One of the biggest advantages of latex paint is its short drying time and its smooth texture. However, there room scenarios in which homeowners may want to thin out latex paint before starting on a project. It’s helpful to recognize the best means to execute this so the you execute not waste paint (or time). We’ve excellent the research to carry you the best technique for act so.

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Here room the straightforward steps to slim latex paint:

Check the present thickness level of your paintPour the latex paint into a bucketAdd water to the paint Stir the water and also paint togetherTest the new viscosity of the paint

In this post, us will discuss the easiest and most generally used an approach to slim latex paint for your next painting project. We’ll likewise cover other helpful tips because that working with latex paint. For this reason be sure to store reading.

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Steps To thin Latex Paint


Things you’ll need:

Drop clothsA 5-gallon bucketScrap item of lumber or cardboardTap waterAn added empty paint canFunnelA measure up cup because that the waterLatex paintPaint stir sticks or a mixer come mix the repaint withA plastic funnel

Step 1. Check the current thickness level of your paint

First, start by opening up your paint can and using your paint stirrer come mix that for approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Friend can additionally agitate the paint by holding it in both hands and also tilting that from next to next for about 30 come 60 seconds.

When removing her stirrer indigenous the paint, look at the repaint on the stick to note exactly how it drips off it. This is well-known as checking the viscosity of the paint. Most latex paints will drip in a long single stream, then smaller sized (slow) drips till the drip ultimately stops.


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Step 2. To water the latex paint into the bucket

Next, grab your 5-gallon bucket and also pour the whole can the paint into it (or a specific amount depending upon your project). Use your repaint stirrer come scrape off any kind of paint top top the inside of the can. Let the hang end the bucket because that a couple of seconds until the dripping slows under significantly.


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Step 3. Add water come the paint

Now it’s time to add water come your repaint to thin it out. The general rule of ignorance for thinning the paint with water is to usage 1/2 cup that water for every gallon that paint. So in this case, friend will require to include 1/2 cup that water come the bucket include the paint. Be certain that the water is at room temperature. Carry out not use water indigenous the refrigerator.

Slowly to water the water into the bucket, making sure not to pour it also fast. It’s ideal to to water the water in little increments than all at once. Also, make certain to stir the water right into the paint with her opposite hand if you to water it into the bucket. Remember, it’s better (and cheaper) to include a small water in ~ a time and add an ext later (as needed) than to have to add more paint due to the fact that you’ve poured in too lot water initially.

Note: some latex repaint brands may require more or less water to thin out the repaint to your wanted specifications. Therefore, it’s always best to an initial read the manufacturer’s recommendations and the ago of the paint deserve to to ensure the you room using the appropriate amount that water to slim it.


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Step 4. Stir the water and also paint together

Now, use your repaint stirrer to guarantee that the paint and water are thoroughly mixed. Every 10-15 seconds, take it the repaint stirrer out and also take keep in mind of just how the thinned repaint drips off the stirrer.

If you an alert that the repaint is tho a little clumpy or thick, use a measure cup to add water in increments that one-fourth cup at a time. You’ll want to repeat this procedure until the structure of the paint is thin and smooth enough for your preference.


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Step 5. Test the brand-new viscosity that the paint

If you room using a paint spray pistol to use the paint, you’ll an initial want to check the paint by pouring it right into the extr 5-gallon bucket using a funnel and also your paint stirrer. If the paint is thinned properly, it will circulation freely right into the funnel (which means it will certainly be thin sufficient to usage for the spray gun).

If it’s still also thick, that will proceed to climb to the optimal of the funnel, and also you’ll need to add an ext water to achieve the right consistency.


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Should latex paint be thinned?

It depends on the form of applications in which the repaint will be applied. Latex repaint is typically thinned once it will be applied using a repaint sprayer. This is a important step, together the paint is commonly too special to make its means through the sprayer’s pistol nozzle. Not just will you create a large mess if you trying to use un-thinned latex paint in a spray gun, but you’ll also possibly ruin the spray pistol itself.

Does thinning latex paint adjust the color?

