Klaus update location, CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, and more for the new zombies Easter egg


This Cold war Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg guide will help you through all the measures needed to finish the newest COD zombie challenge. Together usual, this Easter Egg is specifically tough, no to mention is filled to the brim with bugs that might halt development (on peak of the usual an overwhelming battles versus deadly creatures).

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We highly advise reading through this guide in its entirety first before attempting the Easter Egg, as there space a few points you’ll desire to be conscious of ahead of time. Contrasted to others, the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg doesn’t take as lengthy to complete, however that doesn’t median it’s easy. In fact, there are specific sections that are as hard as cod Zombies can get.

In this ko Cold war Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg guide, we’ll to walk you with the entire procedure to finish it step-by-step.

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Step 1: rotate on the power and also Pack-a-Punch machine

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Before attempting the Easter Egg, we very recommend playing through at the very least once, complying with the on-screen objectives. It will certainly be tremendously beneficial to recognize the layout that the map ahead of time, so you aren’t stumbling approximately on your an initial attempt.

We likewise suggest bringing the Gallo SA12 shotgun as your main weapon, in addition to an upgraded Aether Shroud field Upgrade. It’s a good idea to have Jugger-Nog upgraded as lot as possible, too.

For the first step, just play with as normal and also stay in ~ the very first area on optimal of the hotel for the first 7 rounds. Make sure you have about 15,000 points as soon as the 7th round end (but if you don’t, it’s no large deal). Exit the beginning area, make your method down to the underground train ar to rotate on the power. Here, you’ll be notified that you require two fuses.

Kill the two tempests, grab your fuses, and also place them next to the move to be able to turn ~ above the power. When the strength is on, make your means to the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade her weapon and also take the end the Disciple. In addition, make certain you use the mind Rot ammo mod onto your primary weapon (this is required for a future step).

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After it’s safe, inspect the two locations on either side of the Pack-a-Punch machine to search for debris piles. These are small mounds that garbage and also bones that provide you gear and also salvage materials. Yet what you’re searching for is a microwave dish the randomly spawns from among these debris piles. It always spawns, you’ll just need to check around for it.

Step 3: Activate Klaus

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Next up, head earlier into the hotel by the spawning area and also go to room 305. Here, you’ll see a blocked off door that have the right to be opened up by a zombie infected with mind Rot. Us recommend not remaining in this room as you take the end zombies, together it’s basic to get overrun. Rather make your means around this area safely and also when a zombie is inflicted with mind Rot, tempt them to the door in room 305.

Once it’s opened, head inside, and collect the robotic hands from the corpse top top the bed. Take note of the safe to the right, together you’ll must return right here in the next step. By now you must be top top or around the 10th round. On ring 10, you’ll confront off against a Krasny Soldat, a deadly opponent in a fit of armor. Kill this creature and also grab the battery that drops.

Take the hands and also the battery down to the secret area in the for sure House and you have the right to place them right into Klaus, who will currently reanimate and also assist you. Come make progress towards the finish goal, Klaus needs to get about 50 zombie kills, for this reason let him take it the reins as you play.

Step 4: achieve CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

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After you’ve activated Klaus, allow him to gain kills and also lead him to the Switch control Room, in prior of the locker alongside the wall surface with the huge hole in it. Klaus will certainly walk approximately the locker and also open it for you, enabling you to obtain the blacklight necessary to unlock the Wonder Weapon.

At this point, you’ll require to uncover three numbers that correspond come locker combine to gain the for sure from room 305 to open. You have to use the blacklight to watch the password on the walls. The codes generate in different locations ~ above the walls, yet are constantly in the exact same rooms. If your codes don’t spawn specifically where our did, just look around on other walls in ~ the same room to find them.

Below are their basic locations.

Mauer der Toten combination 1

(Image credit: Activision)

You can uncover these in any kind of order, however let’s cover them numerically. The first one is in the Garment manufacturing facility next to the hotel. Look around on the wall surfaces by the upgrade Station. If you’re there, friend should place the Microwave Dish right into the update Station.

