is perhaps among the strangest web questions to ever trend. But, luckily, likewise one that the most helpful sleep exploration to guy lately.

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Until recently, it was believed that only complex organisms together as humans needed sleep. So, the was fairly a surprise when research revealed otherwise. Particularly so, because that odd small creatures such together snails. 

One would be forgiven for thinking; snails don’t require rest. After ~ all, they are so sluggish they hardly look like they use any energy at all.

But two physicians from the college of Toronto uncovered otherwise as soon as they lugged out a examine to determine whether snails sleep. 

 How to be it discovered that snails sleep?

After observing the snails remained in one place for lengthy (as you could have noticed with your very own pet snail). 2 doctors, Professor Steven Richardson and also Dr. Vern Lewisa that the university of Toronto, chose to find out even if it is snails sleep.

They discovered that snails do certainly sleep. By making use of three testing methods:

By tapping the Snail’s covering with a metal poleBy nudging the snail’s body with a steel rod to check how it’d respond to the disturbance and also lastlyBy using food to measure up the snail’s reaction intensity come the food

This study functioned with eight check subjects and lasted 79days. In the end, it was identified that snails sleep but not quite choose humans.

 – So, how long execute they sleep?

3years, snails sleep for up to three years. However we will obtain to that in a moment.

Normally, snails sleep double as much as human being beings. They perform this by fall in and out the sleep 7 times within 15hours. 

After this, castle remain active for 30hours straight. So, unlike humans and also most other pets who sleep in ~ 24hours. A snail’s sleep pattern is spread out out over 2-3 days.

In excessive environments, snails deserve to sleep for approximately 3years. Talk around well rested!!

However, they only sleep because that 3years during extreme conditions. 


 – Why do snails sleep because that so long?

Snails require moisture to survive. That’s why castle live in damp and also moist places. Moisture is vital to create the mucus they use to slide over surfaces. 

Fun fact: This mucus is for this reason thick that snails have the right to slide over spicy edges such together blades, knives, and rough surface without being scratched.

As such, snails get in a deep sleep, once the right levels that moisture room missing. This sleep can last as lengthy as 3 years.

 This likewise explains why they protect against sunlight and also hide most of the day. Warm dries out their bodies, which have the right to kill them. Snails love the humid and cool conditions of the night. This is when they are many active.

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Hibernation and also Estivation

Conditions that drive snails to sleep because that 3 years encompass winter and high temperature such together summer. 

During winter, snails get in hibernation. Lock withdraw into their shells and kind a mucous membrane approximately their shells come insulate themselves.

During summer or in drought and desert conditions, lock aestivate. Aestivation is the process of going dormant throughout hot and dry periods.

Snails roll into their shells and also bury themselves underground to escape together weather, sleeping for approximately 3 year or more. Sometimes even unto their very own deaths.