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What room the 6 Career Pathways? Is This Career course for You? Career Categories Courses in School Sample Careers and also Levels of education and learning Required

Arts and also Communication Careers in this course are pertained to the humanities and performing, visual, literary, and also media arts. These incorporate architecture; graphic, interior, and fashion design; writing; film; well arts; journalism; languages; media; advertising; and public relations.

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space you a creative thinker? space you imagina- tive, innovative, and original? carry out you prefer to connect ideas? do you like making crafts, drawing, playing a music instrument, acquisition photos, or composing stories? This might be the job path for you! Advertising and also Public Relations creative Writing movie Production international Languages Journalism Radio and also TV Broadcasting Journalism Graphic arts Language Arts good Arts courses (Arts, Drama, Music) architecture Drafting and also design Sculpture Photography Public relationships executive UG Dancer D movie Producer HS Fashion Designer UG journalist UG Radio and TV Broadcaster HS
Business, Management, Marketing, and an innovation Careers in this route are regarded the company environment. These encompass entrepreneur, sales, marketing, computer/information systems, finance, accounting, personnel, economics, and management. carry out you reap being a leader, arranging people, plan activities, and talking? carry out you favor to occupational with numbers or ideas? execute you reap carrying with with one idea and also seeing the end product? execute you choose things neat and orderly? would certainly you reap balancing a checkbook, follow- ing the share market, stop an office in a club, or surfing the Internet? This might be her career path! Accounting Office management company Ownership business economics Personnel Hospitality/Tourism management Computer/Information equipment Marketing Sales Finance Math Language art computer system Science organization Management Entrepreneurship computer system Support accountancy Marketing Loan Officer UG Economist UG legal Secretary HS Hotel Manager HS Office Manager HS computer Programmer HS Salesperson D take trip Agent HS
Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Careers in this course are related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and also maintain physical systems. These include engineering, manufacturing, construction, service, and also related technologies. are you mechanically inclined and practical? carry out you prefer reading diagrams and also blueprints, and also drawing building structures? are you curious around just how things work? would certainly you enjoy paint a house, repairing cars, wiring electrical circuits, or woodworking? This might be the career route for you!

Architecture Precision manufacturing Mechanics and also Repair Manufacturing technology Engineering and Related technologies Drafting Construction

Drafting scientific research Robotics an equipment Tools physics Sciences/Physics Industrial/Mechanical Drafting math electronics Architect G Plumber HS Electrician HS Air website traffic Controller HS Auto Mechanic HS Chemical technician UG Draftsman HS Surveyor HS Geographer UG
health and wellness Sciences Careers in this route are related to the promo of health and also treatment of disease. These encompass research, prevention, treatment, and related health and wellness technologies.

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carry out you favor to treatment for world or animals who room noble or assist them remain well? room you interested in diseases and also in just how the body works? perform you enjoy reading about science and also medicine? would certainly the be fun to learn first aid or volunteer at a hospital or vet clinic? This might be your career path! Dentistry Hygiene medication Nursing Nutrition and also Fitness Therapy and also Rehabilitation Language arts organic Sciences Chemistry health Education animal Care Nutrition mathematics Physics Dentist G dentist Hygienist HS medical professional G veterinarian Technician HS respiratory tract Therapist HS physics Therapist UG
human being Services Careers in this path are regarded economic, political, and also social systems. These incorporate education, government, law and law enforce- ment, recreation and recreation, military, religion, son care, society services, and an individual services. are you friendly, open, understanding, and also cooperative? do you like to occupational with people to solve problems? Is it essential to girlfriend to execute miscellaneous that renders things far better for other people? do you like to aid friends with family problems? perform you favor reading, storytelling, traveling, or tutoring young children? This might be your career path! Human Services education and learning Child and Family solutions Food and also Beverage service Law and also Legal Studies legislation Enforcement Cosmetologist social Services History Political science Social research studies Language arts Cosmetology Psychology Culinary arts Child treatment Chef HS Teacher UG Lawyer G Police Detective HS Cosmetologist HS society Worker UG Librarian G Firefighter HS
herbal Resources and also Agriscience Careers in this path are pertained to agriculture, the environment, and also natural resources. These incorporate farming sciences, planet sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and wildlife. space you a nature lover? are you practical, curious about the physical world, and also interested in plants and animals? execute you enjoy hunting or fishing? do you choose to garden or mow the lawn? space you interested in protecting the environment? This might be your career path! Agriculture animal Health care planet Sciences environmental Science Fisheries management Wildlife administration Horticulture Forestry Life sciences Agriculture Astronomy Chemistry organic Sciences animal Science mathematics Botany location Farmer HS Oceanographer UG Physicist G Landscaper D naval Biologist G Conservation agent UG Chemist UG Forester UG
Education Level Key: High institution Diploma: D1 come 2 Years past High School: HSUndergraduate Degree: UGGraduate Degree: G

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