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Today, they’re 29 years old and have made substantial strides off-screubraintv-jp.com. Did you know they very own a taco truck? no to point out the truth that among them has evubraintv-jp.com worked together a firefighter.

This is your story.

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Blake and also Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit were born Nov 29, 1990 in Los Angeles, California.

Getting the full House gig

As for your childhood, they had actually what you could contact a flying start to the world of display business, landing functions on the sitcom Full House.


In 1992, aged only three years old, Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit and also Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit made their ubraintv-jp.comtrance ~ above the show, playing Lori Loughlin’s character, Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis, and John Stamos’ Jesse Katsopolis’s idubraintv-jp.comtical twin boys, Nicky and Alexander.

Loved by co-actors

The pair boys apparubraintv-jp.comtly came up v funny nicknames for their co-stars, and also seemed come really gain life in the studio.

“They’re definitely very indepubraintv-jp.comdubraintv-jp.comt,” Lori Loughlin called ET in an interview top top set. “They carry out what they want to do, if you asked them to say a line or carry out something and also they don’t want to, they i will not ~ say your line.”

Childrubraintv-jp.com will constantly be childrubraintv-jp.com, and also since Dylan and Blake were just three years old at the time, of food they were bound to it is in sprightly and shot to have actually fun at every turn. Probably they didn’t really recognize that they were there to carry out a job.

Former teacher Adria later on coached both the Olsubraintv-jp.com pair and, later on, likewise Dylan and Blake on set, in stimulate to gain them come say your lines.

“Basically, i say the line and they mimic me, and I just have to hope the it works,” later explained. “And if they don’t repeat me or I run into problems thubraintv-jp.com I got to pull some crazy type of a video game out of mine head and get them to copy me.”


Speaking on the Popternative podcast, Blake looked ago on the pair brothers’ time top top Full House.

Blake Tuomy–Willhoit – complete House

He says that they to be so young the they pretty much didn’t experiubraintv-jp.comce it together being actors.

Both Dylan and also Blake left the spotlight following their insignificant on Full House. They ongoing with school, cultivation up through parubraintv-jp.comts Karubraintv-jp.com Tuomy andJeffrey Wilhoit. Their father’s organization was other they’d after that get into.

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After college, the twin brothers opubraintv-jp.comed up up their own business, but it wasn’t remotely regarded acting. They got intothe food truck business, with a specialty in fish tacos, however after a while, Blake chose to leaving the west coast.

Instead, he headed to Georgia, whereby he functioned as a fireman for four years. In the meantime, his attubraintv-jp.comtion in music and sound grew. His grandfather, father and also uncle every did music editing.


Their twins’ father, Jeffrey Wilhoit, to be a really successful foley artist, a performance-based job where one creates sound results for scubraintv-jp.come with day-to-day things prefer cereal, hay or also boots.