Where space They Now? The actors of The Cosby present Over 30 years later, The Cosby show still stands as a revolutionary sitcom, and one that the ideal of all time. Take it a watch at where the cast is today.

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The Cosby display cast
Cosby marked a turning point in the representation of African-Americans ~ above television. Uneven previous shows, including The Jeffersons and Good Times, which shown African-Americans in stereotypical, cartoonish roles, The Cosby Show presented a truth in which they were fully-realized, educated, successful people.

The show additionally captivated 10s of numerous viewers. That two highest possible watched periods pulled in an median of 30.5 million viewers each. Also its final and also lowest perceived season garnered 13.8 million viewers top top average, i m sorry is more than many shows nowadays have the right to boast. In addition to being a ratings hit, it to be critically beloved, receiving over 100 awards wins and nominations combined.

In recent years, The Cosby Show has had an irregular history of syndication due to behind-the-scenes scandals; nevertheless, its standing as one iconic collection remains. While few of its many actors members room still in the public eye to date, others have taken a step back.

So, just in case you desire to capture up with all of your favorite Cosby kids, or even an adult or two, here"s a quick list of Where space They Now? The actors Of The Cosby Show.

Lisa Bonet together Denise Huxtable in The Cosby show Then and Now
Both on and off screen, Denise was constantly the many controversial the the Huxtable children. Even if it is it to be leaving to star in a spinoff that she left after one season, dropping out of college, or covertly marrying and becoming a stepmother, she was always full of surprises.

Her portrayer, Lisa Bonet, is complete of fun an individual and experienced surprises all her own. In recent years, she"s had actually guest appearances on reflects as various as New Girl, Girls, and also Ray Donovan.

Personally, she life consist of a whole lot of interesting ground together well. In 1987, a 20-year-old Bonet married Lenny Kravitz, giving birth to your daughter-- and current bonafide star-- Zoë Kravitz a year later.

Although your marriage dissolved in 1993, Bonet later on married Jason Momoa that Game of Thrones and also DCEU fame in 2007, and also together, the pair has a daughter, Lola Iolani, and a son, Nakoa-Wolf.

14 Vanessa Huxtable - Tempestt Bledsoe

Tempestt Bledsoe together Vanessa Huxtable in The Cosby present Then and also Now
If Denise to be the most controversial Huxtable child, climate Vanessa was maybe the quintessential annoying sitcom child. At risk to tantrums and also acting out, she displayed all the hallmarks of middle TV kid Syndrome-- every without actually being the center child.

After pack The Cosby Show in 1992, Tempestt Bledsoe has ongoing to work steadily in the acting world. She wide-ranging filmography consists of guest stints on mirrors such as The Practice, The Parkers, South that Nowhere, and also the animated collection The Replacements. She likewise had a leading duty on the short-lived sitcom Guys through Kids opposite Anthony Anderson.

And it simply goes to show you that sometimes Hollywood can be a pretty small world. Bledsoe has been in a partnership with gibbs Darryl M. Bell, that starred top top Cosby"s spinoff collection A different World, for the past 24 years.

Adam Sandler together Smitty in The Cosby display Then and Now
Although that only appeared in a grasp of illustration during season 4, Smitty to be a vital part that Theo"s group of unconventional friends. Some of Smitty"s bright concepts led to several of the group"s worst experiences, consisting of the time they made decision to rent a helicopter for prom, which... Went about as well together you can expect. The personality also marked Adam Sandler"s first onscreen role.

Sandler, that course, would go top top to end up being a large name in comedy, including five years on Saturday Night Live and a whole magazine of movie like Happy Gilmore, Billy MadisonThe Wedding SingerBig DaddyClickGrown Ups, and many, numerous more.

Most recently, Sandler has actually been garnering early attention as a potential Oscar candidate because that his performance in noah Baumbach"s forthcoming The Meyerowitz Stories.

12 Rudy Huxtable - Keshia article Pulliam

Keshia article Pulliam as Rudy Huxtable in The Cosby show Then and Now
together the youngest and clearly most beloved member the the Huxtable clan, Rudy Huxtable stole the hearts of the audiences everywhere. The character to be so beloved and richly comedic the Keshia article Pulliam obtained the distinctive honor of being the youngest ever before actress to it is in nominated because that the outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy collection Emmy as soon as she was just six year old.

In the years due to the fact that Cosby went off the air in 1992, article Pulliam has had lead roles in shows such as Tyler Perry"s residence of Payne and movies including Madea Goes come Jail.

She married former football player Edgerton Hartwell in January 2016, and also though the pair are currently in divorce proceedings, Pulliam invited her first child, daughter Ella Grace, in January 2017.

In addition to her acting, Pulliam also runs Kamp Kizzy, a non-profit based out of Atlanta, GA that provides an overnight camp with a post of empowerment for girls ranging from 11-16 year old.

