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Get to recognize your benefitsoptions because that 2022.Learn more » about 2022 U.S. Yearly BenefitsGet to know your benefitsoptions for 2022.Learn more » about 2022 U.S. Annual BenefitsGet to understand your benefitsoptions for 2022.Learn an ext » around 2022 U.S. Yearly Benefits


Complete your 2022 U.S. Wellness Activities

It"s an easy means to know your health and wellness while saving money.Learnmore»

Bank the America increases commitment to breakthrough racial equality and also economic chance to $1.25 billion

This move contains actions to address racial justice and advocacy for people of oriental descent.Learn more»


See the countless benefits, tools and resources obtainable toyou and also your household in response to the coronavirusSee the many benefits, tools and resources available to you and your household in response to the coronavirus

AnsweringyourQsand factsheet»Benefitsenhancementsandresources»Emotionalwellness»Back–upcare»Vaccinations»

We"re right here to help our clients throughout this uncertaintime

Amid news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are committed to doing every little thing we deserve to to meet our clients" banking and also investing needs. We"re right here with the solutions, support, and advice they require to regulate their personal finances and also to navigate the volatility ofthemarket.Learnmore»


Access training process andresources to assist advanceyour knowledge and skills


Welcome to Employee sources at Home

Here, U.S.-based bank of America employee can accessibility a wide range of benefits and also programs to assistance you and also your family when away from a job-related computer.Use the navigation tabs top top this web page to discover information around Employee sources at home. In the not correct place? get information about Retiree sources at Home


Payslips and also W-2s


For energetic employees**From the pay icon, click Payslips under the check out menu. The PDF is your official payslip.

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My benefits Resourceslayer

For employee on leave and also former employees

Income verification

The work Numberlayer

(BAC password 10375)Verification because that Rhode Island-based employees or government company request call the worldwide HR service Center at 800.556.6044

Retirement plans

Benefits OnLine®

401(k) plans

For energetic employees

For employee on leave and also former employees


Pension and also TSA plans

For active employees

For employees on leave and former employees

Metropolitan Life Annuitylayer

For legacy Merrill Lynch employees

Your 401(k) plan — enrollment guide for brand-new hires

Equity and also long-term cash

Benefits OnLine®

Long-term motivation awards

For energetic employees

For employee on leave and also former employees

Restricted share Unit (RSU) learning Center

Financial Wellness

Financial health tool

Benefits OnLine®

Take the evaluate to understand and improve your financial health.

Benefits education and learning & Planning center (BEPC)

Access to digital tools, resources, and independent financial planners who can help you gain the most from her employee services and attain your personal financial goals.

For energetic employees

For employees on leave and also retireeslayer

Better Money Habits

Provides you and your family with educational devices that assist with complicated money topics.


Time away


Hourly employees monitor time worked and also time off

Time turn off calendarlayer

View time turn off balances and requests

Time away options

Entering your time during company closures

View quick reference guide on beginning time when organization location is closed

Leaves that absence


File a leave or short-term impairment claim, watch or administer information, or communicate with our leaving administrator

MetLife MyBenefitslayer

View or administer information for an existing irreversible disability case or communicate with MetLife, ours long-term special needs administrator

My services Resources®layer

Review your paylayer, upgrade benefits informationlayer and accessibility guideslayer with detailed leaves information



My benefits Resources®

For active employees

For employee on leave, household members and also former employeeslayer



Anthem® BCBSlayer



Virtual basic medical and mental wellness consultations

Prescription coverage

CVS wellness (Caremark)layer


Health treatment accounts

For active employees

For employees on leave and also family members






Pregnancy, adoption, fertility & infancy support


Wellness Activities

Information for brand-new hires


My services Resources®

Life, accident and also disability

For active employees

For employees on leave, family members members and also former employeeslayer

Group auto & house insurancelayer

Work & life

Child treatment reimbursementlayer

Tuition assistancelayer

College admissionlayer

Access indigenous a personal device on an exterior connection

Commuter benefitslayer

Back-up treatment serviceslayer

Flexible occupational arrangements

Prepaid legallayer

Elder care serviceslayer

Adoption, fertility & surrogacy reimbursementlayer

Resources guide for parents

Employee aid Program (EAP) and LifeCare®

Employee aid Program (EAP) and LifeCare®

For active employeeslayer

For employees on leavelayer

For household memberslayer

Life events

Life event Services


Employee discountslayer

Ticket acquisition programlayer

Museums ~ above Us®

Banking and also investing offers

For employees and retirees


Job search

Career search

For existing employees

For former employees

Rehire eligibility review

Development & learning

Learning Hub

Career resources


Employee information


For active employees

Employment verification

The job-related Numberlayer

(BAC password 10375)Verification for Rhode Island-based employees or government agency request contact the global HR organization Center in ~ 800.556.6044

Emergency Readiness

Emergency preparedness in ~ home and work

Emergency post center

Severe weather and also natural disasters

Additional information

Bank of America Store

Brand resource Center


Global recognition and service milestoneslayer

Employee networks

Bank of America neighborhood Volunteerslayer

Diversity & Inclusion

Matching gifts

need Help?

Global HR business Center

800 556 6044

Email or chat because that U.S. Active employees

Email or chat because that U.S. Employees on leave and former U.S. Employees

Employee help Program

Confidential counseling accessible 24/7

866 327 2725


Retrieve emergency notices by phone call andproviding your human number

877 693 6228

Life occasion Services

One-on-one support if you"ve beenimpacted by a life event


Employee Retirement savings Center

(401(k) plans; stock and also long-term cash)

800 637 4015 (U.S.)

Employee Retirement Benefits business Center

(pension and also TSA plans)

800 457 5700

Employee FinancialServices

800 695 6262

Benefits education & to plan Center

866 777 8187


In one emergency, speak to 911; if girlfriend still need help, speak to our 24/7 defense hotline

800 222 7511

Bank the America Survivor Support

To report the fatality of a U.S. Employee, retiree or dependent

855 224 6594

Important Disclosures and Information

Some accounts and services, and also the fees that apply to them, differ from state to state. Please review the information for your state in the an individual Schedule that Fees (at www.ubraintv-jp.com/feesataglance or at your regional Banking Center) and also in the online Banking business Agreement in ~ www.ubraintv-jp.com/serviceagreement.

Advertising Practices

We strive to carry out you v information about products and also services you could find interesting and also useful. Relationship-based ads and also online behavior advertising help us perform that.

Here"s exactly how it works: we gather information around your online activities, such as the searches you command on our Sites and the pages friend visit. This info may be offered to provide advertising on our Sites and offline (for example, by phone, email and direct mail) that"s customized come meet certain interests you might have.

If you like that we execute not usage this information, you might opt the end of online behavior advertising. If friend opt out, though, you may still obtain generic advertising. In addition, financial advisors/Client supervisors may proceed to use information gathered online to administer product and service details in accordance with account agreements.

Also, if friend opt out of online behavioral advertising, you might still see ads as soon as you authorize in to your account, for example through digital Banking or MyMerrill. These ads are based upon your particular account relationships with us.

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To learn more about relationship-based ads, online behavior advertising and also our privacy practices, please review financial institution of America online Privacy notification and our digital Privacy FAQs.

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