Make sure you take it a picture or write down the password that appear because they’re different each game.

Mauer der Toten combination 2

(Image credit: Activision)

The following one is down the ladder at east Berlin highways that leader to the underground area. As shortly as you drop down, look about on the walls and also you’ll discover the following code.

Mauer der Toten mix 3

(Image credit: Activision)

The final one is in the Grocery keep by eastern Berlin Streets. Look on the shelving units and the wall surfaces to uncover it.

(Image credit: Activision)

Step 5: upgrade Klaus

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With the CRBR-S in hand, you must now look out for the Blazer mod Kit the spawns from random enemies. You’ll need this mode for the next step, so save your eyes peeled for it.

Head earlier down come Klaus, activate him because that 2,000 points and then make your way back come the Garment Factory. Summon Klaus right in former of the update Station and assuming that has acquired enough kills, a countdown timer will certainly begin. If girlfriend look in ~ the top right that the update Station, you can tell if he’s gotten sufficient kills. Green way yes, red way no.

Once it’s green, Klaus will certainly then initiate a lockdown sequence with a minute on the timer. Make it through for the whole minute and also Klaus will obtain the upgrade necessary for the next step. This part is really difficult, for this reason make sure you have actually monkeys, a full ar Upgrade, Jugger-Nog, and also your CRBR-S on hand to take out the enemies.

Step 6: gain entrance to an enig lab

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After the upgrade ar is complete, head down to the Sewer accessibility area and also lure Klaus come the wall on the west side. Summon him ideal in former of the wall and he’ll break it down. Now, use the Blazer mode to burn down the metal door behind the wall. If you don’t have actually this mod, girlfriend won’t be able to complete this step.

Once friend burn under the wall, you’ll gain accessibility to the secret Lab. At this time, there isn’t lot you deserve to do in this room, so move onto the following step.

Step 7: build headgear for Klaus

The next step is to build the headgear for Klaus, and also to do so, you need two collect three parts. Luckily, they all generate in the same areas each match.

The first one is found in the electronic Store. Use your CRBR-S to shoot under a radio ~ above the shelf to find the transistor.

Next, go earlier to the an extremely start that the mission and also head up to the gigantic pylon ~ above the roof. Shoot it and also it will drop an antenna.

The final piece is found in the train area at the Ghost Station.

(Image credit: Activision)

Across from the Mule kick perk an equipment is one area v a green box ~ above the upper wall that consists of the digital boards. Take note of the green device on the ground well-known as an essence Harvester, since you’ll have to use this in the following step.

Once you have actually all three, make your means back to Klaus in the safe House and also craft the headgear.

Step 8: grab canisters and take lock to essence Harvesters

Now the the headgear has actually been placed, go earlier to the mystery Lab and also collect the north canisters ~ above the bottom floor. Your goal in ~ this allude is to ar all 3 empty canisters in ~ various significance Harvesters around the map.

They often tend to spawn in different locations, yet reference the image over to check out what castle look like. One practically always spawns in the Ghost station area, one deserve to sometimes be found in the damaged Penthouse, and one is often at sewage system Access. It seems there are much more than 3 of these significance Harvesters approximately the map, therefore you must have countless options.

Step 9: Use essence traps to collect souls

At this point, go back to the secret Lab and also go under to the bottom floor. Close come the green monitors ~ above the best side the the room is a machine that hold the Endstation Lure. Usage the CRBR-S come shoot it and also collect the significance trap that drops native it.

Now, go ago to the three significance Harvesters around the map, throw under the Endstation Lure and also kill whatever in sight. Death zombies will fill the canister and also once it’s full, take it it ago down to the mystery Lab and deposit it in the middle of the room ~ above the bottom floor.

Repeat this step two more times for each the the remaining significance Harvesters. Save in mind, just one Endstation attract can be acquired per round, therefore it will take three rounds to finish this process.

