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Whether due to the fact that of broken condoms, forget pills, or bad choices ~ too much tequila, over there are lots of surprise pregnancies that come through my practice. But, reality be told, several of these “surprise” pregnancies yes, really shouldn’t be a surprised at all – the couples weren’t using reliable contraception. In fact, it’s not inexplicable for me to watch “being careful” listed as the method of contraception on a patient’s entry paperwork (these women space often back in the office for pregnancy appointments shortly after). Even though reliable contraception is an ext accessible 보다 ever, there room still a lot of couples practicing different or inconsistent means of avoiding pregnancy.

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If you’re acquisition a DIY method to contraception, and you truly execute want to prevent pregnancy, it’s necessary to understand simply how efficient (or ineffective) your strategy really is:

“Withdrawal” or the “pull out” method. This is when guys remove your penis before ejaculation and deposit their semen exterior the vagina. This method is ripe with possible errors and has a high failure rate. The an initial problem is that there have the right to be sperm in the pre-ejaculate (the tiny amount that lubricating fluid that comes out prior to or ejaculation), so if you room going to usage withdrawal as contraception, the penis should ideally be wiped through an alcohol swab before insertion. The next problem is that, to it is in effective, the timing would have to be simply right. If semen is deposited even at the vaginal opening, climate a pregnancy deserve to occur. It need to be detailed that extreme alcohol entry can affect the effectiveness of this method. Anal sex. plenty of women have really short perineums (skin between rectum and also vagina), therefore if you are practicing anal sex merely to protect against pregnancy that’s no the ideal idea. If semen end up ~ above the perineum, a particularly good swimmer could swim up v the vagina and also find themselves an egg. While ns not conscious of any type of studies that have looked in ~ this, the is theoretically feasible to gain pregnant indigenous anal sex. “Outer course.” usually this method foreplay without any kind of penetration (not also the tip!). As lengthy as the semen is no deposited close to the quality opening, pregnancy must not occur. Sperm can not live on other parts if the body, it needs moisture to live. Once semen dries, the sperm die. Save in mind, as through the “withdrawal” method, too much alcohol can additional increase the risk linked with this method. Oral Sex. whether you room on the giving or receiving end, girlfriend cannot obtain pregnant from oral sex. When sperm deserve to live approximately 5 days inside a woman’s body, the is just in the vagina not the cradle track. Friend cannot gain pregnant native swallowing semen. Oral sex is not entirely without risk, despite – any mouth to genital contact (or genital come genital) deserve to transmit sexually transmitted infections.

If you are serious about avoiding pregnancy, your ideal bet is to usage a medically-proven technique of contraception. Your medical professional can assist you type out the options and pick the ideal one because that you– and then you can go native “being careful” to being truly protected.

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Heather Rupe, DO, is a board-certified OB/GYN in private practice in Franklin, TN, and also serves as the evil chief of staff at Williamson medical Center. She is the co-author the The pregnant Companion: A Faith-Filled overview for her Journey come Motherhood and The baby Companion: A Faith-Filled guide for your Journey v Baby’s first Year.

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