Need a super-absorbent towel? high-end sheets make of exotic-sounding cotton? when consumers feel like pampering us with house goods, lock head come a Bed bathtub & past location. The retail chain v 1024 stores throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico was founded in 1971 v a emphasis on kitchen and also bath amenities. Today, it’s probably finest known as the store with a look at inexhaustible supply of 20-percent-off coupons that blanket mailboxes and newspapers throughout the country.

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To obtain a better idea of what walk on in between those stacks that infamously fake towels, mental Floss got to out to three previous employees of the chain. Here’s what they had to say around job perks, work-related hazards, and the grim consequences of accepting returns on provided bedding.

1. Bed bathtub & past employees can give you the discount there is no the coupon.

Many the the client roaming a common Bed bathtub & past location deserve to be watched clutching the overlapping 20-percent-off coupons sent to homes and email inboxes, which are an excellent on many every single-item purchase. Yet sometimes, they might find us in the keep without among these valuable pieces of paper. According to Eric, who worked at a Bed bathtub & past in Ohio for 4 years, cashiers will frequently take treatment of them anyway.

“Generally speaking, us were instructed come not provide out the coupon since then everyone would certainly just gain a discount and also it would certainly defeat the purpose,” that says. “However, if a customer forgot, and went out of their means to be polite throughout the transaction, I would certainly take treatment of them, however usually just if there wasn’t a line built up and no one can see. If I provided it to one, everyone else would want it, too.”

Bear in psychic this courtesy uses to quite people: “If customers to be rude or exhilaration immature, I would not feel prefer helping lock out.”

2. Bed bathtub & past employees view some pretty disgusting returns.

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Regina spent five years as a cashier, customer company representative, and supervisor at a Bed bathtub & beyond location while functioning her method through graduate school. Throughout her tenure there, the store’s infamously lenient return policy permitted refunds for items with few exceptions. Together a result, Regina saw points she desire she hadn’t. “We had actually a lot of nasty return from sheets with possible bed bugs to used dishes v food on castle supplied toilet key cleaners," she says. "You surname it.”

3. Bed bath & past employees obtain to try products for a discount.

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Ever notice Bed bath employees actually have actually answers about an items you’re interested in? turns out the firm tries to do it straightforward for castle to recognize their stuff. “They sell an impetus program, i beg your pardon was one of my favorite parts,” Annie, who functioned at a Bed bath & past in the northwest region for eight years, says. “Employees acquired a list from corporate once a month through items in ~ a really great discount, for this reason they could shot the item there is no spending complete price and be may be to give customers better feedback from their an individual experience.”

4. Bed bath & past employees can"t tell girlfriend no.

Try questioning a Bed bathtub & beyond employee a inquiry that can elicit a an adverse response. Chances are you won’t hear castle use words no. It is because agency policy urges employees to protect against sounding negative or unhelpful. “Employees can"t speak no,” Regina says. “There needs to be a equipment to offer or an effort to look that up before saying no to a customer.”

5. Bed bathtub & past employees great you"d avoid wandering right into the ago rooms ...

While Bed bathtub & beyond prides chin on one-on-one customer service, its call for being accessible to shoppers deserve to sometimes come earlier to bite them. Annie states that people often went everywhere, also off-limits areas, searching for assistance. “It was an ext common than you would expect to have customers press through our doors marked ‘Employees Only’ and search the stockroom trying to find an employee,” she says. “If I might say anything to customers, it would be to please carry out not do that."

6. ... And climbing the screens ...

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Bed Bath’s store layout maximizes its actual estate footprint through stocking and also stacking items a dozen or an ext feet in the air. Component inventory and component decoration, this shelves plainly aren’t supposed to be areas for self-service, yet Annie still watched as patrons cure the fixtures prefer a tropical gym. “People were commonly pretty an excellent at questioning for aid if they essential it, but I did capture a handful of people not only climbing shelves however unstrapping ours ladders and using lock themselves also though there were always signs and stickers prohibiting them from doing so.” Annie would also spot parents letting little children climb on ladders. Needless to say, this is never recommended behavior.

7. ... And stealing small parts.

Because Bed bathtub & past uses actual little appliances as display screen models and not mock-up fakes choose some stores, customers will sometimes swipe a little component they require from the shelf. That can be why you notice that Keurig coffeemaker missing its tray. “Occasionally, people would steal pieces from our kitchen digital displays due to the fact that we no sell components individually and also our display screens were typically actual working models,” Annie says.

8. Don"t stroked nerves trying to cheat Bed bathtub & beyond employees with your refund.

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Towels. They’re all over at Bed Bath, and also although the inventory on the top shelves is usually just one bath towel made to look choose several when tucked about foam backing, consumers don’t act the remaining stacks v a entirety lot that courtesy. “The worst was more than likely the towels,” Annie says. “People would unfold them, autumn them turn off in the not correct spot as soon as they found a far better one, or mess through our display towels, which were a pain come do. For a while throughout the holidays, we actually had actually someone just for the towel room to shot and upkeep it.”

Eric explains his dealings with towels as a “nightmare” because of having come re-fold lock every night. “People threw castle everywhere.”

10. There can be blood.

While not rather as grisly together an emergency room, employee at Bed Bath could still periodically see miscellaneous gruesome. “I cleaned up plenty the blood from world stabbing themselves trying to rip security tags off products in the bathroom therefore they have the right to steal them,” Eric says.

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11. Bed bathtub & past employees room not fooled by her counterfeit coupons.

Those pervasive 20-percent-off coupons seem to it is in everywhere, however sometimes people get so desperate for your discount solve that they’ll conjure up among their own. “We had actually fakes every the time,” Annie says. “A many of civilization thought they can go digital to Google Images and also print turn off a copy the a random coupon. Lock don"t work and we would never accept them.” these days, coupons have distinctive barcodes and also can’t be used much more than once. (In case you were wondering, redeemed coupons obtain ripped up and also tossed in the trash.)