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A viral article circulating on facebook attempts to do it look choose several autonomous politicians — most of whom are 2020 presidential candidates — room concealing your true identities indigenous the public. 

The insurance claim features a perform of individuals with your photographs alongside their "known names" adhered to by their recently revealed "real names." president Donald trumped rounds the end the perform at the finish as the only human who allegedly uses his genuine name. 

The post (which misspells numerous of the names) reads:

"O.k. Dig this: Barack Hussien Obama’s real name is: Barry Soetoro. Kamala Harris’ real name is: Maya Harrison. Ilha Omar actual name is: Ilhan Esmi. Invoice Deblazio’s genuine name is: Warren Wilhelm Jr. Elizabeth Warren’s genuine name is: Liz Herring. Pete Buttigeig’s actual name is: Paul Montgomery. Bernie Sanders’ actual name is: bernard Gutman. Donald J. Trump’s genuine name is: Donald J. Trump."

The article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and also misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read much more about our partnership through Facebook.)

The list consists of maiden names, center names, relatives names and also nicknames. 

Let’s take it this person by person.

President Obama - Post states his actual name is "Barry Soetoro."

As stated in his birth certificate, chairman Barack Obama’s real, complete name is Barack Hussein Obama, II.

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We previously fact-checked wherein the surname Barry Soetoro and also Barack Hussein Obama intersect.

"Barry" was a childhood nickname because that "Barack." the went by Soetoro, the last name of his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, as soon as he to be young and also growing up in Indonesia. In ~ the period of 10, Obama moved earlier to his birthplace that Hawaii and also stopped utilizing the last name.