Bernard Hill to be born top top the 17th December, 1944, in a Catholic, working-class family in Manchester, England. He studied at Manchester Polytechnic, gaining a Diploma in Theatre in 1970.

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He worked in theatre and television v the 1970s, and had functions in the television collection “I, Claudius” and also the film “Gandhi”. His first major television function was as Yosser Hughes in the at an early stage 1980s collection “The guys from the Blackstuff”, Alan Bleasdale’s gritty drama about unemployment and depression in working-class northern England. The realism the the endure left bernard emotionally scarred, and also he refuses to talk much around the collection even today. However, his portrayal of Yosser Hughes did victory him his very first award, the push Guild’s award for success of the Decade. He additionally won an important acclaim because that his stage and screen performances in a number of Shakespeare plays, and took roles in a variety of cult English films such as “Bellman and also True” and “Squaring the Circle”.

He started taking significant international duties in the 1990s, v his most memorable performance prior to Théoden being together Captain smith in “Titanic”. In 1994, he received a brother Academy award because that his starring role in Skallagrigg.

Bernard was originally auditioned because that Gandalf, yet was not deemed perfect for the role. However, Peter Jackson kept pursuing him, and also in loss 1999, when directing a UK manufacturing of “Who’s fear of Virginia Woolf”, he borrowed a camera and also a Rohan-esque barn native a friend and also taped self in a Théoden scene making use of lines offered by Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh. When Peter Jackson experienced the tape, he automatically offered boy name the function of the logo king.

The mr of the Rings

Bernard had very first read “The lord of the Rings” in 1977, as soon as he obtained a copy for his birthday. However, that doesn’t seem the he was over-enamoured with the publication initially: “I can’t own up to having actually read that all, the is a little of a hefty read, but I review the second and 3rd books when I heard that we were walk to do this.” However, indigenous those meagre readings he managed to obtain a great idea that Tolkien’s Théoden: “I was leaning in the direction of a kind of old Celtic king, an ireland king. The idea of Henry V involved me as well. I wanted him to it is in somebody that led indigenous the front. No a basic who stand on a hill directing troops, yet someone who went out through a sharpened sword and also put life and limb on the line.”

Bernard became good friends v both Viggo Mortensen and also Peter Jackson during the lengthy filming in new Zealand. As soon as his son came to stay with him because that a while, the two of them invested a great deal of time v Peter Jackson and also his boy Billy. He loved the country, and also spent some of his recreation time skiing and also bungee jumping. Bernard additionally joined in the actors injuries list, cracking his sternum while shooting a fight scene.

Personal life

Bernard has a young son, Gabriel, and also a daughter, Jay, indigenous a ahead relationship. The is married to a film editor. He lives currently in the Waveney valley on the Suffolk-Norfolk border in the eastern of England, in a 16th century farmhouse.

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He loves horses, and also has spent time through Monty Roberts the end in America finding out his training methods. He also wants come get connected in Monty Roberts’ job-related for youngsters through his global Learning Centre.


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