No. The process of thinning latex paint does not readjust or alter the color of the paint in any type of way. However, it will call for you come apply additional coats of repaint to ensure adequate coverage and quality perfect results.

How can you make latex paint circulation better?

One the the best ways to aid your latex repaint flow much better is to add a repaint conditioner to it, such together Floetrol (one of the most renowned brands). When there room issues about the way that a repaint “flows”, it’s usually when surfaces such as cabinets, trim, or fine furniture are being painted. The reason is that brush strokes have tendency to show up on these varieties of surfaces an ext easily.

There are also scenarios where environmental conditions are not ideal and also paint might not adhere to details surfaces together well.

Floetrol helps to make oil and water-based paints simpler to apply and also work with. It also helps to extend the dry time of the paint. Floetrol can conveniently be mixed right into paint by adding anywhere native 16 come 30 ounces per gallon that latex paint. It’s finest to begin off using small quantities the this conditioner so that you will be able to monitor the viscosity that the paint.


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How carry out you make latex paint dry slower?

Some paint projects revolve out ideal when the repaint dries slower on the surface. However how deserve to you extend the dry time of paint? Well, there are a couple of things that you can add to latex paint dry slower. Below are the most common ones.

Apply paint conditioner

There are fairly a couple of different brand of repaint conditioners available that can expand the dry time of her latex paint. Paint conditioners work well if you are additionally looking to minimize the figure of brush strokes ~ above your painting surface to create a much more smooth and even finish.

To use paint conditioner, you’ll commonly need to add around 1 quart or more of the conditioner per gallon that paint. Keep in mind that if you use an ext than this, girlfriend may influence the figure of the paint’s finish, or friend will should apply added coats.


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Add water or “thin” the paint

You can also use water to slim latex repaint (aka “make that wetter”) to slow down its drying time. To carry out this, you will frequently need to add about 1/2 cup the water every gallon that paint. It’s vital to read the manufacturer’s recommendations before attempting to thin out any latex paint, as some paint brands should not be thinned at all.

How carry out you revive old latex paint?

There yes, really is not a method to “revive” latex paint, unfortunately. If latex paint has gone bad, there’s no solution that you can add to it come revive it. The ideal thing you have the right to do is an initial determine if the paint is still viable. Making use of latex paint that has actually gone poor will leaving the painted surface with a negative odor that will prosper progressively worse over time. The will likewise peel an extremely easily and also quickly.

However, many paint this day is designed v preservatives and biocides which provides them about an 8- come 10-year shelf life (under ideal conditions). If the paint has actually been exposed to too much temperatures (i.e. Under 40 degrees or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit) for an extensive periods that time, then possibilities are the the paint is no longer viable–it will usually be contaminated v rust or dirt.

Here’s exactly how you have the right to determine if your latex repaint is tho usable:

Step 1. Smell the paint

Remove the repaint can’s lid using a screwdriver and also take a fast sniff that the paint. A viable deserve to of latex paint will odor still like chemicals or “painty.” but if the contents of the can have an odor similar to that of rancid or spoiled food, climate the repaint should more than likely be tossed out.


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Step 2. Look in ~ the viscosity the the paint

Slightly tilt the repaint from side to next to identify if the repaint particles have fully separated from the solvent. Girlfriend may an alert a layer of hardened repaint on optimal of the can contents, eliminate this through your stir stick before stirring the contents.

Step 3. Row the paint

Use a paint stirrer come mix the paint and take keep in mind if it doesn’t blend ago to its initial color. If that doesn’t, then the paint is no much longer good. If you notification that the paint and also the separated fluid blend earlier together smoothly, opportunities are the paint is tho good. It’s additionally a an excellent idea to check the expiration day on the paint. If the date is near, you might want to collection your paint project in activity so that you have the right to utilize it.

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Wrapping things Up

Thinning latex repaint is a relatively easy DIY job to complete. The trick is to monitor the quantity of water the you pour into the bucket and also to continuously stir it while law so. This will stop you indigenous “over-thinning” the paint and also having to usage or purchase an ext paint to exactly the viscosity.