From 1993 to 2000, Ben Savage was one of the many famous and also recognizable young actors on television. And also with an excellent reason: the boy star anchored a popular and successful network sitcom, Boy Meets World. As teenager (and then young adult) Cory Matthews, Savage thrived up top top our television screens, portraying Cory all the way from when he was a neurotic, excitable sixth-grader sparring with his teacher, Mr. Feeny, and clowning with his finest friend, Shawn, up with high school, college, and also his marital relationship to his childhood sweetheart, Topanga.

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Because that non-stop reruns of the standard family sitcom ~ above the Disney Channel and also elsewhere, plus its sequel collection Girl Meets World, Ben Savage will constantly be Cory Matthews to a the majority of people. That can be component of the reason why adult Ben Savage is no lighting increase TV displays the method he did ago when he was a teenager. Here"s why Hollywood can be wake up to "meet" with Ben Savage.

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When Cory Matthews lastly met the human being when Boy Meets World wrapped up in 2000, Savage was very ready to relocate on. "I was 19 in ~ the time and also had been on the show for seven years," the told Rolling Stone. "I was really focused on going come college." and matriculate that did. Savage enrolled at prestigious Stanford University, where he"d been embraced two years earlier but had come defer due to the fact that of his commitments come Boy Meets World. "When the show ended, i was tunnel-visioned about going come college and also being a normal boy for a while."

That"s specifically what that did. Savage largely retreated from present business, only appearing in one significant role over the next six year (in 2002"s Swimming Upstream). He"s operated sporadically ever since, so maybe it was a little bit too long of a break.

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At Stanford, Savage surprisingly didn"t significant in theater, film, communications, or any type of other type of art or entertainment-based discipline for which that was already extremely experienced. Instead, he sought a degree in politics science, v a special interest in government and structure. As numerous high-achieving college students do, Savage likewise supplemented his research studies of just how the federal government works through the type of prestigious, high-profile internship that most any type of political science significant would want: he operated in the Washington, D.C., office of the late Pennsylvania councilor Arlen Specter. "Getting one internship in D.C. Is really all about connections," Savage not-so-humble-bragged to Rolling Stone. "I assumed it would be a funny experience."

That seemed to be the end of Savage"s politics aspirations — he doesn"t right now have any kind of plans to look for office. Why? because he"s feels the he"s kind of been there, and done that. "Acting and politics are practically too similar," Savage quipped.


It"s no that Ben Savage has fully disappeared indigenous Hollywood, it"s just that he"s no the out-and-out star the a popular instance comedy anymore. The does, however, remain in the human being of show service (and in former of together many civilization as possible) by play the episodic TV guest-star-of-the-week game. Not just does that kind of work-related pay the bills, it also gives an actor a chance to put his performance skills to the test, potentially playing a wildly various character v every brand-new gig.

Savage has really mixed it up, too. He played a young, hotshot department save boss ~ above an illustration of Still Standing, a nerdy military engineer on Chuck, a feasible murderer on Without a Trace, a nasty blogger ~ above the kid-com Shake that Up, a sketchy lottery winner on Bones, and together the younger version of Mandy Patinkin"s personality on a flashback episode of Criminal Minds.

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If you"re end the age of, say, 20, you"re most likely most acquainted with Ben Savage because that his function as Cory Matthews ~ above the 1993-2000 TGIF staple, the bildungsroman Boy Meets World. If you"re under the age of 20, you recognize him from reruns of Boy Meets World that have actually aired ~ above the Disney Channel for the past twenty years that confirmed so popular, it led to the network"s reboot/sequel collection called Girl Meets World. A brief synopsis: Cory and also his Boy Meets World girlfriend Topanga (Danielle Fishel) are currently adults in your thirties and the parental of a tween called Riley (Rowan Blanchard).

It turns out that going ago to the role that make him famed in the very first place is simply what Savage essential to jump-start his career. Special occasional appearances by other characters in the extended Meets World universe, Girl Meets World ran for 72 highly-rated episodes. The Disney Channel ended the collection in 2017, prior to it had a possibility to gain stale.


