Your local post office close the door by evening, and also even previously on Saturdays, which method you can not always accessibility all of their shipping alternatives at night.

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But periodically it seems as though you room waiting for her mail till well right into the darkest hours. What gives?

So, does USPS deliver at night? Or should you just go come bed and also start wait again in the morning? here is what i discovered!

Does USPS supply At Night In 2021?

The United says Postal service does provide at night as of 2021, yet it is a an extremely rare occurrence. In these rare situations, recipients have received their USPS parcels at 6 pm, 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, and in really rare cases, 10 pm. USPS night deliveries deserve to happen throughout the holiday seasons or in rarely weather events.

Wondering what the recent time you could receive USPS mail can be? Expecting one overnight package and also hoping it arrives on time? reasoning weekend hours can be different? I have actually a lot an ext details below!

Does USPS supply By 7PM?

It is no common, yet occasionally her mail may arrive as late as 7 p.m. While inconvenient, the is not typically the mail carrier’s fault.

Delays deserve to be led to by impending weather, new (and therefore, slower) postal carriers, or also staffing shortages.

Consider, too, if friend live in an area the sees all four seasons, including and also especially snowy winters, and it happens to be roughly the holidays.

Early nighttime, plus poor road conditions, plus the huge influx of mailpieces that occurs in December could an extremely well cause mail carrier to be together late together 7 p.m.

Does USPS provide By 8 PM?

Mail can arrive as late together 8 p.m., including your First-Class (or “regular”) mail, but especially packages, if castle aren’t ceded with her First-Class packages.

While the USPS specifies its distribution hours as 8 a.m. Till 5 p.m., that is famous that a variety of causes may delay delivery till 8 p.m.

Those late deliveries room out the the norm, however, and regular 8 p.m. Deliveries might merit a call to your local article office.

Does USPS provide By 9 PM?

9 p.m. Can seem prefer an difficult time for the mail to come, and also while it’s terribly unlikely, it has actually happened.

If you’re wait for her mail still in ~ 8:30 or 8:45 p.m., and you know the mail carrier hasn’t hit your neighborhood yet, then they could be on their way.

Check your neighborhood news station – has actually there to be a significant highway accident close to you? power outages?

Has a significant climate event, like a tornado or hurricane, occurred close sufficient to you the it might disrupt mail transport?

If any kind of of these ring true, then you might be one of those rare instances where mail doesn’t arrive until as late as 9 p.m.

Does USPS supply By 10 PM?


The United says Postal Service and also its proficient carriers might run right into delays that reason mail no to be ceded until 10 p.m.

A scenario wherein mail is not ceded until 10 p.m. Is really rare occurrence, but it is possible.

Significant events like significant weather disasters, highway accidents, strength outages, or also upcoming holidays prefer Christmas, can cause mail delays.

This means that mail distribution as late together 10 p.m. Will certainly not become your new normal; rather, mail delivery should revert earlier to its regular time as soon as the situation has to be dealt with.

What Time Of day Does USPS avoid Delivering?

The United says Postal service states on their website the “All deliveries should be do by 5 p.m. Local time Monday with Saturday.”

However, we recognize this is not constantly the case, as unusual circumstances may hold-up deliveries.

It is not unexplained to get your consistent mail as late as 6 or 7 p.m.

In truly rarely circumstances, you may receive mail together late together 8, 9, or also 10 p.m.

These instances need to be restricted in border or related to some catastrophic event.

Your mail must recover its continual delivery time; remember, the postal carriers want to be carrying mail the late around as much as you want to obtain it then.

If you room experiencing business disruptions, you can visit the USPS business Alerts page and also search to view if your problem is listed.

How does USPS manage Shipping Overnight?

If someone has shipped something come you overnight and also you to be hoping the it might get come you early, the is not an extremely likely.

Even if it was shipped to you at 11 a.m., you must not intend the item later on that same day.

If you to be hoping it can reach you by 9 or 10 p.m., you might want to recalibrate her expectations.

However, if the item to be shipped next-day, and also it’s now 8 or 9 or 10 p.m. The next day and you haven’t obtained it. USPS let go their guarantee window.

That means that whoever sent it to you is guaranteed a full refund.

Does USPS supply At Night ~ above Weekends?

USPS may provide at night on the weekends, yet that would certainly be because that the same factor they supply at night on a weekday, not because it’s a Saturday.

It can seem prefer the weekend is a organic time because that mail distribution to arrive later – everyone continues to be up after that weekends, right?

That is not the case, though. While Saturday is a normal company day for the USPS, your 5 p.m. Delivery cut-off tho applies.

If her mail arrives later, in the 6 p.m. Come 10 p.m. Range, the hold-up probably has actually a far-reaching cause behind it. That is not your brand-new “weekend delivery” time.

If you desire to know more about USPS distribution services, girlfriend might likewise be interested in analysis up on even if it is or not USPS delivers on Saturdays, if USPS it is intended on Sundays, and if USPS delivers come door.


The USPS makes strenuous efforts to acquire everyone’s mail ceded by 5 p.m., their declared cut-off time.

We recognize this is not always what happens, though, and delays are just part of life.

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However, the USPS will always have a great reason because that nighttime delivery and strives to minimization occurrences.