Siamese cat are indeed one of the most famous breeds amongst cat lovers, flaunting loveable personalities and also stunning appearances come match. But, some variants can be much pricier than numerous other cat breeds. So, just how much is a flame allude Siamese cat worth?

Flame suggest Siamese cat cost in between $400 and also $1000 however can cost about $2000 once bought native a reliable breeder. This coat different is rare, make them highly sought after. The cat’s age, ancestry, and also the breeder’s vetting investments will impact the supposed price.

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You may be weighing up your alternatives while choosing which cat breed to welcome right into your home, or possibly you’ve eyed a flame point Siamese cat that has actually a blueish-white body, slate grey noses, and blue-colored eyes and are wondering if the high price is justified.

Stick about to find out just how much you can expect come pay for a flame allude Siamese cat or kitten.

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How high value is a Flame allude Siamese?


Flame suggest Siamese cats, otherwise well-known as Red Point, are hard to locate as they are pretty rare. Because they are so tough to find, castle can cost up come $2000 or even much more when bought indigenous a reliable breeder. Although, there isn’t much difference between them and also others within the breed.

The greater price the flame suggest Siamese cat predominantly requires the scarcity of the coat pattern. The rarer the cloak variant, the much more expensive it will be. They space the rarest variant within the Siamese cat breed, making castle the most expensive available.

However, there are a couple of factors that might make them more or less expensive. Evaluate these factors when weighing up your prices to certain you obtain value for money. Not all breeders are equal in their methods, so girlfriend should constantly remember come ask related concerns when pointing out prices v sellers.

Reputable Breeders

Some breeders are dedicated to afford the highest quality possible, dependence on parents, genetics, and health screenings. In most cases, they will aim to carry out ones intended because that showcase purposes, which will certainly likely cost much more than various other breeders.

In these cases, they may also cost more than countless purebred adult cats. The higher prices at these breeders room not without great reason, though. They take it extra treatment when elevating their kittens indigenous a young age and also often invest substantial amounts of money ~ above vetting.

The breed is fairly healthy as soon as it comes to any health issues. A Siamese Breeder will often witness mammary tumors and progressive retinal atrophy in this breed. Most Siamese cats live well beyond 12 year of age.

The most reputable breeders guarantee purebreds, as it is possible to find a flame suggest Siamese cat combined with other cat breeds. Many breeders market the important paperwork which confirms the cat’s pedigree, bloodline, and also health.

Age the Flame suggest Cat

On a wide scale, flame allude Siamese kittens cost an ext than adults. Over there are various reasons for this, most of which space the same compared to other cat breeds. Flame allude Siamese kittens room usually in higher demand compared to adults, particularly if the owner desire to train them come be entered in showcases. This naturally way that kittens would have a higher price than older cats.

Flame allude Siamese Cat Prices


While the many reputable breeders require greater prices for greater quality and purebred flame suggest Siamese cats, there space some situations where friend may have the ability to locate one for a lower price.

It is possible to uncover a flame point Siamese cat for about $400 – $1000. Only pedigree or champion bred flame suggest Siamese cats should cost about $2000 or more.

Flame point Siamese cat on a Budget

If you space lucky sufficient to uncover a flame allude Siamese cat being housed at a rescue sanctuary or adoption center, you’ll be pleased to know this scenario may afford a quite balance in between cost and quality.

Most of this agencies show love and kindness to your cats and also invest by vaccinating them, providing treatments, and spaying them.

Since this agencies space generally more focused on protection cats and also finding warm dwellings for them, they commonly aren’t also fussed about making profits.

In numerous cases, the expense of the cat will mostly cover the agency’s expenses, and you might not have to pay as much for together a rare breed variant compared to various other cats.

This kind of instance would be perfect for a flame point Siamese cat-lover on a budget, but it would require a massive stroke of happy to discover one. It is registered yourself as a potential parent at agencies and shelters.

Hopefully, they may come throughout a flame allude Siamese cat for you to adopt at some point. However, there will be a grey area concerning their background and bloodline.

How lot Do Siamese Cats normally Cost?

