Whether it’s her annoying ex, a persistent telemarketer or someone else you’d fairly not hear from, over there are more than likely a few phone number you’d like to block. Girlfriend actually have a number of options here, depending on the type of phone you’re using. Let’s take a look at what several of the much more popular phones have constructed in.

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Block call on Android

There’s not a formula because that Android users who desire to block calls—it counts on your maker and operation system. Not certain where come start? computer Mag has actually some suggestions:

You should have the ability to open the call app and also select current calls. Madness the number you desire to block and find the command that claims block and/or report together spam. You will then need to confirm the message asking if you desire to block the number.

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Block an iPhone

Blocking phone call on an iphone phone is quite straightforward. Open up the call app, climate tap “recents.” discover the number you want to block and then madness the little “info” one on the right. Indigenous there, insanity “Block this Caller” and then “Block Contact.” that’s it.


Block calls on any type of phone

The complying with methods will work no issue what phone you have:

Google Voice

One that the best ways come block phone call is to use Google Voice. If girlfriend don’t have actually a Google Voice account and you live in the US, you can sign up here. Prevent calls through Google Voice is quite simple: you have the choice of sending them straight to voicemail, dealing with all their calls together spam, or blocking castle entirely. Here’s exactly how blocking works:

Log in to her Google Voice account.Find the speak to you desire to block (or the voicemail that resulted native it).Select the checkbox next to the contact or voicemail.Click the “more” link underneath the call.Select “Block Caller.”

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Silence the call

Another option is to simply silence the call. When it no technically a call-blocking method, the result is pretty lot the same. Simply install a silent ringtone on your phone, then attach it to numbers you don’t want to answer and your phone call will remain silent when they call.

Contact her carrier

Most carriers have a way of prevent calls also if they don’t realize it. That usually costs money and also it sometimes falls under the header the Parental Controls but it works simply the same.


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If you don’t choose your carrier options, TrapCall is one inexpensive organization that’ll not just block calls, but can even unmask numbers that appear as “blocked” as soon as they contact you. It offers some other options, such as voicemail transcription at an additional cost, but $4.95 a month will get you the an easy features you’re looking for.

While yes no obvious one-size-fits-all solution, you’ve acquired plenty of alternatives for blocking undesirable calls. Girlfriend just have actually to find the choice that finest fits her needs.

I'm disgusted that Vonage has actually no method to block calls.

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I only use Vonage since I had actually VOIP with the vastly remarkable "AT&T CallVantage" service... I m sorry they discontinued to concentrate on their new uVerse crap that ns won't want or need.

Every year I put in a attribute request to have the ability to block calls. And every year... Nothing. I'd PAY for the privilege, dammit. How tough can the be for a VOIP business anyway?!?

I also wish WP8 had the ability to block numbers entirely... Again, ns dont' know why this isn't standard everywhere. Who doesn't want or need this feature??