Like most old canning jars, Atlas Mason jars can be significantly valuable. Moreover, the age of an Atlas Mason plays a significant role in determining its value. The older an Atlas Mason jar is, the more valuable it is.

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However, finding old and well-aged Atlas Mason jars is quite a tough experience. Therefore, you need to learn how you can spot one or two in your collection or an antique shop. Thus, this guide is here to help you know how to date and value Atlas Mason jars.

Assuming you are a collector or an old canning enthusiast, this guide will help you achieve you learn more about these old cans. Additionally, you will also learn how to value them, among other relevant and helpful tips.

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Dating Atlas Mason JarsExamine the Styles

What is an Atlas Mason Jar?

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was the company responsible for producing authentic Atlas mason jars. The company was operational for over 60 years from 1902 to 1964 and produced the aforementioned glass jars during that time. These jars were some of their most significant productions at the time.

After its reign ended, other companies picked up the idea and continued producing the Atlas Mason jars. When this happened, the jars were useful for packaging the Classico pasta sauces.

Initially, all the Hazel-Atlas jars only had the Atlas named embossed across them. This was to denote the brand unlike using the full name Hazel-Atlas. Additionally, these jars came in different styles and designs as well, which made them stand out on the market. Besides that, there were also many Atlas bottles created at the time, which made it harder to find the authentic ones.

However, authentic Hazel-Atlas mason jars had the letter ‘H’ stamp on them with a capital letter ‘A’ resting just underneath. Figuratively, most Atlas mason jars price values range from as low as $10 to a maximum of about $60 or higher. However, the valuation depends on many factors with age and condition playing significant roles in the valuation process.

You can use Atlas mason jars for canning or packaging different dry items that are in good conditions.

How to Identify an Atlas Mason jar?


When you come across this jar, you are instantly reminded of how things used to be a long time ago. They have a nostalgic effect on people as they picture life years gone by. These jars were full of life during our grandmother’s times. They were in great use for storing jams, vegetables, as well as other preserves.

As much as these jars were made many years ago, you will be surprised to learn that thousands of them are still being used. They are affordably available in thrift shops, garage sales, as well as in flea markets. You will find that people who love them will strategically get them there as they will not dig too much deep into their pockets.

Most people will actually use these antique jars without the knowledge that they are very old.


Dating Atlas Mason jars is something that requires in-depth knowledge on the product. However, it isn’t rocket science at all and you can manage to value your jar based on the knowledge we have shared above. You will really get to appreciate the great value of Atlas Mason jars when you can date them.

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You need to take your time and don’t rush the process if you want the best experience and results. Again, whether valuing your Atlas Mason jar or looking for some to buy, the condition of the jar should be your primary concern before looking at other value determining factors.