Having a colonoscopy have the right to be daunting, however with a small preparation and some expertise the procedure is easier to handle. It is what this short guide is about. It’s damaged into part so you have the right to refer to them together you need them. The sections are:General checklist of things to do in the weeks prior to your procedureColonoscopy bowel preparation materials7 days prior to the colonoscopy2 days prior to the colonoscopyThe day before your colonoscopyThe job of her colonoscopy

We’re also here to help, therefore please call Elliot Gastroenterology at (603) 314-6900 with any type of questions or concerns.

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Please note:If you are having actually a colonoscopy AND an EGD, this instructions room inclusive the the EGD prep.

We need a one week an alert for all procedure cancellations. Please speak to 603-314-6904 in the occasion that you have to cancel or reschedule her procedure.

Please be conscious that you may be contacted by the procedural department the work of her appointment to change your come time.

Section 1

General checklist of points to carry out in the weeks prior to your procedure:

Check these points at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment.

Check your Insurance benefits and also make certain you are mindful of her coverage. Contact customer company with her insurance company. Be sure to ask what is covered under insurance money plan, and what isn’t.Diabetic patient – Make sure you have actually contacted your controlling or prescribing medical professional for medicine instructions. If you are on prescription blood thinning medications – you must contact your controlling or prescribing doctor for instructions. If your managing or prescribing medical professional is at new Hampshire Cardiovascular Consultants, you will be contacted by a nurse from their office around 2 weeks prior to your procedure v instructions.

You will be sedated.You will get intravenous sedation during your procedure. You will certainly be monitored transparent the whole procedure. The drugs used during the procedure, although fairly short acting, have actually subtle, prolonged effects on your reaction and also judgment time, assumed processes, and also wakefulness. Thus you will need a responsible adult to drive you residence from her appointment.

If you have children or room the major caregiver for a family member:Arrangements must be produced all-day childcare, or dependent care. While the sedation you will certainly receive during your procedure is mild, it have the right to have an result on the decision you do after the procedure is done. If possible, bring in who to help, even if you don’t think friend will require it.

What to carry to the appointment. Gaining the items native this list with each other now, and understanding several of the basic requirements, will save time and make things less complicated on the job of your procedure:Bring your Insurance cardBring your picture IdentificationBring a perform of all medications and also dosages, and allergies to medicationsBring a list of conditions that may make you sensitive to sedation.Please stay glasses; execute NOT wear contacts. Leave all jewel at home, including body piercings. It is it s okay to brush your teeth and wear dentures. Please permit for 2 to 4 (2 come 4) hours at the basic *Please be aware unexpected delays may occur*Do NOT make any kind of important decisions because that the whole day of her procedure. Please have actually a responsible adult remain with you after her procedure. You have to not it is in left unattended.

We totally expect friend will be able to return to her normal tasks the job after your procedure. This contains driving and going come work.

What to know around your insurance money CoveragePlease understand your insurance money guidelines and check her insurance benefits. If your insurance requires a Primary care Provider (PCP) authorization (insurance referral), please be sure our office has actually received this prior to your procedure to prevent any kind of unnecessary out-of-pocket prices for you. Also, not all insurance policies cover screening colonoscopies. Because that instance, if friend are less than 50 year old and/or have wanted Provider organization (PPO) insurance, this procedure might not it is in covered. Every insurance setup is different; please call customer business for your insurance plan to inspect your advantage coverage.

You might be reserved for a screening colonoscopy (covered by many insurance together a preventative procedure). If polyps space found, some insurances will procedure the procedure as diagnostic (subject to deductible). You re welcome be conscious of your insurance coverage.

Section 2

Colonoscopy bowel preparation materials:You must buy the complying with items a couple of days before the procedure.

