Rumours are circulating online that case a 12 foot Bull Shark was uncovered on the Ohio river. The rumours link back to a story that cases the shark swam away unharmed after gift reeled in by a fishing boat.

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The majority of the links seem to link back to a tiny story ~ above the website The story reads as follows –

There shows up to be small truth come the story. The website that published the story is a prank website that invites tourists to write their very own stories and also headlines the subsequently show up on the site, wherein the pranksters have the right to then share links to their works of fiction on social media.

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Other “stories” featured on the site incorporate the insurance claim that rapper Tupac has actually “come out of hiding” to relax a new song.

There has actually been no mainstream media reports of such a story occurring, i beg your pardon inevitably there would certainly be. As such, the story deserve to be conveniently dismissed together fake.

Also in 2015 one more fake story spread out online that asserted a photo of a 2.9 metre bull shark was recorded on the Ohio River but the accompanying photograph was in reality taken in Australia.

The Ohio flow has had actually a brief background with sharks, however. In 2010 a 2-foot dead shark was uncovered washed up on a boat ramp.

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