This is a living and breathing short article that we upgrade from time to time come ensure we save a list based upon what has actually been tested.

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To be truthful we space generalizing part for the objective of simplicity. Here are some disclaimers before we dive in:

Different firearms and also calibers that bullets have distinct stopping power and potential for penetration depending on their velocity and construction. Over there is a huge difference in between a 9mm handgun and an AR-15Some bullets for example are jacketed, an interpretation they room encased in a covering of a harder steel (generally a steel alloy), where as non-jacketed ammunition tends to it is in a softer leadItems in our list are additionally generalized due to the fact that there room different varieties and widths the trees, furniture, walls, etcAlso we have to consider that even some things that would stop a single shot might not be able to withstand multiple shotsWhile some things wouldn"t totally STOP a bullet, they may slow it down significantly enough to make it much less lethal than a direct shot

All the disclaimer aside i think this list is at the very least directional in providing you some sense between what might be truly taken into consideration as cover and also what is simply concealment in ~ best.

The bullet Proof Vest displayed in many of this videos is the BulletSafe Vest.

Things that do Or do Not totally stop a bullet:

1. The Body, Windows, and also Door that a Car

Our testing argues that auto glass may change the trajectory the a bullet but it won"t avoid it. Neither will the dashboard or steering wheel. The human body of the car, choose the door, can stop bullets depending on the bullet and also the angle of fire. (Learn an ext in our auto Firearm strategies Course)

2. The Engine Block that a Vehicle

Engine block have always been accepted as an excellent cover and arguably the only component of a car you deserve to consistently depend on to prevent bullets.

3. A Sofa

Your sofa doesn"t have actually much going on in there. A the majority of empty space and some fluff… it doesn"t stop bullets.

4. Motorcycle Helmet

You to trust that thing to protect your head in ~ 60+ MPH versus the pavement… but it won"t stop a bullet. More here: will certainly a helmet stop a bullet?

5. Computer system Tower

6. Tablets and also Smartphones

7. Laptop

8. Phonebook or Textbook

We recently put some textbooks to the test. Spoiler alert… 1 book won"t do the trick. But enough publications together would. Full thoughts here: Will publications stop a bullet?

9. Badge (looks favor it counts on the badge)

10. Ceramic Tiles

11. ATM Machine

Yeah, if accessible using an ATM because that cover look at viable.

12. Wood framework walls (most homes)

13. Mattress

Yeah, i wouldn"t counting on it

14. Special winter clothing and coat

This video clip is a an excellent illustration of how thick or how plenty of layers of towel are required to stop a bullet.

15. Actors Iron Skillet

16. Cardboard

17. Metal Door

18. Refrigerator

Well, as you will see from the video clip below it really relies on what is in the refrigerator. An empty refrigerator isn"t walk to avoid anything. But a full one is pretty likely to perform the job.

19. Kitchen Plates

20: Bags the Ice

21. About 7 inches of Sand

Sand is relatively dense however how lot do girlfriend need? discover More: how much sand do you must stop a bullet

22. Sufficient Ceramic Tiles

23. Human Bodies

25. 18 inch of water

26. 10 Jugs of Water

27. Bricks

28. A submit Cabinet full of Paper

There has actually to be a lot of research on document cabinets because of their general accessibility for cover in a workplace active shooter situation. Our study would indicate that one empty paper cabinet will not stop most handgun rounds yet a filing cabinet complete of paper is most likely to it is in effective. The NYPD performed a examine in i beg your pardon they case a document cabinet quit rounds from all handgun rounds yet the below video shows some an empty file cabinet.

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29. Ballistic “Backpack Inserts”

As girlfriend will view in the video below several of these are better than others however they all efficiently stop handgun rounds.

Ok, I"m all set for your comments… did I miss out on anything worth mentioning that will protect against a bullet? everywhere you think i overgeneralized?

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