The story of Beauty and the Beast is one that has actually been loved for over 20 years. It"s the story as old together time the explores the true beauty within, and whether or no a person deserve to be love if they room a "beast".

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But I"m not below to talk around that.

I execute want come talk about Beauty and the Beast, given the truth that the Emma Watson work again, please again is as result of be exit in March, yet my topic for this certain piece is around the villain of our beloved Disney fairy tale. And by villain, ns don"t typical the handsome other who offers antlers in every one of his decorating and eats five dozen eggs on the daily. I"m talking around his scrappy, little sidekick. The one that bumbles follow me after Gaston and assists him in his understand plans.


You know, this guy. LeFou.

LeFou is the standard "bumbling angry sidekick" the Disney movies room so famed for. Among his sort are Kronk native The Emperor"s brand-new Groove, Horace and also Jasper indigenous 101 Dalmatians, and of food Jafar"s faithful bird Iago in Aladdin (though possibly Iago was a little bit sassier than other members that his club).

I would favor you to consider, however, the idea that maybe Gaston isn"t the rogue of this movie after all. Really, the is LeFou the pushes Gaston towards his master plan at the climax of the movie. LeFou is the brain of the operation, while Gaston is just the big, dumb jock who wants loves himself and also wants come marry the pretty, weird girl that resides in the village... Aka: Belle.

Think of the song around Gaston... The uplifting bar song that boasts around how great and wonderful Gaston is and that no one else is prefer him. It is LeFou that starts turn off this song, seemingly having actually his finest interest at heart, elevating his friend"s spirits once he is in ~ a low point. Currently I want you to think about the reprise, once Gaston and also LeFou space plotting to remove Belle"s father. LeFou just happens to mention "Crazy Old Maurice", and also that seems to spark the idea in Gaston"s head to eliminate Belle"s father.

In fact, if we"re going off the angle that LeFou is the true rogue of this story, we could say the it to be done ~ above purpose, a slip of the tongue the was intentional. Follow to the Disney wiki, LeFou is far from stupid. The is Gaston the is the dumb one, really. In the reprise, as soon as Gaston speak LeFou the he"s to be thinking, LeFou says that that is a dangerous previous time. Much more than most likely he is saying the it is dangerous because that Gaston come think at all, and that he need to leave the thinking to him.

Citing further proof from the wiki, LeFou is the one the goads Belle"s father right into talking about the Beast, in order because that the others to laugh and him and call him stunner so that the psychiatrist indigenous the Asylum deserve to take him away and also nothing can stand in the means of Gaston marrying Belle. LeFou also tries to warn Gaston against his early proposal come Belle, because she is sure to revolve him down. The is additionally the leader the the "Kill the Beast" crowd while Gaston self goes after the Beast in secret.

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LeFou is no doubt a many smarter than his antagonistic master. The is sneaky, and also conniving, but due to the fact that he is the sidekick, that is treated together nothing. Granted, Gaston isn"t perfect either, because he does try to follow Belle regardless of her continuous rejections, and he does strike the Beast due to the fact that Belle loves him rather than Gaston, however it is his short, bumbling sidekick that is the true mastermind the the villainy the this movie.

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