Less than or same to relation is just one of the inequalities offered to stand for the relation between two non-equal numbers or various other mathematical expressions. We understand that the ' 'greater than' prize is offered to display that one amount is higher than the various other quantity, the 'lesser than' prize is used to display that one quantity is lesser 보다 the various other quantity, and the 'is equal to' symbol is offered to show that two quantities are equal. Similarly, there is a price of less than or equal to in math which is used to display that one quantity can be less than the other quantity or same to the other quantity.

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1.What is much less Than or same To?
2.Less than or same to prize in Words
3.Less 보다 or same to Meaning
4.Less 보다 or same to top top a Number Line
5.FAQs on much less Than or same to

What is much less Than or equal To?

'Less 보다 or equal to', as the surname suggests, means a change is either much less than or same to one more number, variable, or quantity. 'Less than or equal to' can likewise be expressed together at most, no much more than, a preferably of, and also not exceeding. Observe the following figure to watch the prize that shows a 'less than' authorize with a sleeping line under it.


Less 보다 or same To prize in Word

Let us recognize the much less than or equal to symbol in words with an example. James functions at a departmental store, and he is paid on an hourly basis. He deserve to work because that a preferably of 8 hrs per day. Carry out you know what’s supposed by the ax maximum, here? This means James deserve to work for less than or equal to 8 hours per job in the store. Let us represent the variety of hours James functioned as x hours. So, we have the right to write the given instance mathematically as, x ≤ 8.


Less than or equal To Meaning

We come across specific statements including the indicators '≤' and also '≥' which are dubbed inequalities. Both inequalities have various meanings. We can easily understand them by comparison. Here are part comparisons of this symbols and their examples in addition to their meanings.


Less than or same to, ≤

x ≤ 7

The worth of x is less than or equal to 7.

− 5 ≤ x ≤ 3

The value of x have to lie between − 5 and 3, inclusive of both values.
Greater than or same to, ≥

x ≥ 2

The worth of x is higher than or equal to 2.

2 ≥ x ≥ − 1

The worth of x must lie in between − 1 and 2, inclusive that both values.

Less than or same to ~ above a Number Line

Inequalities like much less than or same to and greater than or same to are represented in a different means on a number line. To represent these, we usage the closed circle to mark the limit worth and point the arrowhead towards the given problem of inequality. Let us see this ~ above a number line offered below:

We deserve to see that once we desire to signify 'x much less than or equal to - 5', we marked a circle in ~ - 5 and pointed an arrowhead towards the values less than - 5, as suggested in the problem of inequality. Similarly, as soon as we desire to denote 'x greater than or equal to - 2', we marked a circle at - 2 and pointed an arrow towards the values better than - 2, as said in the condition of inequality.

Less 보다 or same to associated Topics

Check the end the amazing topics to learn much more about much less than or equal to, and also its associated topics.

Important Notes

Following room the note that help in the concept of much less than or same to.

Same optimistic numbers can either be multiply or divided into both political parties of one inequality without transforming the sign of inequality.Same an unfavorable numbers can either be multiplied or divided on both sides of one inequality and also the authorize of inequality it s okay reversed.

Example 2: Charles had 18 chocolates i m sorry he was going to distribute to his friend on his birthday. Because the crate was open, he shed some chocolates top top the way. If x is the variety of chocolates that Charles at this time has, create an inequality using the 'less 보다 or equal to' symbol the represents this situation.


Number that chocolates Charles had initially = 18

Since he lost some chocolates, the variety of chocolates through him currently is less than 18.


Example 3: Jolly's teacher asked her to find the numbers that belong come the set as presented on the blackboard.


Can you help her?


We know that Z is the set of integers.

The given set is:


This means that we have actually to discover all the integers the are less than or same to 4.

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Since the set of integers is infinite, the numbers the belong come the given set are:

..., −3, −2, −1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Therefore, the number in the given set are ..., −3, −2, −1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.