Verbs are the glue that holds sentence together. They join subjects and objects in addition to cohesion and unity. How else might Martha evacuate the structure or note electrify the audience? verbs beep and bop all throughout our sentences, generally demonstrating the action taking place. Together, let’s take a look at 50 verbs that start with "e." Which brand-new "e" verbs will ease right into your following piece that writing?

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What Is a Verb?

A verb is a word that expresses action or a state the being. The method the English language works, every word sit in a specific place and also plays a specific function in a sentence. As such, verb usually have tendency to come after the subject of a sentence. They additionally tend to show up before the thing of a sentence. For example, “Martha educates her youngsters on the benefits of exercise.” In this sentence, “Martha” is the subject, “educate” is the verb reflecting action, and “children” is the object receiving the action of the verb.

50 Verbs beginning With E

Knowing that many verbs space words the express action, let’s take a look at 50 verb that start with "e." some of these words can also duty as various other parts the speech, such as nouns or adjectives. However, the definitions listed here focus on verb usage so you"ll have the ability to use these "e" words as the activity stars of a sentence.



to gain something through effort or work


to placed food in the mouth, chew, and also swallow


to hear to a personal conversation between other civilization without your knowledge


to reflect a sound off a surface and also repeat it


to obscure or block out light; come surpass something else in prominence


to prepare miscellaneous for publication by removing errors or rearranging


to teach a ability or subject


to relax or remove by force


to include details to something


to pass by or on slide by


to vote for a person for office


to charge through electricity


to lift other up, promote, or boost


to evoke or attract out from someone


to take the end or remove


to grow or big longer


to go away from home and get married in secret


to cleverly protect against or escape


to send a digital message via an digital mail account


to begin something that will take place over a period of time


to cause someone to feeling self-conscious


to plant something deeply or firmly


to make something fancier through decorating it


to steal or appropriate money or assets through fraud


to stand for in bodily form


to pave one"s arms approximately someone and also hold lock close


to come into view


to discharge or allow off


to rental someone come do job-related for pay; come put into use


to enable or give authority come someone


to copy or imitate


to do something possible


to put something into law


to joy or captivate someone


to nearby in or confine


to suddenly be in the presence of who


to encode miscellaneous in a means that will keep it secret


to carry to a conclusion


to expose someone to peril


to reason someone to it is in well-liked, lover or admired


to put up through or come undergo


to give power to or invigorate


to plunder in wrinkle or envelop


to participate completely in something


to suffer pleasure


to totally capture someone’s attention


to wipe the end something


to gain away from a place, instance or person


to pressure someone to leave a place or property


to cause a solid emotional response

Exploring Different varieties of verb

The "e" verbs listed above are examples of action verbs. They are not the only kind that verb you may encounter in spoken communication or writing. There room actually several species of verb in the English language.

Action verbs That begin With E

The English language has actually many activity verbs that begin with "e." makes sense, right? after ~ all, activity verbs space the many common form of verb. This verbs, i beg your pardon are additionally sometimes referred to as dynamic verbs, to express the action of a sentence. “Katie enchanted the audience with her performance.” there are quite a couple of examples of activity verbs start with every letter that the alphabet.

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10 instance Sentences the E-Verbs

Verbs do a many of heavy lifting in the English language. Whether they’re acquisition on the role of an action verb or a linking verb, they like to sign up with our sentence together. Explore 10 sample sentences where "e" verbs are flexing their muscles.

His visibility will eclipse anyone else when he walks into the room.It’s time come educate oneself on all points poetry.We need to elevate one another with our thoughts, words, and also actions.The seamstress must elongate the train on her dress.He loves come embellish a simple encounter.We will emerge indigenous this catastrophe victorious.She could enchant him through a smile.Let’s just hope we never encounter a grizzly bear.Morning meditation will certainly energize your soul.It to be her project to erase the board at the end of the college day.

Elaborate your Education

The much more you read, the more you know and the more powerful your vocabulary will certainly be. Currently that you have a head start on mastering "e" verbs, are you prepared to explore that letter even more? check out a list of adjectives that start with "e" to construct your descriptive language vocabulary. Because that even much more examples, evaluation this substantial list of indigenous that begin with "e" ~ above WordFinder by Friend never know when you’ll want to add an eccentric personality to your next story, whose condition you might easily elevate through random acts of empowerment. As soon as you"re ready to go beyond "e," ease right into the rest of the alphabet to discover a choice of verbs that start with "f."