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Could a bad Starter solenoid drain the battery ? I have actually two battery in Jrs. Bronco, a red top and also a deep bike blue top...Yesterday, The Bronco was completely dead...I to be wonderin if a negative Starter solenoid or a poor ignition switch could reason this?Thanx in advance,Allcruisen :imp :usa

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I am simply trying come get and also Idea that watt might be draining the Batteries...I observed a write-up While searching that discussed a bad ignition switch coulddrain the Battery... :shrugPS brand-new Alt. Additionally putting out 14 Amps. Battery are less the a Month old... Allcruisen :imp :usa

Put a check light in between the POS short article on the battery and the POS cable going come the solenoid. Make certain the doors space closed and also the hood irradiate is off. If the check light light"s up you have a brief somewhere. Begin pulling fuses it spins the test light goes out. More than likely it won"t it is in the solenoid. A bad collection of diodes in the alternator will drain a battery down.

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Supahmotahs"What’s more chickenshit than fucking with a masculine automobile? ns mean, don’t **** with an additional man’s vehicle." - Vincent Vega
Yes together a issue of truth it did start as soon as I installed the new alternator...Thanx Guys, I will certainly test that tomorrow and Ranger i fogot the a negative diode in the alternator can drainpipe the battery... :doh0715:Allcruisen :imp :usa
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