On a vast scale, Siamese cats with standard seal point or blue allude coat patterns can cost anywhere between $100 and also $1000, depending upon how they have been bred and also cared for.

The costs will be higher when purchased from breeders the ensure the highest quality feasible for litters, comparable to flame point Siamese cats.

Siamese cats that have traditional coat patterns room much much easier to uncover outside of reliable breeders.

If you space not to plan to get in your Siamese cat into professional competitions and also showcases, finding a Siamese cat somewhere else may be precious it. For part comparison, we’ve compiled the differences in between Siamese cat prices amongst 223 owners.

Price range for Siamese CatsPercentage that Owners who Paid This Price
Under $10033%
$100 – $30026%
$300 – $60023%
$600 – $100010%
$1000 – $ 15006%
$1500 and also above2%

When purchased from adoption centers and private sellers, the expenses should be far lower 보다 breeders. However, this does no necessarily typical you’ll be conserving as lot money together you may think.

Although trusted breeders charge considerable prices, the prices often cover essential services, such together spaying, vaccinations, and treatments. No all individual sellers and also agencies will certainly afford this benefits.

How lot Should i Pay because that a Siamese Kitten?


You deserve to expect to pay approximately $1000. Flame point Siamese kittens typically cost roughly $1500, or about $2000 if they room pedigree. There space some situations where a timeless purebred Siamese kitten may be available for $300 – $400 or less, however this deserve to be coupled v a few risks.

The price you salary will largely depend on where you buy it, the vetting bills spanned by the seller or breeder, and also its age. Purchase a purebred is fairly an investment, and you need to have access to the relevant paperwork come make certain you’re getting your money’s worth.

Buying a Siamese Kitten native a Breeder

If you are adamant about buying a purebred Siamese cat, your best bet is to discover a breeder or an fostering agency. There room a few things you must inquire about before going ahead, together these components may justify greater prices.

Ask the breeder because that references.Ask your vet around the breeder in question; maybe they can carry out insight.Check out the breeder’s website and previous litters.Consult virtual forums come gain an important insight about the certain breeder or other areas that sell the exact same breed.Ask the breeder if you deserve to have a look in ~ the premises. All trustworthy breeders and agencies need to treat their pets like family, and also you’ll have the ability to tell if the cats receive as lot love and care as the breeder claims.Ask to watch the clinical records and also paperwork for the kitten, such together vaccinations, treatments, health history, and pedigree.All kittens must be appropriately weaned unless you are acquiring the cat indigenous an fostering or rescue company that may not have manage over the cats’ ages prior to leaving your mothers.Assess the breeder or agency’s attention in you. Numerous reputable breeders and also agencies have their own requirements and also may have to conduct house inspections and background checks prior to selling the kitten to you. If they do not have protocols, that a red flag that reflects they may not care around their kittens as much as they’ve claimed.

If the breeder or agency ticks every one of these boxes, paying greater prices may be precious it. If not, it may be better to seek a Siamese kitten elsewhere as you will not have much ground to was standing on concerning the kitten’s background, health, and also care.

Buying a Siamese Kitten native an Individual

If you purchase a flame point Siamese cat native a personal seller, friend will must take threats accompanied by lower costs.

While the seller could administer proof of health, over there is no proof of your bloodline or pedigree, meaning it might be a combined breed. The same might be stated for fostering or rescue centers, yet they are quite transparent around this.

The kitten might not have actually received ideal vetting, and also while you may think this isn’t a huge deal, that can end up being problematic and expensive in the long run.

Vetting bills for spaying or neutering, vaccines, deworming, and immune booster shots can price hundreds of dollars when performed at a exclusive vet. In plenty of cases, you might not conserve as much money as you thought.

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Flame allude Siamese kittens are charming, have wonderful personality traits, the life the a young family, loving, and also stunning in aesthetic.

They are tough to find, but it’s no impossible. Nevertheless of whereby you decision to acquisition your new fluffy feline, constantly make sure you asking the appropriate questions and also do a thorough background examine on the seller before going ahead.