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Boston, city, resources of the republic of Massachusetts, and also seat that Suffolk county, in the northeastern joined States. That lies ~ above Massachusetts Bay, an eight of the Atlantic Ocean. The city ideal has one unusually small area for a major city, and more than one-fourth the the total—including part of the Charles River, Boston Harbor, and a part of the Atlantic—is water. Area city, 46 square miles (119 square km). Pop. (2000) 589,141; Boston-Quincy subway Division, 1,812,937; Boston-Cambridge-Quincy metro Area, 4,391,344; (2010) 617,594; Boston-Quincy subway Division, 1,887,792; Boston-Cambridge-Quincy subway Area, 4,552,402.



The area, the people, and the organizations within its political boundaries can only start to define the significance of Boston. Its nickname “Beantown” has actually its origin in early american times, as soon as Boston, together a avoid on a major trade route with the West Indies, had a stable supply the molasses indigenous the Caribbean, therefore leading to the development of a well-known dish that ended up being known as Boston baked beans (beans small in molasses). As a city and as a name, Boston is a prize of much that has entered the development of the American consciousness, and its presence reaches far past its immediate environs. Together the spiritual funding of the brand-new England states, as the progenitor the the American change and the nation, and also as the earliest center of American culture, Boston has influenced the country for some three centuries. Though Boston, like brand-new England in general, has played a lessening role in nationwide life because the at an early stage 20th century, it has remained the focal allude of what might be the most diversified and dynamic combination of educational, cultural, medical, and scientific tasks in the united States.


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The Boston region’s topography was mainly shaped through the glaciers that extended the land during the last ice cream age. The city and its sheltered deepwater harbour sit in a basin that extends to Lynn in the north and Quincy in the south and also is ringed by usually hills: the Middlesex Fells (north) to the Blue Hills (south). There room harder, greater surface rocks (mostly granites) top top those northern and also southern edges, while within the basin the lower-lying rocks—commonly known as pudding stone—are uncovered mostly listed below the surface ar in such locations as Roxbury, Newton, Brookline, Mattapan, West Roxbury, and Dorchester. The land, big compressed by the substantial accumulation of glacial ice on it, has since been rebounding (rising up) at an extremely gradual rate.


Numerous drumlins (mounds the glacial debris) kind low hills in the city and also islands that period the harbour. At the beginning of English negotiation in the 17th century, the Shawmut Peninsula was dubbed Trimountain (or Tramount) since of its conquering three-topped hill top top the northwest edge near the mouth of the Charles River. Beacon Hill is its only surviving, though significantly reduced, remnant. The other portions to be leveled to become landfill that added to the city’s area in the 19th century.

Area of the colonial town

The hilly Shawmut Peninsula, ~ above which Boston to be settled, originally was almost completely surrounded by water. It was associated with mainland Roxbury to the southern by a small neck that land along the line of present-day Washington Street. To the west of the neck were good reaches of mudflats and also salt marshes the were covered by water at high tide and known collectively as the back Bay. The Charles river flowed through the back Bay to Boston Harbor and also separated the peninsula from the mainland come the north and west. To the east, town Cove indented Boston’s harbour front and also divided the city into the phibìc End and the south End. The center of the early american town to be at the Old State home (built 1711–47).

Boston: Paul Revere House
Paul Revere House, Boston.
Photo Courtesy that MOTT

Although that original centre and also the colonial South finish have lengthy been provided over to offices and also retail stores, a few 18th-century buildings remain: Faneuil room (1742–1805), the Old corner Bookstore (1718), the Old southern Meeting residence (1729), and King’s Chapel (1750). The North end is the only part of the at an early stage town that has remained residential since the 1630 settlement. Early american survivals such together the Paul Revere residence (c. 1680) and Christ Church (1723)—the Old phibìc Church indigenous which lanterns revealed the path of the brother march to Lexington in 1775—coexist through the liven life the a traditionally Italian American community.

Boston: Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall, Boston.

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The long shoreline, only a couple of minutes’ walk indigenous any component of the peninsula, detailed ample an are for wharves and also shipyards. Indigenous the first years that settlement, the shoreline constantly encroached top top the harbour as wharves were built and also marshy coves to be filled. West that the original settlement lay Boston Common, a tract that has remained publicly open room since its acquisition by the town in 1634.