I to be playing monopoly and ns land ~ above the "Go come jail" space.The player next in heat rolls, and also lands top top Park Place, which ns own. He difficulties me, and says that he doesn"t need to pay rent, due to the fact that I to be in jail.Is this true?



Being in jail prevents you native moving.

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it doesn"t stop you from doing anything else.

You have the right to buy home (at auction), profession properties, develop houses and hotels, and also yes, collect rent.

Unless there is a "house rule" against these moves, usually versus the last one.


Being in jail only prevents you native moving, and also does not avoid you from doing any kind of other action, including collecting rent. The rule state:

Even though you are in Jail, you might buy and also sell property, buy and also sell houses and also hotels and collect rents.

This is a very popular strategy so late in the game, together the less you move, the much less likely you space to soil on her opponent"s properties.

In addition, the rules specify that the only times you execute not pay rent is when the home is mortgaged or if the residential property owner does not ask for rent before the following player"s turn.


Not being able to collection rent is simply one the many fairly common house rules.

Some house rules disqualify an owner native collecting rental while in jail. This enables reprieve for various other players landing on one expensive home with houses or a hotel during the time a player is incarcerated.

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While this is not an official rule, part people select to pat by this home rule.


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go the "housing shortage" dominion suggest that you should frequently refrain native buying many hotels in monopoly?
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