We every remember the iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp: over a candlelit dinner at Tony’s Restaurant, Lady and the Tramp stare right into each other’s eyes. Together they slurp up a mutual piece of spaghetti, their muzzles fulfill in a kiss. However doggy romance is simply a cartoon, right? Well, yes and no. Deserve to dogs autumn in love? Let’s discover out.

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Your dog can not take a day out because that dinner, but some experts say they can loss in love, in their own way. Check out on come learn just how dogs could fall in love v each other, with other animals, or v people.


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For united state humans, understanding dog emotions deserve to be complex because we simply don’t understand their precise feelings ~ above the inside. It would be a lot much easier if they could talk to us! however we do have actually centuries of suffer with dogs, and scientific research, that helps us understand just how dog emotions work.

In an interview through National Geographic, pet neuroscientist Dr. Gregory Berns defines that one huge difference between human and dog emotions lies in language. Humans have words to label the feelings we experience choose fear, sadness, guilt, and love. Dog don’t have those words. But in his research, making use of MRI scans of dogs’ brains as they receive hopeful stimulus, Berns uncovered that “dogs have equivalent parts of your brains come humans.”

Even if their language isn’t the very same as ours, dogs execute share some variation of our emotional experiences.

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Defining “Love” because that Dogs

Just because dogs don’t have actually a word because that “love” doesn’t average they don’t feeling it. When specifying how dogs feel love, we have to consider what they show with their behavior.

As animal expert Marc Bekoff explains in an interview with Vice:

“If you define love together a irreversible commitment—meaning they look for one another out as soon as they’re apart, they’re happy as soon as they’re reunited, they defend one another, they feeding one another, castle raise their youngsters together—then, that course, non-human animals love every other.”

In other words, society bonding and also devotion space the behavior “evidence” that love. If her dog choose to invest time v you, it’s no just because you feeding them. Castle really carry out care!

There’s also much more brain-based proof to show that dogs endure love. In one more interview through The brand-new York Times, Dr. Berns describes an experiment within his team provided dogs bites the tasty warm dogs several of the time, and verbal praise few of the time. Once they contrasted their responses, looking in ~ the reward facility of your brains, “the vast variety of dogs comment to praise and also food equally.”

In other words, dogs love humans at least as much as lock love food. And a significant number of them were even much more excited around people than hot dogs!