Step 10: use Klaus to avoid a train

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After all 3 canisters have been deposited, do your means back come Klaus, activate him, and also lure him come the Ghost station area whereby the trains are. Make certain he’s standing on the tracks, then go into the Switch regulate Room to connect with the Railway Switch. Doing so will cause a train, which will certainly crash straight into Klaus, as he stops it in the tracks.

Enter the train and grab the Bomb and also Rico’s Keycard, keeping in mind, girlfriend don’t have actually a most time to complete this step. Basically, operation in and also quickly grab the 2 items and also then run out.

Step 11: handmade uranium device

(Image credit: Activision)

Now, go back to the Safe home room where Klaus is typically located and interact through the computer in the center until the prompts go away. The screen will revolve red, so as soon as it does, make your method to West Berlin Street and also interact through the computer system in the time to the right of the Trial machine to activate the disruptor satellite.

Continue playing till a Megaton spawns. ~ you’ve eliminated it, uranium will certainly come the end of them, which will trigger a countdown timer that 5 minutes. Now, head ago into the tent v the computer system screen and also craft the uranium an equipment on the workbench.

(Image credit: Activision)

What you have to do is head approximately the destroyed Penthouse (you can obtain there via rappel indigenous the Grocery store in east Berlin Streets). As soon as at the top, place the uranium an equipment on the zipline the leads out across the street (as pictured above).

Now, go ago downstairs and craft another uranium device in the tent from before. Take it it come the building throughout from the zipline whereby you inserted the first uranium an equipment (it’s the rooftop above the Garment Factory). Go to the zipline through the huge sign and also place the following uranium maker here.

This will certainly send both tools at one another, bring about a gigantic explosion that combines the two right into a cleansed rock.

Step 12: place cleansed absent in an enig Lab

After that, choose up the cleansed rock the drops in ~ the zipline and also deliver it come the an enig Lab and also keep in mind, this is the last step before the boss. When you place the cleansed rock in the machine within the lab, the fight will certainly commence.

Step 13: Valentina ceo fight

(Image credit: Activision)

As quickly as the struggle starts, we recommend taking cover behind a wall. From here, popular music out and also get shots ~ above the ceo if it’s safe to perform so. Save in mind, a few zombies will generate throughout this phase. Her goal is to damage Valentina’s shield sufficient to break it down. As soon as it’s broken, you’ll be able to damage her sufficient to whittle down to three-quarters health.

She’ll then teleport to the West Berlin Street area where the process is mainly the same. Shoot her shields sufficient to break them down and also then you’ll be able to actually damages her main health and wellness bar. We highly suggest utilizing the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon transparent this fight, together it go high damage. If you store your distance and don’t acquire greedy, you’ll carry out well versus this boss.

Next, Valentina will spawn on optimal of the destroyed Penthouse. Throughout this segment, make laps in between the peak floor and also the one in ~ it as you damages her each time. During this phase, there are two move you’ll desire to look out for.

One is she healing move, which is composed of her summoning zombies roughly her that will replenish her health. If you kill them all, she’ll stop healing so make it a priority to take them out.

Valentina’s wipe strike is also deadly, however is telegraphed through a series of blue orbs that show up around her. As soon as that happens, you have to break her line of sight through the boss by immediately taking cover. As soon as this assault is over, it’ll be for sure to come out and also shoot her again.

After this phase, she’ll warp ago down to east Berlin, so continue wailing on her with whatever you have at this point. We highly suggest using a Death maker killstreak if possible here due to the fact that they’re rather devastating.

The final phase sends out you back down come the secret Lab, so proceed running laps, shooting when it’s for sure to carry out so while being mindful of your surroundings. After you’ve depleted her health to zero, a cutscene will certainly commence, however be aware, the Easter Egg is not over.

You’ll then face a final wave of adversaries that will come in ~ you from the front for this reason power with it one last time and then the Easter Egg will certainly be finished. Extract and it’s mission complete.

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