Somewhere in in between a guest-star gig and also being a full-fledged collection regular is the spreading status known as "recurring role." A character, and also actor, pops in every couple of episodes, or a couple of consecutive installments as component of a plot arc. After ~ the demise of Girl Meets World in 2017, Savage signed up because that a insignificant on a semi-obscure (what through the overcrowded TV landscape) sitcom on CMT referred to as Still the King. that starred real-life one-hit-wonder Billy beam Cyrus as Burnin" Vernon, a scandal-prone one-hit wonder that can"t find any type of traction in the music industry and also winds up becoming a drunk-driving Elvis impersonator-turned-church handyman on parole.

It was, in short, the finish opposite the Boy Meets World, and yet it attracted Ben Savage, who over the food of four episodes played Gene, a commonwealth agent and master of disguise. Unfortunately for Savage (and Cyrus), CMT canceled Still the King in late 2017.

During the loved one obscurity between when Boy Meets World went off the waiting in 2000 and also when Girl Meets World debuted on the Disney Channel in 2014, Savage do one significant attempt to return to TV as the star of a primetime show. In 2007, Savage headlined a lawyer sitcom referred to as Making it Legal. created by Freaks and Geeks and Just shoot Me! writer Jeff Judah, the series would have concerned two attorneys competing for an open partner slot at your Chicago firm. (Savage remained in his wheelhouse, play a neurotic, nervous, and eager-to-please young lawyer.)

The cast additionally included Scott wolf (Party that Five), Ashley Williams (How ns Met her Mother), and Geoffrey Arend (Madam Secretary). Making it Legal might have to be Savage"s huge comeback, and it could have stood for a finish break through his kid-stuff past, however unfortunately the pilot didn"t gain picked up for a full series run. 

Savage has actually tried to get a movie job going v a selection of duties in variety of low-budget, independently-produced films. When they might have earned solid reviews and enjoyed modest audience at festivals and on house video, lock were tiny movies in every way, together opposed to large blockbuster hits or major award winners. Lock didn"t do much to boost the reach or magnitude of Ben Savage.

Among the interesting yet obscure projects in i m sorry Savage starred are: the addiction/family drama The Caterpillar"s Kimono; the opposites-attract romantic comedy Girl Meets Boy (not to be perplexed with Savage"s Girl Meets World, or Boy Meets World); the quirky vehicle salesman comedy Car Babes; the teenager cancer tearjerker Swimming Upstream; Palo Alto, CA, a dramedy around four friends reuniting in your hometown ~ above the very first Thanksgiving of their college years; and Doesn"t Texas ever before End, co-starring Emmanuel Lewis, a.k.a. TV"s Webster, although that doesn"t show up that this task ever pertained to fruition.

Ben Savage has actually a lot of in common with his enlarge brother, Fred Savage. Both obtained their start as son actors and are best known because that long-running alphabet sitcoms the became social touchstones — Ben because that Boy Meets World, and Fred because that The Wonder Years. They"ve also both moved behind the camera and behind the scenes together they aged, selecting (or having to) plot less however opting come direct and also produce. Fred Savage has created a few comedy reflects such together Party Down and Garfunkel and also Oates, and also he"s directed dozens that half-hour episodes because that shows choose The Goldbergs and also It"s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia. Ben Savage has once again adhered to his enlarge brother right into the family business. Savage offered as a co-producer for an ext than four dozen episodes of Girl Meets World, and also he additionally took the director"s chair because that 10 episodes of the fight Disney Channel revival.

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For every little thing reason, or combination of reasons, Savage"s film and TV resume due to the fact that the finish of Boy Meets World in 2000 hasn"t been exactly jam-packed through headlining or unforgettable roles. It would seem he"s experienced the fate of so countless child stars, past and also present, together they transitioned to adulthood and adult roles; he"s struggled, in various other words. Son actors can become permanently linked with the characters they played as soon as they were kids or teens, and also they may have a hard time convincing spreading agents to take a chance on castle in something new, even though they no much longer look prefer their old selves (what with time maturing them and all). Part child and also teen stars have actually made the leap come the big time, prefer Jason Bateman and also Drew Barrymore — but it take it a long time to readjust the public"s mind. Probably a similar fate awaits Ben Savage.