The Microsoft Xbox One game console does have actually HDMI 2.0 which deserve to output a 4K signal. Therefore Xbox One is able to play 4K Blu-ray. The doesn’t matter which Xbox One version you are using, Xbox one s or Xbox One X, you can play Ultra HD Blu-ray disc through it. But you should understand that, Xbox One just supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. Girlfriend can’t usage it to read continuous Blu-ray discs.

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Thing will certainly be quite different if you are using an Xbox 360 console. Through default, Xbox 360 counts on DVDs because that its games and doesn’t assistance Blu-ray discs. It permits you come stream 1080p HD videos on video apps. Yet it is totally incompatible with Blu-ray.


However, many users complain the they can’t beat a Blu-ray bowl on Xbox One. Are you one of them? Is it feasible to clock a Blu-ray movie v Xbox 360? below in this post, we will describe the factors why you can not play Blu-ray discs using Xbox One. In addition, we will present you just how to collection up her Xbox console because that the Blu-ray playing. Girlfriend can additionally learn an effective way to play any kind of Blu-ray discs on Xbox, even Xbox 360.

Part 1. Why You can not Play Blu-ray top top Xbox One

Similar come Sony Play terminal 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch, Xbox One is one of most popular and powerful gaming consoles which can give you terrific gameplay experience. Microsoft Xbox One is 40% an ext power than any other console and 6 teraflops of graphical processing power for an role playing game true 4K gaming experience. It supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and also HDR. So as it stated above, Xbox One is able to play Blu-ray disc. Besides the Blu-ray, it also permits you to play DVD discs.


Xbox One console is manufactured for a details Blu-ray region, adhering to international standards. It is no compatible with all Blu-ray discs and also only the Blu-ray discs sold in the same an ar as the console. In addition, girlfriend can’t use it to play regular Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray discs. For now, over there is no 3D Blu-ray compatibility ~ above Xbox consoles. So as soon as you insert that sort of Blu-ray disc, the Xbox an equipment can’t review it.

In fact, you are not allowed to straight play a Blu-ray disc also for a typical 4K Blu-ray. Due to the fact that Xbox consoles perform not come with aboriginal disc playback support. Due to the global decrease of physics media sales, Microsoft gotten rid of the Blu-ray and also DVD playback support several years back. So once you have the need to watch a Blu-ray movie v Xbox One, you need to do some operations first.

Part 2. Exactly how to set up Xbox One to Play Blu-ray Disc

To play Blu-ray on your Xbox One console, you must install the Blu-ray Player app. The is especially designed for the Blu-ray and also DVD playback. The following guide will display you just how to download Blu-ray Player application to beat Blu-ray on her Xbox game console.

As it stated above, friend should very first install the Blu-ray Player app. Actually, after girlfriend insert a Blu-ray disc right into your Xbox One, there will be a pop-up home window to overview you download this Blu-ray play app. Here you deserve to follow the accuse to do it.

If over there is no prompting window, you deserve to go to keep from Xbox home to uncover this player. Click Apps native the categories section and then depend on search feature to locate and install the app.


When you obtain Blu-ray Player application installed on your Xbox, you deserve to handily beat the Blu-ray movie with an excellent visual experience. Video game discs because that the Xbox One console are not coded to regions. But not every Blu-ray or DVD discs space coded to every regions. Xbox One can only support region-free discs.

Part 3. Exactly how to Play every Blu-ray movie on Xbox One/360 (Best Way)

With the Blu-ray Player app installed on Xbox One, you can handily clock Blu-ray movies v the game console. What if the Blu-ray bowl still can’t be played? as you deserve to see, you can not play all Blu-ray discs through Xbox one. You are not permitted to play Blu-ray if you space using one Xbox 360. So below comes the question, is it feasible to beat all her Blu-ray discs v Xbox One or Xbox 360 without limits?

Actually, friend can select to rip the Blu-ray disc come digital paper like MP4, MOV, AVI, or FLV for much better playback on her Xbox console, media player or portable device. Here we strong recommend the an effective Blu-ray Ripper to help you copy movie from her Blu-ray disc and save it in popular video format.

* video Converter

convert Blu-ray disc to Xbox One and Xbox 360 supported video clip file. Rip any kind of Blu-ray come 4K, 1080p/720p HD video clip like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and also more. Copy Blu-ray movie in any type of popular video/audio format with high image/sound quality. Rip Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray folder or ISO with its initial structure v super-fast speed. An effective editing attributes to edit and personalize Blu-ray movie instantly. Progressed transcoding and also encoding modern technology to rip Blu-ray v 100% initial quality.

Step 1. First, you need to download and install this Blu-ray come Xbox One/360 converting software on your computer. Friend can twin click the download button above and then follow the instructions to free install and also run this Blu-ray disc ripper v ease.

Insert her Blu-ray disc into the disc driver. If your computer system is no equipped v a disc drive, here you need to affix an exterior one. After you add the Blu-ray disc, the Blu-ray Ripper will immediately detect and also analyze it.

Step 2. as an all-featured Blu-ray ripping and also editing tool, it gives you with many advantageous features. Once you enter the key window, girlfriend should choose the Ripper feature for the Blu-ray disc ripping.

Click the big + icon to analyze and load movie on her Blu-ray disc. Here you can likewise click the fill Blu-ray to include the Blu-ray movie to this software.


Step 3. This Blu-ray Ripper allows you to convert Blu-ray to any kind of frequently-used video clip format favor MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, and more. During this step, you have the right to click Rip all to to choose a suitable output format for the ripped Blu-ray movie.


Step 4. after ~ that, you require to pick a right difficult drive for the output Blu-ray movie. Girlfriend should understand that, high top quality Blu-ray movie always has a large document size. For this reason you must pick a tough drive which tho has sufficient storage space. Then click Rip All button to start ripping her Blu-ray disc.


Within just a few clicks, you have the right to handily rip her Blu-ray disc to digital document for better playback top top Xbox, or other devices. This powerful Blu-ray Ripper has the capability to convert Blu-ray come 4K video. That means, over there won’t be any kind of image or sound high quality loss during the Blu-ray disc take it process. It likewise provides many editing attributes for you to modify the Blu-ray movie, adjust video clip effects, and enhance video quality.

What’s more, this Blu-ray Ripper is designed through the latest accelerate technology. So you can gain a really quick Blu-ray take it speed. After ~ that, girlfriend can quickly play any type of Blu-ray movies on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, computer and other devices.


Does Xbox One play Blu-ray? After analysis this post, you can gain a real answer around this question. At first, us tell girlfriend the reasons why your Xbox One or Xbox 360 can’t play Blu-ray disc. Climate you can learn comprehensive steps come play Blu-ray movies v Microsoft Xbox One.

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If you are an Xbox 360 user, you are told that you can’t play Blu-ray bowl on your device. But here in this post, we shared a an easy Blu-ray Ripper to assist you convert Blu-ray movie to digital video. ~ making a digital copy of her Blu-ray, you can easily enjoy the on any device as you like.