The eldest that the Huxtable children, Sondra to be (usually) the snapshot of responsibility. An incredibly intelligent aspiring lawyer, Princeton graduate, and mother of twins Winnie and Nelson, she obtained the least focus of the core Huxtable family, probably because her life was comparatively placed together much of the time.

Just as Sondra moved from job to job a couple of times end the course of the series, actress Sabrina Le Beauf has had an expansive career in lot of fields. In addition to she years together Sondra, she has had appearances ~ above Star Trek: The following Generation and also the animated series Fatherhood. She has additionally performed extensively in theater, including multiple off-Broadway productions.

Currently, together her Twitter bio states, she is an interior designer and an innkeeper living in Maui.

10 Elvin Tibideaux - Geoffrey Owens

Sondra"s lovable however idiotic husband, Elvin, was a source of frustration and amusement in equal measure for his whole run ~ above the series. Frequently openly misogynistic, i beg your pardon led the into conflict with the staunchly feminist Clair on plenty of occasions, Elvin to be the closestly the show pertained to having a lovable oaf-- if it weren"t for the reality that the was also an esteemed med student.

In addition to his career-defining turn as Elvin Tibideaux, Geoffrey Owens has a prolonged filmography with guest starring duties in mirrors such together Law & Order, That"s so Raven, It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia, and most newly an episode of Fox"s Lucifer.

A graduate that Yale University, the has also built a career as an esteemed Broadway actor, starring in plays native Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and David Mamet amongst others.

He has staged and also directed countless plays, taught at venues such together the Herbert Berghof Studio and Yale, monitor the evaluate of Lincoln Center"s national Shakespeare Competition, and also currently teaches Shakespeare-focused workshops.

Sometimes, what they say about good things coming in small packages is yes, really true. You"d have to look no additional than The Cosby Show"s Kenny, or "Bud," to uncover one that the show"s standout characters whose hilarious comedic timing and also frank path of speaking has actually stood the test of time.

As Rudy"s best friend for many of the series, Bud is larger than life in every method but physical. The pint-size charmer is always looking to make a rapid buck and in find of the best method to land a girl.

After his tenure together Bud, Deon Richmond walk on to star in the short-lived sitcom Getting By, before later landing the duty of Jordan Bennett in the last few seasons of Sister, Sister. He"s likewise been in teen-focused movies including Scream 3Not one more Teen Movie, and Van Wilder: Party Liaison.

As of 2009, the is the dad to pair girls Lilac Jewel and also Leone Jade.

8 Rusell Huxtable - Earle Hyman

In every of his 40 appearances on The Cosby Show, Cliff"s father, Russell Huxtable, provided gentlemanly gravitas and grandfatherly warm in abundance. A talented orator, jazz musician, and war veteran, Russell and also his beloved mam Anna to be lovingly an important of their kid Heathcliff and zealously specialized to each and every one of their grandchildren, no matter how foolish your antics could be.

The vivid character was only carried to life so properly through the performance of the esteemed gibbs Earle Hyman. A Tony-nominated and Emmy-nominated star, Hyman"s job in both Hollywood and Broadway has actually spanned end 50 years.

This included roles in Broadway productions of The vendor of Venice and Waiting for Godot, and also starring roles in telefilms of many Shakespeare adaptations. He also voiced Panthro in the "80s man series Thundercats.

In a 2014 interview with Jet Magazine, the currently 90-year-old Hyman defined his existing status as a working actor rather simply: "You never ever retire. Exhilaration is in my blood."

It"s never simple thing, composing in a character because that the ostensible function of instead of one who has left the display for good or because that a collection amount that time. The Cosby Show confronted this difficulty in specific with cousin Pam Tucker.

She was presented in periods 7 and 8 together a family member of Clair"s who originates from a far an ext inner city, non-normative family members background 보다 the wealth and also comfort the Huxtables space acquainted to. In some ways, the was an effort for the show to keep up v the transforming youth national politics of the time; yet in execution, it just didn"t work.

Yet Pam"s controversial agree hasn"t affected Erika Alexander"s job at all. Alexander went on come star together Maxine demonstrate in Living Single native 1993-1998, with functions in movies including The lengthy Walk HomeLove Liza, and also 2017"s stop hit Get Out. She has likewise recently featured in recurring role on BoschQueen Sugar, and Beyond.

6 Peter Chiara - Peter Costa

In the earliest seasons of The Cosby Show, Rudy"s closest girlfriend was the eternally shy and also wonderfully mischievous neighbor, Peter Chiara. Through memorable hijinks including the time the two damaged Cliff"s prized juicer, the an ext laid back Peter stood out as a perfect foil to Rudy"s too cute to take care of charm.

