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I had actually a ar who supplied to buy PBP"s at the auction because that $5 each. The butchered them and his family ate them. He claimed that they taste good, yet had a the majority of fat contrasted to a hog.Someone locally was offering four PBP"s top top freecycle- ns was trying to figure out if the was even worth the gas $$$ come go choose them up. We just put one sow and two 50 lb piglets in the freezer, so we don"t need the meat. We likewise do not feed pork come our dogs, on our vet"s advice, for this reason I decided to happen on this specific opportunity. But, because that the next time, assumed I"d ask.
PB piggos came over native Vietnam, and like Americans do with every little thing that is tiny and also cute at birth, us made lock a "pet", and also so they room recognized because of this in our culture. Guess what they were/are offered for in Vietnam? :1pig:In seriousness, if the ones her neighbor butchered were fatty, the likely had actually a lot to perform with the way they"d been fed, most most likely as "pets" before his aquisition. A bit further down the forum, there"s a post around "griller pigs" that ns think will offer you several info--she"s raising and eating PBs.Susan
Pork poses no harm to dogs more so than any type of other meat, freeze any non advertising meat for 3 weeks before feeding, any store bought meat is frozen that lengthy from suggest a to allude b. If you would prefer the research study please afternoon me and also I will check out if I have the right to dig it all up. I had the same are afraid as friend did based on what I had actually heard yet I stand corrected.

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There is a male that offered to be on below that increased pastured pot bellied offers them for food.If you don"t let her pigs acquire all fat and lazy, the meat need to be lean and good.We got two PBP in October for this purpose.We are fortunate that we acquired "farm" pigs and what appear to be an excellent stock. They are long and also lean with no jowls hanging and also nice lengthy backs. Castle look tasty, though very tiny and really darn cute. We will certainly be eating the babies I execute believe.The sow is mix up following year"s garden plot development adn the boar is in a twin stall in the barn.He was never ever trained come electric and we have actually to construct a small pen and also train him. When we do we will placed him out through "Dainty" pig and also they deserve to till together.All in all we room pleased with the pigs so far and also the project she is doing in the field.They are staying lean and very muscular. We have an excellent hopes for a tasty meat.
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