish-American staple, yet a brand-new York staple. Commonly it\"s offered on a bagel v cream cheese, capers, onions, and tomatoes, and the combination is magical. Most human being don\"t pause to consider what they\"re eating and assume that it\"s plain ol\" salmon, yet the process to turn salmon right into lox is worth understanding. 

The term lox describes salmon that has actually been cured in a salt-sugar brine because that a long time. This process makes that salty, silky, and also perfect for bagels and also cream cheese. You can make your own lox, but it takes some time. 

Smoked salmon

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Smoked salmon is a form of ready salmon that has actually been cured with smoke. It\"s not always raw since smoked salmon that\"s been hot-smoked is cooked all the way through. Hot-smoked salmon is an excellent for dips, and also in my family members we frequently serve it through mayo top top crackers v a to express of lemon, which is amazing and also delicious.

But there\"s additionally cold-smoked salmon, i beg your pardon is uncooked, however has the exact same smokey flavor. Choose lox, cold-smoked salmon is good on a bagel, however don\"t border yourself there. There room a lot of other means to eat it too, like in pasta, in an omelette, or also on a pizza.


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Gravlax is the Scandinavian variation of lox. It entails the same brine as lox with the addition of dill and other spices as well as some alcohol prefer brandy or gin and also sometimes lemon juice. The an outcome is a very flavorful salmon that\"s regularly served ~ above rye bread v mustard, or v potatoes.

Nova lox

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Nova lox originated in Nova Scotia. The procedure for making it varies depending upon who you ask, yet generally it is a process that combines both the curing of lox and the cigarette smoking of smoked salmon. An initial it\"s cured in a brine, and then it\"s cold-smoked afterwards, therefore you get the finest of both worlds.

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From a Medieval method to preserve fish, to a Jewish delicacy, and also now a universally-known brunch favorite, the bagel and lox/smoked salmon combo has been v a lot. It\"s pretty exceptional that that same cured salmon civilization were eating numerous years back is still famous to this day. 

Next time you\"re eating her bagel and lox, be sure to give thanks to your remote ancestors for creating the culinary masterpiece the is cured salmon. And also remember: there\"s a big difference in between lox vs acting salmon.