First up: I'm not asking "HOW TO play gamecube games" or for anything concerned modding/piracy/backups/links/roms/gender-politics/genocide/and so on.

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This is pucount a repursuit for information on how the Wii/WiiU game consoles play GameCube games. Is it the inclusion of hardware components or some kind of software application implementation?

The reason is they don't speak to it "Virtual Console" and also I take that to intend it is not being done via some manner of software emulation of the GameCube so I'd really choose to understand the details of exactly how it functions.


The Wii processor is the same infaframework / kind as the Gamecube.

The Wii is basically a gamecube through a far better CPU, GPU, and also another operating device. That's like asking "how does my brand-new Windows 7 COMPUTER run this game that was created Windows Vista".

The Wii processor just underclocks itself so it's at the clock speed of a gamecube, then simply starts the game like a gamecube would certainly.

The wii u doesn't assistance gamecube games out of the box. Modded it is functionally similar to a wii.

I think the brief way to describe it, is that the internals of the Wii architecture (CPU, GPU etc) have actually complete aboriginal backward compatibility with the Gamecube hardware, and also so via the disk drive being able to check out both forms of media and the inclusion of the Gamecube controller and also memory card ports, it just plays the games without the require for any kind of emulation or software application interpretation.

However, while the WiiU still supplies the very same 'family' of architecture components, they are even more powerful/facility. Therefore, once entering Wii mode on a WiiU, the WiiU console performs a soft re-boot that actually activates specific processor switches that basically reverts the processors to just run to the lower-specs of a Wii. When in this virtual Wii mode, the processors are just running as a Wii and also so can natively run Gamecube code in the exact same way that a Wii deserve to. This is why the WiiU percreates a complete re-boot after leaving virtual Wii mode, to recollection the Wii mode switches.

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It's not emulation bereason the game code is running via the processors as if it was aboriginal. However before, to run a digital copy of a Gamecube game on a Wii or WiiU requires some software application to pack the game to play ... Nintendont is more than likely the the majority of commonly offered app, and also deserve to be used on a Wii or WiiU to load and play Gamecube games, yet it's basically a front-end to access the indigenous backward-compatibility to play Gamecube games on a Wii, with some included bonprovides such as online memory cards, support for a vast array of controller remedies, bypassing region-locking etc.