Temperature 24°C 75°F High Temperature
29°C 84°F short Temperature
18°C 64°F job Temperature 26.5°C 80°F Night Temperature 23.1°C 74°F Sunshine hours
8 hours Rainfall 86 mm Rainfall work 13 days Sea Temperature
27°C 81°F
Tenerife 155309
Majorca 155184
Crete 133238
Malta 131181
Rome 126692
Paphos 111741
Barcelona 106431
Algarve 103062
Bali 96986
Santorini 91643
Dubrovnik 90035
Cancun 82018
Ibiza 79234
Marrakesh 78881
London 77216
Sicily 74231
Antalya 69665
Malaga 67578
Orlando 66856
Punta cana 62805

What"s the Weather prefer in Orlando in October?

Is October good To Visit Orlando?

October is a super month come visit Orlando, Florida. With the children back at school, the queues because that rides in the template parks are much quieter and the weather"s not as hot and also humid as in the optimal summer. 

How hot Is Orlando In October?

The average daytime temperature is 24°C v highs the 29°C and also lows of 18°C. There"s an typical of eight hours of sunshine every day during this month.

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Does it Rain lot In Orlando In October?

October in Orlando is external of the hurricane season, therefore you"re unlikely to get caught in extreme weather conditions. The average quantity of precipitation is 86 mm inches for this reason the possibilities of rainfall space for around 12 days in the month.

Orlando many hotels in October

There"s a range of areas to remain in Orlando to fit all pockets.

Extended remain America

The affordable Extended continue to be America southern Park Commodity Circle is conveniently located in between the airport, template parks and also the Orange county Convention Centre. Once you get ago from a busy day you can chill by the pool, fight the fitness centre, and watch cable TV after girlfriend prepare dinner in her kitchen.

JW Marriot Orlando Grande Lakes

More high value is the tropic landscaped JW Marriot Orlando Grande Lakes. Guests can get energetic with a golf course, tennis courts, volleyball and outdoor pool. If you"d fairly relax, there"s a lazy river and a spa supplying massages and body scrubs. Tuck into organic Italian cuisine featuring ingredients from the on-site vegetables garden at Primo, or feast in ~ the American Brasserie Citron. Kids can even eat because that free.

Bars and also Restaurants

There"s a range of eating and drinking alternatives in Orlando, regardless of your budget.


For the health-conscious there"s Souplantation on global Drive, East colonial Drive and also in Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee. They offer up a delicious selection of tossed and prepared salads, soups and pasta. Be certain to leaving room for among their tasty low-fat muffins.

Chatham"s Place

If you an elaborate spending a bit an ext on her meal, head to Chatham"s Place near worldwide Drive. This highly-rated restaurant provides fresh, organic develop for its worldwide menu. Why not shot the Spicy Chicken Louisiana creolian or Filet Mignon? merged with a professional company team and elegant ambience, this yes, really is gourmet dining.

Blue Martini

Martini lovers need to head to Blue Martini located at The Mall at Millenia. This classy lounge has stunning décor in every of its three party areas. Chill out on the the end patio bar, run the night far in the stage room, or feel like a superstar in the VIP area.

SAK Comedy Club

In find of comedic entertainment? There"s SAK Comedy Lab, a 200-seat comedy society in Downtown Orlando specialising in live improvisation shows. Unlike part comedy clubs, SAK is an ideal for all periods so you deserve to take the family. Check out their main show Duel that Fools between Thursday and also Saturday wherein their comedians walk head to head in a hilarious improv competition.

Things to do in Orlando in October

With the best weather, now is a great time to head out into the parks and also other outdoor attractions.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa is around an hour journey from Orlando, however definitely worth the trek. In ~ this animal-themed park you have the right to see magnificent animals up nearby such as gorillas, elephants and also giraffes. Marvel as cheetahs run like the wind, come confront to confront with lions and meerkats ~ above the edge of Africa safari and also get inches away from intimidated Bengal tigers and also orangutans at Jungala.

If you"re after thrills, speed off top top the Cheetah hunting rollercoaster, dive favor a bird of food on Falcon"s Fury and also experience the adrenaline-pumping SheiKra floorless coaster. Younger travellers through love spotting gibbons and flying foxes on the jungle Flyers ride, if SandSerpent is the perfect household coaster. ~ all that excitement, capture a showing of Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation, Iceploration or Born to Rock.


Also a bit further out is Legoland in Winter Haven. Head come the love of the park at Miniland USA because that seven locations of spectacular Lego models based on places such together Kennedy space Centre, brand-new York and Las Vegas. Go earlier to medieval Times in ~ Lego Kingdoms, check out hidden burial places at Lego Adventure and experience thrills and spills in ~ Lego Technic. Younger kids will love Duplo town and Lego City enables them come live out their desires in a scaled-down town. Friend can even build and program Lego robots and cars in ~ the creativity Zone.

Gator Adventure

For somewhere closer to your hotel in Orlando, head to Gator Adventure on International Drive. At the Alligator Academy you can get up close to gators of every sizes and learn to it is in a gator wrestler indigenous a pro. You"ll be amazed by their alligator shows including The Feeding Frenzy, The Gator Adventure Show and also Watermelon Smash. There"s also Gator Golf Adventure Park, an 18-hole mini-gold food which winds approximately Gator Lagoon.

Dates because that the diary

October method Pride and Halloween, and also there"s plenty walk on to celebrate both.

Come Out through Pride

Pride job is October 5, so join in on the festivities at Come Out v Pride at Lake Eola Park. Indigenous noon you can browse stalls, visit the bars and beer tents and also enjoy entertainment and also live music. In the afternoon you have the right to watch the colourful gay Pride parade one the park and there"s a fireworks display in the evening.

Mickey"s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

In terms of Halloween, at Disney there"s Mickey"s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Sign up with the computer mouse himself at Magic Kingdom for a trick-or-treat extravaganza and also watch Mickey"s Boo-to-You Halloween Parade. Inspect out the spooky fun on selected nights between September and also the finish of October.

Universal"s Halloween horror Nights

Or you might head come the award-winning Universal"s Halloween horror Nights. On select nights native the end of September come the start of November, Universal Studios is transformed into your worst nightmare. See if you can survive haunted houses, terrifying live shows, and also other creepy goings-on.

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SeaWorld"s Halloween Spooktacular

Alternatively there"s SeaWorld"s Halloween Spooktacular with plenty of pirates and a chance to trick-or-treat because that treasure. Join in the ghostly tasks on the weekends throughout October.