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A volunteer in ~ the People's Garden often tends to Blossom and also German Extra hardy garlic. The through its People's Garden encourages everyone to prosper their own food whether it's a couple of tomato plants or an acre that biointensively get an impressive vegetables. photograph by Lance Cheung

Every month, much more than 44 million human being use SNAP to gain nutritious food. Most of us most likely imagine participants purchase items prefer tomatoes, squash, and apples through their benefits. But did you understand that SNAP deserve to also help people thrive their own food? through SNAP, participants deserve to buy seeds and edible plants. The a great way to acquire fresh produce right in ~ home! all SNAP retailers, consisting of Farmers’ Markets, have the right to sell seeds and also plants come SNAP participants.

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For every $1 dollar spent on seeds and also fertilizer, house gardeners can flourish an typical of $25 precious of produce. Growing food indigenous seeds and also plants renders SNAP benefits last longer, enabling recipients to twin the worth of your benefits over time. Supplementing SNAP v homegrown food renders it feasible for families to to buy food assets that they i will not ~ normally have the ability to afford.

Being producers as well as consumers is one empowering endure for SNAP participants. It enables them to feel self-reliant. It’s likewise another great way to encourage nutrition, enabling people to take it pride in eating their very own homegrown fruits and vegetables.

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At T.C. Williams High college students learn green gardening methods photo

Participants who have never gardened could be hesitant to take advantage of seed and plant benefits. Here’s just how you can aid folks acquire started:

Start ar gardening classes and clubs to help neighbors assistance each other in creating and caring because that a garden.Host classes on exactly how to grow small food bearing tree indoors and in tiny spaces like windowsills if she in an urban area.Consider donating an are to SNAP participants who execute not have room for gardening if her organization has actually open land.Encourage families to take part together. Farming food is an task that deserve to be funny for the whole family.Create recipe books that incorporate the foods frequently grown in your ar with the assist of program participants.

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