If you’ve ever before wondered at what age your son would wear a particular shoe size, us have developed a graph for your ease. Many of the time, many parents the young kids prefer online shoe shopping to stop in-store to buy hassles. However knowing the perfectly fitted shoe dimension is constantly a question mark for online shoppers, particularly for children’s shoes.

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In this guide, we’ll present you shoe size conversion tables for youngsters from newborn babies come youth ranging from 0-3 month to 1 year and from 2 year to 12 year old.

It seems quite an overwhelming to monitor the size charts, and when it pertains to kids’ shoe size charts, things get even complex. In the size converter table below, you can see the shoe sizes along with their feet length in inches and also centimeters. Also, this is simply an approximation and can differ from child to child.

Children mean Shoe size Chart through Age

AgeInchesUS SizeEU Sizecm
0-3 mo4.03Baby 11610.2
3-6 mo4.36Baby 21711.07
6-9 mo4.6Baby 31811.6
9-12 mo5.05Baby 41912.8
1-1.5 yrs5.34Toddler 52113.5
2-3 yrs5.6Toddler 62214.2
2-3 yrs5.97Toddler 72315.1
2-3 yrs6.32Toddler 82516
3-4 yrs6.67Toddler 92616.9
4-5 yrs6.91Toddler 102717.5
4-5 yrs7.33Youth 112918.6
5-6 yrs7.6Youth 123019.3
5-6 yrs8Youth 133120.3
7-8 yrs8.27Youth 13221
7-8 yrs8.63Youth 23321.9
7-8 yrs8.97Youth 33422.8
7-8 yrs9.27Youth 43523.5
7-8 yrs9.65Youth 53624.5
9-10 yrs9.87Tween 63725
10-12 yrs10.23Tween 73825.9


The above chart includes kid’s shoe size from age range newborn come tween (10-12 yrs), but it is plan for recommendation only. Sizes might vary between brands since brands manufacture shoes based on their sizing standards.

Girls Shoe dimension by Age

This dimension table is making up infant, toddler, and also youth girl U.S. U.K and also E.U. Sizes

New born0-1 (C)0-0.515-16
3 months1-2 (C)0.5-116-17
6 months2.5-3 (C)1.5-217.5-18
12 months4 (C)319
18 months5-5.5 (C)4-4.520-20.5
2 years6-8 (C)5-721-23
3 years8-9 (C)7-823-25
4 years10 (C)926
5 years11-11.5 (C)10-10.527.5-28
6 years12-13 (C)1129
7 years12-13 (C)11-1229-30.5
8 years1-2 (Y)13-1(Y)31-32
9 years2-4 (Y)1- 3(Y)32-35
10+ years4-6-7 (Y)3-5(Y)35-37

At youth dimension 3, girls can likewise start purchase in the women’s sectionGirls Youth dimension 3= Women’s size 5

Boys Shoe size by Age

This dimension table is comprising infant, toddler, and also young boys U.S. U.K and also E.U. Sizes

New born0-1 (C)0-0.515-16
3 months1-2 (C)0.5-116-17
6 months2.5-3 (C)1.5-217.5-18
12 months4-5 (C)3-419-20
18 months5-6 (C)4-520-21
2 years6-8 (C)5-721-23
3 years8-10 (C)7-923-26
4 years10-11 (C)9-1026-27.5
5 years11-11.5 (C)10-10.527.5-28
6 years12-13 (C)11-1229-30.5
7 years13 (C)-1(Y)12-1330.5-31
8 years2-3 (Y)1-2(Y)33-34
9 years4-5 (Y)3-4(Y)35-36
10 years6-7 (Y)5-6(Y)37-38

At youth size 7, boys can additionally start shopping in the men’s sectionBoys Youth size 7= Men’s size 7

How regularly do i should Buy Them brand-new Shoes?

Every mother knows the kids’ feet flourish fast! therefore measuring youngsters under 2 shoe dimension every 3-5 month is a good idea to save with his/her current situation.

Here’s exactly how children’s shoes size boosted from time come time.

0 to 15 months: 1⁄2 size rise every 2 months15 months–2 years: 1⁄2 size boost every 2-3 months2-3 years: 1⁄2 size boost every 3-4 months3-5 years: 1⁄2 size rise every 4 months

Important Note: We constantly encourage parents to walk in-store shoes shopping for their kids, if they want to purchase perfectly equipment comfortable shoes. Ours sizing tables deserve to help! save in mind—shoe dimension varies indigenous brand to brand, so her child might need to try on assorted sizes to ensure a comfy pair! If your child has wide feet, shot wide-width layouts in enhancement to standard sizes. In some cases, two youngsters of the same age may have different feet measurements.


How to Measure her Kids’ shoe Size

Though the shoe dimension charts can aid you discover the perfect match for kids, the prestige of measuring her kids’ feet is still irrefutable. Measure up the dimension of her kids’ foot is necessary to take the perfect size of the shoe. It have the right to be done in the comfort of your residence with an easy things available. The points you will need include; a ruler, a piece of paper, and also a pencil.

