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Hello everyone,By currently we with the time as soon as our good old initial disks with their day of expiry and are expected to present serious physics failure. We made decision to administer you an alternative method to proceed playing!Below you"ll uncover a step-by-step installation overview for every game.Big thanks to GameReplays for hosting the downloads!

Battle for Middle-earth

If you have actually the initial BfME disc then please skip to step 3 and also use your legitimate cd key.

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Open tBfMe.iso. This will certainly mount the BfME disk come a virtual drive.

Battle for Middle-earth II

If you have the original BfME 2 disk then you re welcome skip to step 3 and also use your legitimate cd key.

Open tBfMe_II.iso. This will certainly mount the BfME 2 disk come a digital drive.

The rise of the Witch King

If you have the initial RotWK decaying then please skip to action 3 and use your legitimate cd key.RotWK needs BfME 2 version 1.06 installed. Usage the BfME 2 spot 1.09 Switcher to adjust to variation 1.06.

Open rotwk.iso. This will certainly mount the RotWK disk to a digital drive.

T3A:OnlineT3A:Online integrates seamlessly right into your BfME endure and allows you to play online. It return the online component of every three gamings that offers p2p connections, allowing for stabler games and reduced lag. The HD Editions and also mods have the right to be enjoyed without hassle.

Get the recent patch. See the above guide for her game.

Looking because that games? questioning on the T3A:Online neighborhood

TroubleshootingException accessibility Violation error when beginning game + Options.iniThis is an worry for home windows Vista, home windows 7, home windows 8.1 and also Windows 10: if you video game does no start...

These room the exact same instructions as over for changing screen resolution.Click Start and type:%appdata%This will open the folder place C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming in the Windows explorer app.Search for her game"s folder:

My fight for Middle-earth FilesMy battle for Middle-earth(tm) II FilesMy The mr of the Rings, The rise of the Witch-king FilesOr create a new folder v that name. Please keep in mind that if you have installed BfME in an additional language then the folder name can be different.If the folder Maps is no there then do a new folder and name it Maps.Changing the screen resolutionThe game"s resolution can be edited to match your display screen in the options.ini file.Game crashes before opening v no error.First, upgrade her graphics map drivers.If you have more than one graphics card in your computer system then test running the video game on each card.For computer systems with NVIDIA and also Intel: The video game will not open on one Intel combined graphics card, so use the NVIDIA graphics card. First, ideal click the game"s shortcut. Then in the menu click Run v graphics processor and select High-performance NIVIDIA processor. Also, you have the right to open the NVIDIA setups from this menu and choose programs to use v the graphic card.While online the video game says come update.Check these for BfME 2

Make sure you have actually installed v1.06 prior to v1.09

Check these because that RotWK

Make sure you have actually installed v2.01 prior to v2.02

Both games

Make certain you"ve got the original, unedited game. Downloads and also guide are above.Make sure you are starting the game through the T3A:Online launcher OR have it hooked (from the Hook menu in the launcher) when you open up your game"s shortcutMake sure you room running every little thing related the game and T3A:Online as administrator. The launcher, the video game shortcut, the game"s exe records in the installation folder.In your Options.ini, make certain the complying with line is present:HasGotOnline = yesIf the above solutions don"t work-related for friend then you re welcome reinstall the game and also follow the installation guide carefully.

Cannot locate the DVD-ROM

Update to the latest variation of the game. Examine the installation guide above.If you are using an previously version that the video game then examine the listed below guides for Virutal decaying Drive and also Mini-images.Turn off "run as administrator" because that the game.

Virtual disk DriveWindows 10 have the right to mount disks come a online drive. If you have Windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7 or home windows 8.1 climate you will require a online drive program prefer WinCDEmu or Alcohol 52% to mount downloaded disks.We execute not recommend Daemon devices Lite. Https:// If you usage Daemon devices Lite perform not update this details version if the old variation runs on her computer.Mini-imagesMini-images are provided for BfME 2 v1.06 and also RotWK 2.01. If you great to beat these variation you will must mount a mini-image come a online disk drive. Firstly, girlfriend will require a program to mountain a virutal decaying (WindCDEmu or Alcohol 52%). ~ installing you re welcome restart her computer. Following you will need one of this mini-images.

Alternatively, you have the right to use an alternate game.dat record for BfME 2 which may restrict digital play.

Auto-defeat: you are beat 3 minutes into the game.This is part of the game"s anti-piracy. To deal with it:For BfME 1

Open the game folder location. On windows 10 the ar is at:

C:\Program records (x86)\EA Games\The fight for Middle-earth (tm)Delete this record from the video game folder:LOTRBFMe.dat For BfME 2 (experimental fix)

Open the game folder location. On windows 10 the ar is at:

C:\Program documents (x86)\Electronic Arts\The battle for Middle-earth (tm) IIFor RotWK

Open the game folder location. On home windows 10 the location is at:

C:\Program documents (x86)\Electronic Arts\The mr of the Rings, The climb of the Witch-kingDelete this record from the game folder:lotrbfme2ep1.exeFind this filegame.datRename the paper tolotrbfme2ep1.exe

Game Crash (Code Error)

Coming soon.

CompatibilityIf you have mods that install into the game"s installation folder please uninstall them and remove leftover files prior to reinstalling the game.Not applicable to brand-new installations: the Maps folder in My battle for Middle-earth files can become crowded if you"ve download a most maps. This might reason a Microsoft intuitive C++ Runtime Library error.

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