No prescription is necessary, and also these have the right to be purchased at most pharmacies: Miralax powder 238 grams, or 8.3 ounces. Share is okay to use. Miralax flour 119 grams, or 4.1 ounces. Share is okay to use. Dulcolax tablets, 5 milligrams (mg). Friend will require 4 tablets. This is the laxative tablet. Do NOT acquire the suppository or the stool softener. One 64 oz bottle, and one 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade, Propel, Vitamin Water, decision Light or various other noncarbonated, clear fluid drink. Color you deserve to use encompass clear, yellow, orange or green. You can not drink anything the is fancy red, blue or purple. This colors dye the within of your colon, and also make it harder for the physicians to see any kind of abnormalities. Gatorade is recommended together a drink. The has included electrolytes. Refrigerate your clear liquid if you like to drink the cold.

For her convenience, the Elliot Pharmacy in ~ River’s Edge and the Elliot Pharmacy at Bedford sell a Colonoscopy Bowel ready Kit for purchase. The is obtainable at both pharmacy locations. The kit has generic Miralax and also generic Dulcolax tablets. You will still need to purchase your fluids. No coupon is essential to purchase the kit.


Section 3

7 days prior to the colonoscopy:Stop steel supplements and also multivitamins the contain iron, Vitamin E, or fish oil.Do not take additional in gummy form.Stop any type of fiber additionally such together Metamucil, Benefiber or Citrucel. Check with your controlling provider because that alternatives.If you are diabetic, contact your regulating or prescribing medical professional to determine exactly how your diabetes medicine should it is in taken the job of the procedure. If you space on prescription blood thinning medications, you must contact your controlling or prescribing doctor and have a setup for this medications. This medications include Coumadin, Warfarin, Plavix, Xarelto, Pradaxa, Effient, or any equivalent. If your cardiologist is component of new Hampshire Cardiovascular Consultants, you will be contacted by a nurse from their office approximately 2 weeks prior to your appointment v instructions on just how to come off this medication.

You need to receive a speak to from a nurse a few days prior to your procedure to testimonial your health background and answer any type of questions you might have. This will help streamline the admission procedure the job of your procedure. Elliot Hospital pre-op call number: 663-3193. Elliot at some point Surgical center (ASC) pre-op phone number: 663-5921 and also 663-5968.

If you build a fever, rash, sneeze or flu-like symptom in the work leading approximately your procedure, please notify our office immediately.

Section 4

2 days prior to the colonoscopy:REVIEW colonoscopy bowel ready instructions.Arrange and also confirm your transportation to and also from your appointment. Girlfriend CANNOT drive yourself house after her procedure because of the sedating medications.Begin low-residue and also low-fiber diet. Low -residue foods items will be pushed quickly through the colon, leaving little behind.Foods you deserve to eat:Turkey (without skin)FishChicken (without skin)EggsWhite riceWhite breadCrackersPlain yogurtPasta (no red sauce)Potato there is no skinGelatinBrothBouillonBananasAny liquid without red, blue, or violet dye in it.Foods girlfriend can"t eat:Fresh or dried fruit (exception of fresh banana)Cooked and Raw vegetable (all)RaisinsNuts (all)Seeds (all)Red meatPopcornBeansGum, mints or hard candy

If a food items is not on the permitted list, you have to not eat it.

Section 5

The day prior to your colonoscopy:Eat breakfast before 8 a.m. You have the right to have as much as 2 eggs any kind of style and 2 piece of white toast (butter is okay). Or you can have 1 cup of level or vanilla yogurt v nothing added to it, and 1 banana. Coffee or tea with cream or milk is okay before 8 a.m. Coffee or tea after 8 a.m. Is permitted without cream or milk.

