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To be invincible what you perform is unlock the upstairs door and then obtain to the power then revolve it on. ~ you have actually turned top top the power you open up the doors the has double tap source beer in it climate walk with the fence after you buy the ak74u climate run around in circles behind the fence. After ~ a while, go and also pack-a-punch your ak74u. Once you come earlier to her spot carry out the same technique for a lengthy time and also if you obtain low on ammo then buy some ammo and keep running i made it to round 73 and also then my friend screwed me up.

If you ar ~ above the start of any kind of map,(not dead ops arcade), then go emedeatly come the fast revive.In solo it will certainly turn right into a REVIVE. If friend buy this u wil have a sec, live, if friend r under you wil obtain lay top top the soil whit a granade gun. Purchase this rapid revive to have a sec, shance come live and also battle.Form.ehamzic13
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All Intel locations covered to add a complete solitary player video game walkthrough are consisted of in our overview to black Ops.All the tricky accomplishments a..

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