Make your child stand top top the piece of paper. Map their foot through the help of a file or pen, and measure the length in between their heel and toe. Ask assist if girlfriend think you need it. Once you measure up the foot, you have to make sure their foot is flat, and also their toes space not curled.

In the next step, remove the record and develop a line appropriate behind your heel to the front of the longest foot. Add around 1/4 customs to this “pitch” scale. This is the foot size of your boy – therefore you’ll have the ability to be certain that your feet match right using this measurement so our size chart. Remember the it’s time to purchase brand-new shoes if the current child’s shoes have less 보다 1/2 customs of feet available!

Remember to measure up both feet. The thinking behind that is, ours foot different in sizes. Any type of of the feet of her child might be approximately 1/2 inch wider or smaller sized – so weigh both feet and also base the dimensions on your child’s larger foot.

How to examine Shoes Fitness?

Checking the dimension of the shoes, you have purchased or about to purchase vital yet tricky. Many world rely top top the “toe test” i beg your pardon asks you come squeeze the shoe guideline to examine out if your baby’s toes have space. Children appear to tie their feet, such that incorrect readings space collected.

Grab the former of the shoe instead, so her baby can’t move its toes. Then test the room in ~ the back to understand if her child’s foot has enough space to expand.

For ease and comfort, the is recommended to purchase a shoe with a little gap between the heel and also the rear of the shoe. Also, avoid shoes in which heels relocate up and down as well much. The shoes is too loosened if the heel still moves a lot. But if girlfriend have already purchased the one than re-adjust the laces.

What Is the Difference in between Shoe size for tiny Kid and big Kid?

Kids age 4 come 8 years room generally little in proportion v a foot size of 6.5 come 8.5 inches and also are usually measured in between 10 and 3. Toddler shoes, varying in size from 10-12, are likewise included in this category.

Big kids’ shoes space for youngsters aged 8-12 years. It is 3.5 come 7 inches in size and ranges about 8 5 / 8 to 9 3 / 4 inches tall. It refers to women dimensions from 5 come 8.5.

The procedures of 1/2 and also 4 centimeters, equivalent in between 3 1/4 centimeters and 4 1/2 inches in weight, room calculated in child shoes.


How fast Do Children’s Feet Grow?

A foot that the child might grow about 1 customs per year in between 0-2 years. The growth trend because that 2-5 year is typically about 0.75 centimeters per annum, and for 6-11 years, approximately 0.5 centimeters a year.

That might be why your son will sweet his feet periodically come ensure that they don’t wear shoes outgrown. This may reason foot problems and also discomfort. That is way to measure her child’s feet every few months to prevent such issues.

How plenty of Sizes deserve to a Foot that a Child expand in One Year?

The scale of the foot that a child transforms over a year depending on the child’s age and whether you search for adult shoes or kid’s shoes. It’s no strange for kids to hop in two shoe size a year. Therefore, it is recommended, ~ every 2 months, you have to weigh their feet and also make certain their shoes enhance correctly so the your valuable money isn’t wasted top top unnecessary stuff.

What age Do Children’s Feet protect against Growing?

The nature of the development may differ from gender to gender. Foot breakthrough for boys normally stops in ~ 15 year of age. However girls perform not take much time come grow, and also their feet generally develop until they are thirteen year old.

What Is an average Footwear size for A 1-Year-Old?

For infant’s shoes, a 1-year-old, top top average, put on 3-4 dimension sneakers and also even a 5 size-child pair. To make it even better and accurate, you must weigh the foot of your infant, since their size might differ based on their age and height.

What Shoe dimension Is A 3-Year-Old?

You should select a small kid’s pair of shoes or kid’s shoes between 8 and 10 sizes, i m sorry is over than normal, for your three years old kid. Your child may differ, so measure the foot when feasible so you can choose the right size shoe for your specific needs.

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What is the average shoe dimension by period UK?

It depends on many factors but in details age, gender and also body shape. Usually, boys have a larger shoe dimension than girl of the same age. Below is the mean shoe dimension chart for boys and girls.

Kids AgeEU SizeUK SizeUSA SizeJapan Size
1 year20 – 214 – 4.55 – 5.512.5 – 13
2 year22 – 235 – 66 – 713.5 – 14.5
3 year24 – 257 – 88 – 915.5 – 16
4 year26 – 278.5 – 99.5 – 1016.5 – 17
5 year28 – 2810 – 10.511 – 11.518 – 18.5
6 year3011.512.519
7 year3112.513.520
8 year3213120.5
9 year331221.5
10 year342322
11 year352.53.522.5
12 year363423
13 year374524
14 year385625
15 year396726
16 year407826.5

What is Shoe size for 2-year-old?

in the joined States, the mean shoe size for a 2-year-old boy or girl is 6C v a foot length of 5 1/4″ and for the UK, it is 8.5 – 9