What is the load of my jewellery ?

to know exactly how much money can be acquired from selling one"s jewellery piece it is essential to weigh them. Indeed, the is seldom the items in itself that is amazing for the yellow buyer however the yellow they contain. With the exceptio of very certain cases of jewelery of major brands or with creative value (check out our short article here : exactly how to sell silver jewellery? however the main idea remains the exact same with gold jewelry).

Jewellery mean weight by kind of item

To have a turbulent idea that the weight of your own jewellery pieces, below is the average weight the the different types of jewellery items:

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Jewellery item average weight
Small ring / Women"s ring 2 grams
Big ring/ Men"s ring 4 grams
Chevalière 8 grammes
Thin mesh bracelet 5 grams
Medium and rigid mesh bracelet 15 grams
Big mesh bracelet 20 grams
Thin mesh necklace 10 grams
Thick mesh necklace 30 grams
Small pendant 1 gram
Big pendant 4 grams
Pair that earrings 6 grams

Compare virtual scrap gold buyers to get much more money when selling jewellery !

I want to market gold jewellery silver- jewellery gold coins silver- coins yellow bullion silver bullion of purity 18 carats (750) 14 carats (583) 9 carats (375) 22 carats (916) 24 carats (999) that weighs grams the weighs grams coins : 20 Frs Or Coq et Marianne 20 Frs Or Napoleon et luigi 20 Frs Or Suisse 10 Frs Or Demi Napoleon 50 Pesos Souverains 10 dollars united state 20 dollars united state 20 Frs Or Union Latine 20 Frs Belge 10 Frs Coq et marianne Demi Souverain Krugerrand 1oz Autres piece d'or coins : 50 Francs (1974-1980) 10 Francs (1964-1973) 5 Francs (1806-1869) Semeuse (1959-1969) 2 Francs (1898-1920) 1 franc (1898-1920) 50 cts (1897-1920) 100 Francs 20 Frcs Turin (1929-1939) 10 Frcs Turin (1929-1939) 5 Francs Suisse (1850-1928) 5 Francs Belge (1806-1889) 5 Pesetas (1869-1899) 5 Lires (1861-1879) 5 Frcs Napoleon (1852-1871) pieces d'argent au poids the weighs grams that weighs grams

If you do not know the variety of carats of her jewellery, check out our overview to marketing scrap gold at the ideal price

Weigh it at home

If you have actually a food scale at home, you can use the to weigh your jewellery.

Here is an example of a food scale and a link to a store providing the sale:


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Food scale ACCUWEIGHT AW-KS001 5kg

Be mindful though due to the fact that the accuracy is no necessarily great. Through the over scale, you deserve to weigh approximately 5 kg. The scales specialized to the weighing the jewellery have a much reduced weigh limit however a much higher precision. In repercussion if you weigh 18.3g and that the gold the person who lives weighs 17.9g, well, it should be placed on the account of the absence of precision of the balance.

Go come a write-up office


Another solution is to placed your items in an envelope (for more privacy) to sweet on the scale at her nearest post office. The accuracy is usually much better than a food scale and you room sure the the range is not rigged.

However, this requires secondary trip to a post office i beg your pardon is no necessary.

Directly checking through a scrap gold buyer or a jeweller

This is the easiest solution. And then, if girlfriend have determined to market your jewellery, it appears pretty coherent.

to be certain that the profesional does no tell you any kind of nonsense, girlfriend are cost-free to visit a second one.

The threat of this technique is that once you go into the shop, you might not have actually the will to refuse the sell he will certainly make even if over there is a better one somewhere else (whether you know it or not).