Best XP agriculture Spot on AQW- There room 4 things(its 3 now)that you have to keep in mind that if you execute the farming, i would certainly recommend you to use:

1.) constantly check for server boost, girlfriend can check the server rise here even if it is there"s server an increase or not and it"s an ext like one event: try to hop between servers, and find the many gold, xp, and also reputation that has much more percentage.

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Create fake accounts to support farming xp (recommend 2-5 account DPS and also some healing course if your main course does not have sustain heals). Or sign up with public room

Then, Let"s go to the Farming place for ideal XP in the Game:

Guide to reach level 100:
1. Directly go to /join nightmare and also kill nothing monster on display 14, for much faster kills team up v team or use dummy accounts till you reach level 60-75.2. If you already around level 60-75 shot /join honorhall and also kill 10 monster/ every kills because that 681~+ XP and also take on "Hall that Honors" pursuit from Eagle"s Reach"s search to acquire 20,000 XP per rotate in.3. If you like challange try to team up and /join icestormarena then kill Warlord Icewing and also accept "Warlord Icewing!" Quest and "Warlord Icewing! (Member)" search with a total of 176,018 XP per revolve in.Lvl Requirement: No Level Requirement1. Surname of the monster: Nothing
Damage: 102-115 XP: 1000~+ experience points
Screen: 14 Map name: /join nightmare (
Damage: 16,072-19,644 XP: 1018~+ endure points
Screen: 23 Map name: /join icestormarena (
> because that Non-Member from level 1 - 100
(BEST alternative XP agriculture LOCATION)(

Guide to reach level 100:1. First try to with level 50 to kill Icy Wind Monster that gives you roughly 712~+ XP per kill with reasonably low hp monster.2. Come level approximately level 50 you can start turn off by death Icewing Warrior because that 407~+ XP per death on display screen 11 and grind till level 35. "Talk come Warlord Icewing and also choose Icewing Warrior option and also kill every the monster until you come on display 11 to kill Icewing Warrior".3. After ~ leveled up to level 50, go kill Icy Wind Monster on display 25 untill level 55.4. Then, ~ you reach level 55. "Talk to Warlord Icewingagain and also choose Icewing general option and also kill all the monster until you arrive on display screen 18 to death Frostspawn fear for 810~+ XP each kill" until level 75.5. Last yet not least, after you with level 75, there space 3 alternatives to choose to grind the monster through killing one of two people Icewing Terror for 900~+ XP each death on display screen 22, Frost soul 1050~+ XP each death on display 26, or death the ceo of the map Warlord Icewing for a full of 76,018 per revolve in quest + each death on display 23. Lvl Requirement: No Level RequirementCombo this with "Icewing Warrior! Quest" that provides you extr 1000 XP for killing 2 Icewing Warrior.1. Name of the monster: Icewing Warrior
Damage: 44-53 XP: 407~+ endure points
Screen: 11 Map name: /join icestormarena ( reaching level 35 go to the next step by killing ice Infernal till level 50:
Lvl Requirement: Level 35 Requirement
1. Name of the monster: ice Infernal
Level: 55
HP: 2,772
Damage: 43-53 XP: 553~+ endure points
Screen: 14 Map name: /join icestormarena ( you reach level 50 go and also kill Icy Wind Monster and grind till level 55.

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Lvl Requirement: Level 50 Requirement
1. Surname of the monster: Icy Wind
Level: 69
HP: 4,285
Damage: 79-97 XP: 712~+ experience points
Screen: 25 Map name: /join icestormarena(, when you reach level 55 go and challange Frostpawn Horror and also grind till level 75
Lvl Requirement: Level 55 Requirement
1. Surname of the monster: Frostspawn Horror
Level: 75
HP: 3,477
Damage: 58-72 XP: 810~+ endure points
Screen: 18 Map name: /join icestormarena( this, basically it is just grinding through 3 option various monster:
OPTION 1 Lvl Requirement: Level 75 Requirement
1. Surname of the monster: Icewing Terror
Level: 95
HP: 4,154
Damage: 94-116 XP: 900~+ experience points
Screen: 22 Map name: /join icestormarena(
OPTION 2 Lvl Requirement: Level 75 Requirement
2. Name of the monster: Frost Spirit
Level: 99
HP: 4,285
Damage: 97-119 XP: 1050~+ endure points
Screen: 26 Map name: /join icestormarena(
OPTION 3 Lvl Requirement: Level 75 Requirement
Combo this v "Warlord Icewing! Quest" and shot to team up with team due to the fact that the boss hurt together hell, or usage 5 dummy account to corridor up top top him. The quest gives 75,000 XP per rotate in. And if you space a member that gives added 100,000 XP indigenous "Warlord Icewing! (Member) Quest".3. Surname of the monster: Warlord Icewing
Damage: 16,072-19,644 XP: 1018~+ endure points
Screen: 23 Map name: /join icestormarena (
> ForNon-Member from level 61 - 100
(AlternativeBEST option XP agriculture LOCATION)(