Automatic tire chains -- or automatic snow chains --are tools that Vickibecame aware of in in march 2012 at the Mid-AmericaTrucking Show.

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It is discuss -- even based upon our owndefinition -- whether these assets may be considered "toolsand equipment" or "truckparts."

Certain states need trucks to bring tire chain atcertain time of the year. The automatic selection may besubstituted because that the manually installed kind, however you need to do yourdue diligenceto make sure that the brand you choose is approved for use everywhereyou arrangement to travel.

The ide behind the automated tools issimple:

Instead the manually installingsnowchains around a tire, a driver flips a switch within the cabtoactivate a solenoid, which location a "chain wheel" tocontactthe inside truck tire.

When the truck is rolling,the chain wheel rotates come "fling" lengths of chain under the tiresfor traction.

For truckers who invest time manually installingsnowchains on your trucks in the winter, this product can aid not onlysave time and also save money, but additionally save lives and injuries.

Where Truckers Chain Up

Truckers that traverse I-70 in Colorado may be veryfamiliar through these sights.


Pictured below is a "30 Minute Chain Up" areaalong the side of I-70 in Colorado.

If this is not the precise locationwhere we when manually installed a set of eye chains ~ above a truck, the isvery similar.


Pictured below is a "Chain Station" where truckdrivers have the right to manually install snow chains ~ above a truck.

This differs fromthe chain increase area shown above in that it is "protected," off the sideof theroad.

We put "protected" in quotes since if problems are badenough, truckers have the right to still gain hurt. Watch below.

How automatic Tire Chains can Save Time

Depending on the intricacy of the eye chain beinginstalled and the unfamiliarity the the trucker through the chains, itcould take it a considerable amount of time to install tire chains onenough tires ~ above a truck in stimulate to obtain traction to store moving.

Every minute that a van is stopped for chaininstallation or removed is a minute that the van isn"t rojo towarda pick-up or delivery -- and hence isn"t making any kind of money.

Truckers who trucks don"t carry chains year-round mayhave come taketime to pick up and drop off bags of chain at snow chain banks, losingeven much more time. If they have to go the end of course to go by the chainbanks, that"s second cost of time and also money.

How automatically Tire Chains have the right to Save Money

Besides the "time is money" angle described above, thereare other costs associated with manually installed chains.

Someone either at the truckingcompany or the driverof the truck have to take the time every year (or much more often) to inspecttire chains and also replace defective chains. Dragging chains out of bagsor yanking castle off their hooks take away time.Some van may lose improperlyinstalled chains onthe road.

How automatic Tire Chains deserve to Save Lives and Prevent Injuries

In December 2009, 2 commercialtruck motorists installing eye chains to be hit by a third trucker in theOntario, Oregon area. Among the truckers who was hit died at thescene. Had actually the truckers installing truck chains not had actually to prevent toinstall them, it is most likely they would not have actually been hit and also one that thetruckers would certainly not have died.(1)

A 2007 short article reported ~ above anothertrucker"s death, this time when the trucker was removing chain fromhis van tires.

In 2009, if removing eye chains,a lady trucker"s eight was crushed as soon as her truck was rear-ended.(2)

What they Look Like and How castle Work

Vicki prepared this video to show automatic tires chainsor automatic snow chains up close and also in action.

See if a set-up likethis wouldn"t be right to administer automatic traction regulate for yourtruck.

For full assurance the the gadgets you arrangement toobtain, gain answers come the questions posed in the video.

Not on ours Trucks

When we drove for U.S. Xpress, their policy was that ifthe roadswere so poor that eye chains were required, the driver was to park andnot threat travel.

We wonder what would have happened had actually automatic snowchains been mounted on the trucks.

Some trucking providers (andowner-operators) might be concerned about the damages that eye chains cando to your trucks or tires.

We would certainly be interested in discovering if thereis an ext or less damage associated with automatically chainwheel-attachedchains 보다 manually mounted ones.

Can Automatic eye Chains ever "Fail"?

By virtue the the truth that the truck"s wheels need to be turning at aspeed high sufficient to "fling" the lengths the chain under the tires,automatic tire chains room not able to carry out their work-related at lower speeds.

Furthermore, some tire chains through smooth edges -- whether automaticor manually installed -- room not able come "bite" right into ice. Bear that inmind once buying your devices.

Money saving tip:Just since tire chains room automated go not average that they don"tneed maintenance. Monitor the manufacturer"s encourage maintenanceschedule.

Truckers with these gadgets on your trucks needto make sure that lock work before they need them. Regularly inspect tomake sure that every one of the chains are in place and are sufficiently longenough to position themselves under the tires for traction once needed.Test the activation switch to make certain that all of the solenoids workand the thedevices come in contact with the inside tires.

Do not activate chains when they are not needed.

Be aware that these devices are "snow chains" andnot "ice chains." since the usage of automatic eye chains does not makeone or one"srig invincible, it is in extremely cautious when traveling in icyconditions.

Unless you are authorized to execute so, execute not attemptto use automatic tire chains on roadways that have been closed due to the fact that ofsnow storms, blizzards or white the end conditions. Never attempt come goaround barricades when lowered across the road.

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