Like many old canning jars, Atlas Mason jars deserve to be significantly valuable. Moreover, the period of one Atlas Mason dram a far-reaching role in identify its value. The larger an Atlas Mason seasoned is, the an ext valuable that is.

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However, finding old and well-aged Atlas Mason jars is rather a challenging experience. Therefore, you need to learn exactly how you can spot one or 2 in your collection or an antique shop. Thus, this guide is right here to help you know how to date and value Atlas Mason jars.

Assuming you space a collector or one old canning enthusiast, this guide will help you accomplish you learn more about this old cans. Additionally, friend will likewise learn exactly how to value them, amongst other relevant and also helpful tips.

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Dating Atlas Mason JarsExamine the Styles

What is an Atlas Mason Jar?

Hazel-Atlas Glass company was the agency responsible for producing authentic Atlas mason jars. The company was operational because that over 60 year from 1902 come 1964 and also produced the previously mentioned glass jars during that time. This jars were few of their most significant productions at the time.

After its power ended, various other companies choose up the idea and also continued producing the Atlas Mason jars. As soon as this happened, the jars were advantageous for packaging the Classico pasta sauces.

Initially, all the Hazel-Atlas jars only had the Atlas named embossed throughout them. This to be to signify the brand unlike utilizing the complete name Hazel-Atlas. Additionally, these jars come in various styles and designs as well, which make them stand the end on the market. As well as that, over there were additionally many Atlas bottles created at the time, i beg your pardon made that harder to uncover the really ones.

However, authentic Hazel-Atlas mason jars had actually the letter ‘H’ stamp on them with a resources letter ‘A’ resting just underneath. Figuratively, many Atlas mason jars price values selection from as low together $10 come a best of around $60 or higher. However, the valuation counts on plenty of factors with age and condition playing far-reaching roles in the valuation process.

You deserve to use Atlas mason jars for canning or packaging various dry items that space in great conditions.

How to determine an Atlas Mason jar?


When friend come throughout this jar, you are instantly reminded of exactly how things offered to be a lengthy time ago. They have a nostalgic result on world as they picture life years unable to do by. These jars were complete of life during our grandmother’s times. They to be in an excellent use for storing jams, vegetables, as well as other preserves.

As lot as these jars to be made countless years ago, you will certainly be surprised to find out that hundreds of them room still being used. They room affordably obtainable in thrift shops, garage sales, as well as in flea markets. You will find that civilization who love them will certainly strategically gain them there as they will not dig too lot deep right into their pockets.

Most people will actually use these antique jars without the understanding that they are really old.


Dating Atlas Mason jars is something the requires in-depth knowledge on the product. However, it no rocket scientific research at all and also you can regulate to worth your jar based on the expertise we have shared above. You will certainly really get to evaluate the an excellent value of Atlas Mason jars when you can date them.

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You must take your time and don’t sirloin the process if you want the finest experience and results. Again, whether valuing her Atlas Mason jug or trying to find some come buy, the problem of the jar should be your major concern prior to looking at various other value identify factors.