Vowing to avenge the murder of his well-off parents, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to wiping the end lawlessness in Gotham City. The Dark Knight join Robin and also Batgirl, battling his inner demons and also the evil numbers who bedevil him.

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StarringKevin Conroy, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Loren LesterGenresYoung Adult Audience, Action, KidsSubtitlesEnglish (UK) , English (US) Audio languagesEnglish

When a vicious bat creature known as Man-Bat, start terrorizing Gotham City, everyone wrongly thinks the Batman is the culprit.

The Joker kidnaps three influential citizens throughout Christmas and challenges Batman to uncover him prior to midnight.


The Joker employs a lethal mind-altering laughing gas to transform the citizens of Gotham into total fools.

When district Attorney Harvey Dent is poisoned after ~ a dinner date, Batman provides the horrifying exploration that his date was toxicity Ivy, a plant-obsessed villainess.
Bullock's account the a botched sting operation is so in ~ odds v the various other officers' testimony that the police investigator suspends everyone involved.
When men start disappearing at a bowery, Bruce Wayne decides to go undercover as a worker. He loser his memory after that is attacked, kidnapped and forced to work in a mining camp.
District attorney Harvey Dent hides a deep dark secret--he has a second personality, big Bad Harv, a challenging gangster.
Two-Face, the former Harvey Dent, begins an aggressive project a gainst his hated rival, Rupert Thorne.
After the Penguin sprays Batman with nerve gas, a 12-year-old young rescues the unconscious hero and also hides that in his basement.
Brilliant cryogenics skilled Dr. Victor Fries is transformed right into Mr. Freeze, a vengeful biology who can only endure in subzero temperatures.
Catwoman steals a valuable necklace to fund the purchase of land for a hill lion preserve yet is thwarted by a team of terrorists. Part 1 that 2.
When Catwoman infiltrates the secret headquarters the the terrorists, both she and Batman space captured and also left to die as victim of a viral plague.
After a happiness disappears from a gem exposition, Batman investigates. The discovers that the crime may have been committed by one invisible man, an ex-con called Lloyd Ventris.
Batman connects current bombings in Gotham come an episode of one old television series featuring his favorite boyhood hero, the "Gray Ghost."
Bruce starts to issue when every one of his wealthy friends join same Brotherhood team run by Nostromos. As soon as Nostromos predicts end of world & transfer money to Brotherhood account."
A well-known actor renowned because that his capability to beat any part has a destructive secret--he's addicted come a strange chemistry formula that enables him to transform his facial features without makeup.
Clayface learns that the man responsible for his disfigurement is to show up on TV, cultivating a skin conditioner containing the very same chemical the deformed him. Component 2 the 2.
When a timid accountant accidentally operation afoul of the Joker, he promises the Joker anything if the villain will just let the go.
Batman suspects the an imprisoned Detective Bullock may be innocent after that is arrested because that murder. The actual murderer turns out to be Killer Croc, that framed Bullock to obtain revenge.
The Scarecrow supplies a fear chemical triggered by adrenaline on Gotham's best athletes, climate bets against them to gain the winnings.

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When a maniacally punctilious man faces financial ruin due to the fact that of attorney Hamilton Hill, he transforms right into the devious Clock King and also swears revenge top top Hill, now the mayor of Gotham.
ProducersAlan Burnett, Eric Radomski, Bruce TimmAmazon Maturity Rating7+ older Kids. Learn moreSupporting actorsBob Hastings, Melissa Gilbert, Lloyd Bochner, note Hamill, Paul Williams, more…Adrienne Barbeau, Saul Elkins, man Glover, Roddy McDowell, Ron Perlman, Michael York, Ed Asner, act Williams