I downloaded a copy of 2020 Premier CD/Download Turbotax top top to my computer. When my friend tried come download a copy into her computer, she obtained the post that other person has currently download it; walk to the person"s account and look for download. I view my download in the computer yet I don"t know how to obtain my download to her computer. Any kind of one has actually that problem and also know just how to fix it, please help.

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The procedure of installation TurboTax ~ above multiple computer systems is the same as installing it ~ above one computer. For much more information about how come install, above thesefrequently request questions about installing the TurboTax CD/download edition(click here:link).If you desire to download TurboTax on a computer system that doesn’t have actually a CD drive, followthese instructions(click here:link).Please clickHow execute I download the same copy of TurboTax on multiple computers? to learn more.
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I already installed Turbo taxation on one computer but when I shot to download to mine other computer system is walk not identify my info.

Customer service is better able to assist you in troubleshooting your download issues.Please monitor the instructions below to call customer service.What is the TurboTax call number? - Community
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The attach takes me come a download page for a Canadian version of TT. I cannot find a similar page for the us version.This yes, really shouldn"t be that hard. Every time I try to install, I acquire the error the it"s currently been downloaded. I"m aware of that. I"m an alleged to have the ability to download it five times. Why isn"t it letting me download the on this computer????

Please reach the end to TurboTax Customer support for one-on-one assistance withthis issue. Please visittheContact Uspage toselect her product and providea particular question you need help withto gain you to the appropriate person.

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MichelleLOI"m do the efforts to find a link to call someone that can assist me, yet after an hour browsing the ubraintv-jp.com website and also customer assistance hanging increase on me, I"m quiet looking.I set up TurboTax 2020 Premier to another computer. I"m unable to download a second TurboTax state product that i bought for 2020. I can find the stimulate in my account with the bespeak Lookup (order number + zip code), but it doesn"t appear in the list of downloads. How deserve to I download this product? ns can"t continue my taxes return without it. Thanks!
You need to get earlier on the phone v turbotax and they will concern you a new code. As soon as you use the CD, you lose access to the digital password to install elsewhere. It"s part weird glitch. You could also try loading come the 2nd computer with the CD. But the just thing we might do to be to obtain a brand-new code emailed that i was then able to use.