The leafy green vegetable is a staple part of a guinea pigs diet. However what room the vegetables we need to feed to our guinea pigs? Is cabbage the right an option for our guinea pigs? have the right to guinea pigs eat cabbage? just how much? Let’s discover Out!

Can guinea pig eat cabbage? Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat cabbage because that sure. Cabbage is wonderful source the vitamin c & Vitamin K, i m sorry is a have to for them. On the various other hand, they are high in Calcium, and also can also lead to bloating. So, we should only offer it in moderation.

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Guinea pig requirements a cup of new raw vegetable daily as vegetables are an essential part of our guinea pigs diet. We need to serve a mix that 3-4 types of veggies daily so that they acquire the appropriate amount of vitamin an minerals for healthy and balanced growth.

But exactly how nutritious is cabbage because that our cavies? carry out they bring lots of nutritional worth in them? exactly how much cabbage should be served to a guinea pig? I recognize there space a the majority of questions boggling your mind appropriate now but don’t worry, ns have acquired you spanned in this article. Simply stay v me till the end of this article, and also I candlestick ensure all her doubts space cleared.

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Cabbage is also rich in many minerals prefer Manganese, Iron, and many other vitamins that are crucial for the body. These vitamins help guinea pigs to store their heart healthy, lowering blood push & regulating cholesterol level.

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Is It for sure For Cavies to Eat Cabbage? feasible Risks v Cabbage?

Yes, Cabbage is totally safe because that guinea pigs until and unless we offer it in moderation. In fact, irpari vegetables are an excellent choice for guinea pigs; however, we should serve the considering the risk involved due come overfeeding the the same.


Yes, guinea pigs can definitely eat cabbage leaves. In fact, cabbage leaves are really nutritional and also contain phytochemicals i m sorry are crucial for our guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat cabbage core(stalk)?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cabbage core; however, it is ideal to stop the main point altogether. Cabbage core is the woody texture part of the cabbage i m sorry holds the leaves together.

Feeding cabbage main point is a debatable topic amongst guinea pig owners. While part owners say that guinea pigs have the right to eat cabbage in addition to its core, the others say it need to not it is in fed to your guinea pigs together it can cause a digestive concern in them.

I favor to store it far from mine guinea pig although that is approximately you to decide what component of cabbage goes into your guinea pigs food bowl.

More FAQ on cabbage for guinea pigs

Can guinea pigs eat red cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat red cabbage. Red cabbage is wonderful source that Vitamin C, which is crucial for guinea pigs. However, the offer size have to be moderated to avoid health issues.

Can guinea pigs eat environment-friendly cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat green cabbage. In fact, many of the owner feed eco-friendly cabbage only to your guinea pigs together these space nutritious as well as readily obtainable around the world.

Can guinea pigs eat savoy cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat savoy cabbage, your guinea pig will fall in love with those great textures and crunchy taste that this cabbage. Savoy cabbage is additionally rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, i beg your pardon is necessary for guinea pigs health. That is additionally low in calcium and can be fed to guinea pigs enduring from UTI because that aiding castle in recovery.

Can guinea pigs eat white cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat white cabbage. White cabbage is rich in Vitamin C and also dietary fiber, and at the very same time, that is short in calcium together well. This provides them terrific choice for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat purple cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat violet cabbage. Purple cabbage is fantastic source the vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6, i beg your pardon is crucial for ours guinea pigs. Hence we deserve to feed purple cabbage to our guinea pigs yet only in moderation.

Can guinea pigs eat sweetheart cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat sweetheart cabbage. Sweetheart cabbage is exceptionally rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and also Folate, which are vital for the great health of our guinea pigs. However, we need to feed it in a tiny quantity only as too much Vitamin K is also bad for their health.

Can guinea pigs eat napa cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs have the right to eat napa cabbage because that sure. Napa cabbage is affluent in Vitamin K and also Vitamin C and additionally low in calcium which makes it a perfect selection for ours guinea pigs. However, it is finest to serve just the leaves as the stalks are somewhat difficult in this cabbage.

Can guinea pigs eat Chinese cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat Chinese cabbage, but it is absolutely not the best an option for them. Although rich in Vitamin A and also Vitamin C this cabbage is a nutritional beast, however the high calcium content provides it a wrong selection for our guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat cavolo nero cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat Cavolo nero cabbage. Cavolo nero cabbage is affluent in Vitamin C and antioxidants, i beg your pardon is really helpful for her guinea pig. However, do remember to feed it only in moderation together you execute with various other cabbages.

Can guinea pigs eat cabbage every day?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat cabbage every day. Cabbage is high in calcium which deserve to lead come bladder stone in guinea pigs. Also eating cabbage every day have the right to be poor for your digestive system which consequently leads come bloating and diarrhea in guinea pigs. Thus, feeding cabbage 2-3 times a week must be more than enough for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat cooked cabbage?

No, guinea pigs can not eat cook cabbage in ~ all. Cooking food is negative for ours guinea pigs health as it deserve to disrupt their digestive system.

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How to prepare cabbage for your guinea pigs?

The an initial step is to select a good quality cabbage for your guinea pigs. The cabbage you must be fresh. Avoid wilting cabbage entirely. Necessary cabbage is the best an option if girlfriend can get one for your guinea pig.The second step is to wash the cabbage properly. It can contain traces of chemistry on the external leaf, which can be poor for her guinea pigs.The 3rd step is to slit the cabbage in half and remove the stalk and take the end 1-2 sheet from it.You deserve to either chop it into little pieces or live it as it is and also mix it with other veggies because that serving.Finally, remove any type of uneaten pieces of vegetable from your guinea pigs cage within a couple of hours that serving. This chandelier ensure the uneaten food doesn’t end up being the house for harmful bacteria come bloom.

Food bowls space a must for our guinea pigs. Even if it is its time come serve part pellets or veggies, you need a tip-proof bowl for your guinea pigs, and staybowl should be your only pick. They room sturdy and do no flip over, producing a mess as various other bowls do.

If you desire to feed dried food to her guinea pig as a treat climate you must try this Pea Flakes. Your Cavies will certainly love it.

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Want come learn much more about Pea Flakes benefits and also hazards then need to read this-Can guinea pigs eat pea flakes? (Hazards, & offer size)


Can guinea pigs eat cabbage? Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat cabbage yet the crucial is to serve it in moderation to protect against health issues in guinea pigs.Cabbage is a an excellent source that Vitamin C i m sorry is much necessary vitamin because that guinea pigs. In addition to it it also has a most other vitamins and minerals i beg your pardon are helpful for guinea pigs.Too much cabbage deserve to lead to bladder stones, bloating, and diarrhea among guinea pigs.We have to only feed cabbage 2-3 time a week no exceeding one or two small leaves.Guinea pigs have the right to eat a wide selection of cabbage consisting of Red, Green, Savoy, Sweetheart, and Napa. Back you need to avoid Chinese cabbage totally as it is high in calcium.