Bernie Mac is lauded as one of the comedy greats. His knack for storytelling, his flashy style, and also his Chicago flare collection him apart from various other comedians the his time. After ~ the success that the Kings the Comedy, Mac’s star ongoing to climb with film and television opportunities, however fans never gained a chance to watch his original material in the type of his own standup special. His daughter recently defined that she father’s lack from the standup comedy civilization was all since of timing.

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Comedian Bernie Mac and singer Brian McKnight 1995 | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

At the moment of its relax in theaters in 2000, both Hugely and also Harvey had currently filmed their own half-hour comedy specials. Cedric would follow suit, leaving Mac as the only one among the team without one. YouTube’s Comedy hype documentary described that executives uncovered it complicated to see Mac’s appeal to audiences and also it was tough for him come navigate acquiring his own special at the time.

Mac’s daughter, Je’Niece McCullough, described that the method the comedy people worked at the moment prevented him from gaining a special.

Bernie Mac on ‘TRL’ in 2004 | Scott Gries/Getty Images

“When he started his comedy career, comedy wasn’t what the is today. In the beforehand 90s, that’s as soon as his career began to get momentum, comedy specials weren’t simply dropping indigenous comedians choose that,” she said. “You had actually to have been like a huge comedian…Rober Townsend had actually a special, Sinbad had actually a special, Damon Wayans had a special, however he was no at that level yet. 

She also said that Mac’s peak didn’t come until later on in his life.

“He didn’t reach the height of his career till he was in his 40s,” she said of Mac. “I think had actually he obtained that earlier when he was in his twenties, it’d it is in a various story.”

Despite not having his very own comedy special, Bernie Mac’s career to be successful and also even had his own successful sitcom

Mac starred in a wire of movies before and also after Kings the Comedy including Friday, acquire On The Bus, The Player’s Club, Life, Ocean’s Eleven, and Bad Santa.

Mac landed his own FOX sitcom in 2001. The Bernie Mac Show complied with him acquisition on a parental duty to his 3 nieces and also nephews after ~ his sister gone into rehab. Though Mac played a fictionalized version of himself, many of the aspects included in the display were reminiscent of his actual life, consisting of his Chicago roots and also his occupational as an entertainer.

‘The Bernie Mac Show’ actors via Twitter

It was among the an initial shows to rest the fourth wall on the network with Mac speaking straight to a camera crew about his life. The series ran for 5 seasons, won NAACP photo Awards, and also has 104 episodes.

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Mac was so committed to the show’s success that he walk not carry out standup throughout the collection run. As the collection came to an end, Mac was proactively working to give his pan the filmed unique they’d desired after being far from standup for practically a decade.

Source: YouTube

“He was in the planning stages of a comedy special, he wanted to call it ‘The Mac guy Coming and I’m bringing Hell with Me,’” she revealed. “He want it to be a small, intimate, special. He wanted to hold it in ~ the Harold Washington social Center in Chicago.”

Unfortunately, Mac passed away from complications of pneumonia in ~ the period of 50 in 2008 prior to he would lug his standup unique to fruition.