According to gibbs Peter Costa"s IMDb, the didn"t proceed on v his career much further past his 13 episodes as Peter Chiara. In addition to appearances as himself in The Flamingo Kid and also The Cosby Show: A watch Back, his just two other credits space the 1989 film The Lemon Sisters and the 2003 movie To it is in Legendary.

Although he did not proceed with his acting as he acquired older, Costa has actually a career in a similar area. He has been a drummer for multiple brand-new Jersey-based metal and experimental bands consisting of Torrential Downpour and also the Kreptatka Bar Band.

Rudy wasn"t the only Huxtable boy to have actually a memorable best friend. Because that 12 episodes throughout seasons 2 with 4, Walter "Cockroach" Bradley was Theo Huxtable"s best friend and charming partner in crime.

The two frequently produced raps for institution assignments, concocted ridiculous schemes to victory girls, and, in Cockroach"s critical episode, had a fight around who could show up on the TV show Dance Mania.

According to long-standing rumors, Carl Anthony Payne II acquired into a disagreement through Bill Cosby about Payne"s appearance and also preference for much longer hair, which led to Cockroach being written out the the show without a word.

Yet due to the fact that Payne was no longer on Cosby, he had the ability to go on to have actually a starring role in the popular sitcom Martin. In enhancement to various other roles in many TV movies and bit parts in sitcoms, Payne has also worked in stand up comedy, directing, producing, and also hosting exhilaration workshops.

4 Olivia kendall - Raven-Symoné

This is an unfortunately all too usual occurrence in sitcoms: when the youngest and also cutest kid star has actually aged the end of your adorable stage, a brand-new and often an ext annoying son star is carried in to pick up the cuteness title.

Enter Olivia Kendall, Denise"s step-daughter thanks to her marriage to boy name Kendall. Olivia was snootier 보다 Rudy and also frequently bickered with Cliff, i beg your pardon made for a periodically amusing, but often irritating dynamic.

Whether you were a fan of Olivia or not, there"s no denying that her duty showed audiences one of the more quickly glimpses of Raven-Symoné"s superior comedic talent.

After Cosby, Raven would certainly go top top to have actually prominent roles in Hangin" through Mr. Cooper and Kim Possible, prior to landing the show that would really do her a family members name: That"s so Raven. Now, she"s returned to her roots, starring in the spinoff series Raven"s Home ~ above Disney Channel.

maybe the Huxtable kid with the greatest advancement over the course of the series, Theo Huxtable started season 1 together the stereotypical teenage slacker, and concluded the collection as a college graduate ready to embark top top a career in psychology.

Diagnosed in the later on years v dyslexia, Theo worked as a student teacher in an inside city center and reached the end in particular to aid students who showed indications of dyslexia, so that they might have an earlier intervention than he did.

Since Cosby ended, Malcolm-Jamal Warner has actually been a constant presence ~ above TV, including starring duties on mirrors such as Malcolm & Eddie, Listen Up, and Reed between the Lines.

He has additionally had recurring duties on shows including Community, Major Crimes, Suits, and also The human being v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Currently, he can be watched on Girlfriends" overview to Divorce, through his next collection Ten work in the Valley premiering on alphabet this fall.

2 Clair Huxtable - Phylicia Rashad

come this day, Clair Huxtable remains one of the finest sitcom moms of all time. Difficult working, supremely intelligent, deep affectionate, and always in control, Clair was the pinnacle of sleek elegance and motherly warmth. Unafraid to speak she mind in any type of situations, she led the family far much better than husband Cliff ever before could, keeping the Huxtable maker moving as smoothly together it walk for all those years.

A three-time Emmy nominee, Phylicia Rashad"s cultural significance extends for this reason much further than the inimitable Clair Huxtable. In addition to certification in the later on sitcom Cosby opposite she onscreen husband invoice Cosby when again, Rashad has a rich history in the theater.

In 2004, she winner the Tony award for finest Performance by a leading Actress in a beat for she performance as Lena Younger in A Raisin in The Sun. She has likewise appeared in productions that Gem that the Ocean, Cat top top a warm Tin Roof, August: Osage County, and Head of Passes.

together paternal as he to be childish, Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable to be the hardworking, fun-loving father anyone wished they had. Never ever one to rotate away native a hoax or mischief, that was frequently in an ext trouble than his children were; yet he continued to be wholly devoted to his job-related as an OB/GYN and also to his family, no matter just how out of control the house can get also on his rare days off.

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From 1994-1995, bill Cosby starred in The Cosby Mysteries, followed by the sitcom Cosby native 1996-2000. In ~ the very same time, he held the short-lived series Kids to speak the Darnedest Things and created the man series Little Bill for Nickelodeon.

Since the 2010s, numerous women have actually come forward to accuse him of sex-related misconduct; however, so much only one psychological has arisen in June 2017, which finished in a deadlocked jury and also mistrial

What other cast members of The Cosby Show do girlfriend still think around that we didn"t talk about here? allow us recognize in the comments!