Sample Breakfast option #12 eggs any style2 pieces of white toast (butter is ok)Coffee/tea through milk or cream

Sample Breakfast alternative #21 cup of level or vanilla yogurt (no seeds, berries, nuts or fruit).1 bananaCoffee/tea through milk or cream

Starting at 8 a.m. Drink just clear liquids transparent the entire day-NO more FOOD!Drink at least 8 glasses of water or clear liquids. The is essential to drink a the majority of fluids the day prior to the procedure. The preparation is an extremely dehydrating. The much more you drink, the much better you will feel. Remember, anything various other than clean liquids will certainly make it harder because that the doctors to perform their job. You may have actually clear liquids up till 3 hrs prior to her procedure time.

Allowed: Clear fluid is any kind of liquid the you have the right to see through. This consists of water, clear broth or bouillon, black coffee or black color tea (sugar is ok to add). Gatorade, PowerAde or vitamin water the is clear, yellow, orange or environment-friendly are all OK. Lemonade, carbonated soft drinks (no dark soda such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.), apologize juice, white grape juice, white cranberry juice room all OK. Jell-O and also popsicles are enabled if they room yellow, eco-friendly or orange colored.

Avoid: all solid foods after 8am, milk and milk products, any drink or food v RED, BLUE, or purple dye. This items room NOT allowed. Don’t drink a most coffee and tea castle dehydrate you. Protect against alcohol together well, it dehydrates you.

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Beginning at 8 a.m. Friend will require the items friend bought before. These are:Miralax powder 238 grams, or 8.3 ounces. Generic is okay to use. Miralax flour 119 grams, or 4.1 ounces. Generic is it s okay to use. Dulcolax tablets, 5 milligrams (mg). You will need 4 tablets. This is the laxative tablet. Perform NOT acquire the suppository or the stool softener.One 64 ounce bottle, and one 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade, Propel, Vitamin Water, crystal Light or other noncarbonated, clear fluid drink. Colour you have the right to use incorporate clear, yellow, orange or green. You can not drink anything the is colored red, blue or purple. These colors save on computer dyes the temporarily stain the within of your colon, and also make the harder for the doctors to see any type of abnormalities.Gatorade is recommended together a drink. That has added electrolytes. Refrigerate your clear liquid if you choose to drink the cold. Through those items, friend will have to do the following: in ~ 8 a.m. Mix the entire 8.3 oz. Of Miralax v the 64 oz. That Gatorade in a large pitcher. Stir/shake till the entire materials of Miralax are completely dissolved. Cool the mixture if desired. You will certainly drink this later in the day.At 1 p.m. Take 2 Dulcolax tablets with an 8 oz. Glass of water. In ~ 3 p.m. Take it 2 much more Dulcolax tablets with an 8 oz. Glass that water. At 5 p.m. Start drinking the Miralax/Gatorade solution. You should drink the whole 64 ounces within a 2- to 3-hour time period. Drink one glass every 10 to 15 minutes. Drink each glass quickly, fairly than drinking small amounts continuously.

Everyone reaction to laxatives differently. You might feel bloated, nauseated, or have actually stomach cramping while drink the solution. This is temporary and will boost once you start having actually bowel movements. If you feeling ill, stop drinking because that 30 minutes and then resume drink at a slower rate. Walking around between drinking each glass can help with bloating. Bowel motions usually begin within 2 hours of beginning to drink the liquids, however may take longer.

Section 6

The job of her colonoscopy:No broth the job of her procedure. Clear liquids space fine up until 3 hours before your procedure time. 4 hours prior to her procedure time, mix the entire 4.1 oz. Bottle of Miralax into a pitcher and include 32 ounce container the Gatorade. Shower or line well. Drink and finish the 32 ounces within 1 hour.3 hrs prior to her procedure time, you might take only these drugs with a little sip that water:Daily narcoticAnti-anxietyBlood pressure/cardiac medicationSeizure medicationAsthma inhalersAfter taking your medications, nothing by mouth, even WATER, 3 hours prior to your procedure time or else her procedure will be cancelled!

If you continue to pass thick, brown fluid or hard bowel movements, please call our office beforehand in the job to comment on if you space adequately prepared. The ideal results should incorporate passing only clear yellow liquid.