What’s a TWIC Card?

TWIC stands for Transportation Worker identification Credential. It is a form of ID card issued by the transport Security management (TSA) for workers who require unescorted access to different secure locations of maritime facilities and details sea vessels. The card has tamper-resistant attributes such as a fingerprint template used for identify the holder.

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Persons who need to be issued a TWIC card include: truck drivers, lengthy shore employees, harbor facility workers, and also any mariner that is credentialed through the U.S. Coastline Guard. Having actually a criminal record deserve to negatively affect a person’s eligibility because that a TWIC card, because they are issued to persons that will it is in accessing secured locations without an escort.

What Crimes may Make a person Ineligible for a TWIC Card?

Having specific criminal convictions top top one’s record have the right to make lock ineligible because that a TWIC card. Because that TWIC purposes, there are two category of crimes: “Permanent Disqualifying Offenses”, which would certainly permanently disqualify a person from applying; and “Interim Disqualifying Offenses”, in i beg your pardon the applicant can apply for a waiver for the crimes involved.

Permanent Disqualifying Offenses include:

Espionage, sedition, or treasonConspiracy to commit espionage, sedition, or treasonA “crime that terrorism” as characterized by federal or state law, or conspiracy to commit a crime that terrorismCrimes entailing a “transportation security incident”Improperly transferring hazardous materialsCrimes including explosives or explosive devicesMurderCrimes including threats or false information concerning the placement of an explosive in a public place or public transportation systemViolations the the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt institutions Act

Interim Disqualifying Offenses include:

Crimes entailing the unlawful uses or transportation of firearmsCrimes entailing extortion, dishonesty, fraud, money laundering, and also identity theftBriberySmugglingImmigration-related offensesCrimes including the distribution of controlled substances (or possession v the intent to distribute)ArsonKidnappingCertain violent crimes such together rape, aggravated sex-related abuse, attack with the intent to kill, and robberyFraudulent entry or accessibility into a seaportAttempt or conspiracy to commit the crimes listed

If a crime has actually been expunged, the will normally not show up in the TWIC application process. However, gift on probation for a crime, or having a pending charge might make a person instantly ineligible.

Are Waivers or Appeals available for Persons judge of a Crime?

Waivers are not easily accessible for Permanently Disqualifying Offenses entailing espionage, sedition, treason, or terrorism. Waivers might be acquired for the remaining species of crimes, topic to review and also approval.

Finally, in the occasion that an application is denied on criminal grounds, the applicant deserve to usually file an appeal through the evaluation board. Both waivers and appeals call for a complicated determination the the circumstances surrounding the applicant.

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Do I need a Lawyer if i Have problems With TWIC Cards and also Crimes?

A TWIC map is crucial part of plenty of maritime-related jobs. If you need help with a TWIC application, you might wish come consult through a criminal lawyer in your area. Your attorney can review the application v you in irradiate of any type of criminal history you may have. Also, if you need to use for a waiver or one appeal, your lawyer can assist you throughout the process.