A basic homemade dog treats this Peanut Butter & Cheerios Dog Treats are made with just a couple of all natural ingredients the your pup will love.

If you have kids, ns betting the you currently have Cheerios and peanut butter in her kitchen.

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I can not use met a dog yet, that doesn’t love both peanut butter and also some Cheerios. Do you?

This is the perfect recipe to present your dogs just how much friend love and how special they are.

Let’s begin with the number one concern I get around these dog treats!


Yes! It’s okay for her dog’s having Cheerios. Simply in moderation. They should never eat Cheerios together a enjoy the meal replacement or in big quantities.

For an sometimes treat, her dog is perfectly safe.

Except with your dog have actually a serial sensitivity, Cheerios space perfectly safe. Over there are other recipes top top the there is no Cheerios, choose my Carrot and also Sweet Potato Dog Treats, Pumpkin Blueberry Dog Treats, and also even treats made v Beets.

Hint: When selecting Cheerios, stick through the plain Cheerios. I would certainly not recommend utilizing Honey nut Cheerios.

Now let’s acquire to the recipe!

Homemade Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Dog Treats Recipe

The most important thing come know around this recipe is to just use 100% organic creamy peanut butter the doesn’t save on computer Xylitol.

The perfect combo: Peanut Butter and Cheerios.

Dogs your dog love peanut butter? i haven’t uncovered a dog yet that doesn’t love it. I’ve even let my dog eat creamy peanut butter off of a spoon!

I share my pantry with multiple ‘healthy’ treats, yet I need something that’s basic “go to” and isn’t high-quality for all the potty training and other obedience maintain we room doing.

If you are looking for an easy and healthy treat for her dog, climate these peanut butter and Cheerios dog treats space for you. Well, for your dog anyway! castle are all set under 20 minutes and also will have your dog barking for more.

20 Minute Easy dog treats.

This wonderfully tasty cooking recipes combines the crunchy oaty taste that Cheerios grain with the healthy goodness of peanut butter and also apple baby food.

It’s full of fatty acids, fiber and protein, even though her dog doesn’t care around that! mine dogs, Ruby and also Callie, love Cheerios!

Ingredients Used


You'll need to put the dogs away while making these treats - lock smell and also taste therefore good, you're dog's won't have the ability to wait!

Prep Time8 minute
Cook Time9 minute
Total Time17 minute


¼ cup natural Peanut Butter2 ½ cup Cheerios1 T Honey4 oz apologize banana Strawberry infant food1 Egg


In a microwavable bowl melt the peanut butter about 30 seconds.Mix all the ingredient together and mix well. Role balls to around a 1” size. You’ll need to squeeze them together tightly to make them pole together. Location on cookie sheet through parchment paper. Roasted 9 minutes at 350° degrees.Allow to cool and dry the end a small and then store in an airtight container.


Make sure you mix well. Ns had much more cheerios in ~ the optimal and much more dough at the bottom.

You have the right to substitute various baby foods items or use regular cheerios.

Don’t usage sugar complimentary peanut butter

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Your dog will certainly love these Peanut Butter & Cheerios Dog Treats.

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