Can orange juice go bad? Many people drink orange juice often, however not anyone knows how long walk it last or even if it is it goes bad.

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If friend drink orange juice at the very least every once in a while, it’s good to know around those things. This write-up will administer you with all the information you need.

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How long does orange juice last?

The answer come this concern depends heavily on the type of orange juice we’re talking about.

If it’s a fresh squeezed juice, it’ll it is in fine for a couple of days, provided you save it in the fridge.

If it’s a commercially crate or bottled orange juice (it’s stored on shelves, unrefrigerated) that’s unopened, it’s fine for a year, probably year and a half, sometimes even longer, listed you save it cool area, choose in the pantry. It has actually that long shelf life due to the fact that of the preservatives added to the juice.

Once you open up the package, orange juice will be fine only for a pair of days, possibly a week. As soon as it’s opened, you have to store that in the fridge and also it have to be sealed.

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You can also find orange juice sold refrigerated. If that’s the case, friend should know that that sort of juice in most instances contains just a tiny amount (or no at all) the preservatives, so the goes bad reasonably quickly.

You need to store that in the fridge and also consume it within a week, maybe one and also a half. Those juices usually have actually a “use by” date and you shouldn’t save them because that much much longer than those few days proclaimed on the packaging.

As a rule of ignorance you have the right to assume the orange juice is fine longer than that is expiration date says. That’s especially true when it’s quiet unopened. Opened up juices go bad pretty fast and it doesn’t really issue what type of juice the is (fresh, commercially bottled or marketed refrigerated).

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Does orange juice expire? exactly how to tell if orange juice is bad?

So, as you probably know by now, orange juice expires. When the bottle, have the right to or carton is opened, its contents go bad fairly quickly, also when the juice is stored properly (meaning sealed and also in the fridge).

The last important problem is come know exactly how to call if her orange juice is bad, or not.

It’s not that complicated at all. Firstly, you should examine the intuitive appearance that the juice. To perform that, you have to pour it into a transparent vessel.

If friend can’t find any kind of discolorations (if the juice is just a little darker than normally, it’s fine) or indicators of mold, shot smelling it. If it doesn’t odor funny or weird (meaning it’s odor is rather normal), taste a small bit that it. If the juice is off, you’ll definitely an alert that that is taste is terrible.

One point worth remembering – if the juice is opened for a couple of days too lengthy already, it’s far better to assume the it’s spoiled (and shot proving otherwise by assessing the mentioned factors) 보다 that it’s fine.

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SummarySo, you should understand by now that the answer come the concern “can orange juice walk bad?” is affirmative. It have the right to go bad and it does walk off pretty conveniently once you’ll open up the bottle.

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It’s relatively easy to spot the your juice is turn off – your senses will certainly tell you even if it is it’s safe to drink juice that has actually been stored because that a pretty lengthy time, or not.