Had 3 out yesterday- not feeling happy. 2 on the best side and one top top the left so ns feel prefer I can"t chew on one of two people side.

For those who have undergone this unique kind of contemporary torture, what did friend eat. I had actually some yogurt, which was good, and some cottage cheese i m sorry I found hard come eat and also I"m not sure where to walk from here...


Flan, obtainable in SoCal supermarkets. I had actually Rice Krispies the morning after mine wisdom teeth were removed and have not consumed them since, part 30 years. Maybe cold oatmeal would include fiber, too. Applesauce?


So sorry. I had actually to have just one done, an top which is simpler than the lowers.Just save eating soft foods items like you space doing. Soup, applesauce, jello, custard.You need to be much far better by tomorrow.

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You negative thing. Miserable. Simply stick with soft foods items like ice cream cream, pudding, Popsicles, a tiny soup. In a couple of work you will feel more like eating.

My girl both had this done no too lengthy ago.

Keep the ice fill on constantly because that at least another day or two. It will certainly make a huge difference.



Thanks. I"m surprised at the soup suggestion, mine dentist claimed to continue to be away native hot foodstuffs for a couple of days... Ns guess that is different advice native dentist to dentist. I just obtained a popsicle native the freezer and that helped and I will try to gain a fruit smoothy for dinner.

Ice fill is certainly helping.

banana milkshakes is what ns remember together being really good. It deserve to fill girlfriend up. I feel for you. I had actually all 4 out close come 40 years earlier and ns still psychic the experience. Feel far better soon, beagles.

...and if you are taking ache pills, you might want to include some colace to your regimen. Pains pills deaden the nerves, including in your digestive tract. It have the right to lead to absence of progression in that department.

You probably currently know this and it may even be on your list that do"s and also don"ts from the doctor, yet if you"re having a milk shake or a smoothie, don"t drink through a straw.

Don"t use a straw! I"m certain they told friend that, but.

I had mine the end at 17yo. I remember eating jello, ice cream cream, chicken noodle soup and also grits.

Yes, no straw, I understand that.I to be trying to go w/o ache pills. Lock prescribed me 800 mg Motrin yet pain pills do me sick to mine stomach and also I never ever before take medication unless ns absolutely must.

Oatmeal and also apple sauce and also banana milkshakes are all an excellent ideas. Might be a an excellent menu for morning :) i think I"ll skip the grits :)

My DS just had actually 4 wisdom teeth out a main ago. He had ice cream, pudding, soft bread, muffins, smoothies, bananas... I guess that was about it for about 3 days, however he was able to eat real food, chewing carefully, after that. One thing he"s tho finding painful currently is playing his horn (in school band) but otherwise feels completely fine now. He had a horrible an initial day since of pains pills, but he took Tylenol because that a pair days after that. He to be also spiritual with the ice packs and I think due to the fact that of that, had actually minimal swelling.

Good luck v your recovery!

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8 year ago

Soft boiled eggs worked for me.

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8 years ago

I had all 4 out at the same time. Until you have the right to have warm food again (I don"t think i was ever before so happy to have actually soup!), it"s pretty much yogurt, pudding, milkshakes/smoothies, juice, jello. And of course ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. And there"s no factor you can"t placed a piece of chocolate on her tongue and let it melt slowly. If you room eating popsicles, remember no to suck on them--same as sucking ~ above a straw.

You have the right to also try foods that would typically be hot, yet let them cool down to room temperature, choose soup.

Once you have the right to have warm food, try mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, bananas, noodles cooked a little bit longer 보다 usual for this reason they space softer.

The tough thing because that me was that i really, really want a nice, warm cup of tea ideal after the procedure and also I couldn"t have actually it. Drove me nuts because that 24 hours.

8 years ago

Guacamole (sans chips) or simply plain avocado and hummus room things that are simple to eat and also filling/good because that you because that non sugary things.

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8 year ago

Hopefully that is currently much better. Ns ate very little and that was not good, as you require some ballast because that the pains meds. I liked fruit/yogurt smoothies best.

Feel much better soon.

8 years ago

Oh, yes, hummus would be good, too! Or a mango lassi (yogurt, mango, maybe a small milk/water, perhaps sugar in the blender.) i think a co-worker presented me come Haagen Daas dulce de Leche ice cream ~ gum surgery. How about peanut/almond butter?

Original Author
8 years ago

sueb20 I"m happy to hear her DH is feeling better after only a week. There"s hope for me quickly then!

leel soft boiled egg is a good idea. I wonder if i can figure out how to make that (I can"t chef at all so that complicates things). Ns guess I just boil the egg right? I will certainly google.

camlan ns hear you about the tea! I generally have tea for breakfast every morning. Fortunately, it to be 75 out this particular day so warm enough that ns didn"t really miss my tea as lot as i would have on a freeze morning.

camlan the cacao idea is great! ns am absolutely not sucking on the popsicles, many thanks for the reminder :)

olychick hummus is a good idea. Ns don"t eat guacamole, naught w/ avocados other than in sushi for part reason.

Thanks mtnrdredux. I am trying to do myself eat even when I"m not in the mood since I know that will certainly ultimatly assist me gain better.

kelpmermaid Dulce de Lche ice cream is one of my pure favorites!! Dentist said no peanut butter due to the fact that it is as well gooey.

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8 year ago

I had actually my wisdom teeth out 28 yr ago and i still remember that clearly. I was an extremely sick indigenous the anesthesia and also without acquiring too graphic, it an extremely much slowed mine recovery and I was under for almost a week. Prefer Mtn, ns didnt eat and also of course, the didnt help. Can"t eat yogurt or ice cream and also after 3 days i needed an ext than ice pops. What at some point worked for me room two that the oddest selections.. However I ate crab meat and entenmann"s raspberry danish lol. Ns am guessing that is just what mine mom had actually in the residence that I thought I can stomach and also eat with basically tongue action and minimal jaw movement.

Rather 보다 a soft boiled egg, I"d scramble and add some cheese because that extra protein and also fat (your body requirements both when healing). You could probably add some chopped spinach come the mix and still have the ability to eat it without chewing.

Hope you room feeling much better by morning.

8 year ago

Peanut butter is yes in a smoothie or milkshake. Chocolate/PB/banana - yum!

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8 years ago

Didn"t obtain thru all of the replies, so if ns am being repetitive, please forgive. My wisdom this weren"t a difficulty when extract - no impacted. However, ns would indicate buying several of the naked brand drink - protein blends, specifically. In addition to yogurts and the standard soft fare, the naked protein drinks do fill a large amount that protein because that healing.

Also, the no hot foods is to no disturb the coagulation process. My oral surgeon states no hots together the warm food deserve to "melt" any clotting because that the first couple of days. He used an analogy that jello...

Hope friend feel far better soon. Remember, no straws!

Original Author
8 years ago

Thanks everyone. I am feeling quite a bit better today. Ns am quiet being really careful about what i eat, but there"s only a tiny tiny bit that discomfort now :) Yay!!

8 years ago


Glad to hear it"s improving!

Back in the early 80"s (in MY early on 20"s), I had all 4 bring away out....PLUS the 4 teeth best behind your "Vampire" teeth!The roof of my mouth is narrow, & the front this were crowded. Had TMJ issues too. So....out come all those teeth, to do room because that "Adult braces". Rubber-bands were offered to square-up mine bite. It to be either that, or jaw-surgery!


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