"Historically Speaking: 4 Hundred Souls" – A Conversation with Ibram Kendi and Keisha N. BlainThe new book by famous scholars Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain assembles 90 extraordinary authors to document the four-hundred-year trip of african Americans native 1619 come the present. Contributors Annette Gordon Reed (Harvard University) and also Herb Boyd (City college of new York) will join Prof. Kendi and Prof. Blain to comment on the affect of the african American community on American History.Registration encourage

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Men the Change: taking it come the roads Opening PanelJoin united state for a virtual panel conversation to kick turn off the Anacostia ar Museum's the end installation the the men of Change: taking it come the roadways exhibition. The social unrest that 2020 has illuminated the energetic presence the institutionalized racism in America and its impact on the black color community. CNN Correspondent Omar Jimenez will certainly moderate this discussion in between panelists Jonathan Jackson, establishing partner the the design firm We have to Do it All; Dr. Rob Gore, founder the the youth treatment program, Kings against Violence Initiative; and also artist Tariku Shiferaw.

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Young Learners regimen - satisfy Harriet TubmanHarriet Tubman is portrayed by Daisy Century, a talented teacher and inspirational actor v American historical Theatre. Harriet Tubman's indomitable spirit, valor, and fearless actions together an abolitionist, Union nurse and spy, suffragist, and also humanitarian proceed to inspire children and adults today. A question-and-answer session v Harriet Tubman will follow the presentation. See on YouTube

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Giants of racial JusticeIn an event celebrating african American background Month, Peniel E. Joseph (“The Sword and the Shield”) and also Tamara Payne (“The Dead space Arising”) will discuss their publications on Malcolm X and also Martin Luther King Jr. With NPR TV critic Eric Deggans. This event will it is in premiered ~ above Facebook and YouTube and on the Library of conference website.

(Library the Congress)

On the roadway with Jason ReynoldsNational Ambassador for Young People's literature Jason Reynolds will discuss his ambassadorship, consisting of his recent “GRAB THE MIC: Tell her Story” virtual tour, with Librarian of congress Carla Hayden. V his platform, “GRAB THE MIC: Tell her Story,” Reynolds has directed his focus as ambassador through empowering student to adopt and share your own an individual stories. This occasion will it is in premiered on on facebook and YouTube and also on the Library of congress website.